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For some time now, gaming sites that offer spin the wheel bingo have figured out that there isn’t anything under the sun that users love more than giving a free shot at guaranteed bonuses. It’s thrilling because the moment you spin the wheel, you’ll never be sure about the outcome.

Remember the wheel of fortune? Well, spin the wheel bingo borrowed the same idea. You just spin the wheel and, if you’re lucky, you get away with some huge reward.

The reason why these games are so popular is because they are presented in a format that most users are familiar with. Also, if you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, chances are that you’ve seen the casinos equipped with the slot version of the game. Up to this date, the wheel of fortune is still loved, and that’s the reason spin the wheel bingo games are here to help take you down memory lane.

 Bingo Fling – Win Up to 500 FREE Spins

Bingo Fling offer new players that deposit £10 the chance to win up to 500 spins. Part of the Jumpman Network of sites, you can read more about Jumpman Bingo Sites on our review page.

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Best Spin the Wheel Bingo Sites

Wink BingoUp to 350% Deposit Bonus
Lucky Wheel BingoWin 500 Free Spins
Bingo FlingGet up to 500 Free Spins
Viking BingoGet up to 500 Free Spins
Showreel Bingo Get £20 on £10 Deposit

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Fever Bingo Review – Get up to 500 Free Spins

This is a site 75- and 90-ball fans can definitely call home, and the service just runs well whether you’re playing from your PC at home or on the mobile app while travelling. The only thing that keeps is from getting that fifth star is the promotional focus on slots.
lucky wheel bingo

Lucky Wheel Bingo Review – Win 500 Free Spins

Lucky wheel bingo offers you a range of different bingo games along with mobile capabilities. There is a range of bonuses and other promotions that are on offer regularly.
Wink Bingo Review

Wink Bingo Review – Up to 350% Deposit Bonus

Wink Bingo has without a doubt cemented itself within the bingo industry as one of the best sites you can play on. Wink Bingo allows users to have fun which is always a nice feature on bingo sites. You are guaranteed to enjoy the welcome offer and get an extra five pounds which no player would want to miss out.

Charming bingo review – 200% deposit bonus

you do not want to miss out on this excellent bingo fun that you can play from anywhere! Even your boring family visits can become winning jackpot days. How exciting is that?
Scope Bingo

Scope Bingo Review – 200% Deposit Bonus

Scope Bingo offers many opportunities to make some real cash through play and promises great bonuses as well. It offers bingo in a fun and relaxing atmosphere for those who wishes to play it online or on their phones.

Tidy Bingo Review – 200% First Deposit Bonus

Tidy Bingo is such fun and it’s so easy to get involved and win some fantastic cash prizes, but also community games, promotions and specials. If you’re less for community bingo, and more for £10,000 jackpots, then you might not find them here, but we’re seriously struggling to find what’s not to love!
bingo diaries

Bingo Diaries Review – Get 500 Free Spins

Bingo Diaries offers players a fun, and simple way, to play their favourite instant win games for a low prize. Plus, with their great customer service, you can be sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lucky Cow Bingo Review – Get 500 Free Spins

Lucky Cow Bingo offers gamers a chance to win relatively large prizes for a minimum amount of money. The withdrawal process takes a bit long, but overall, the site is worth a try.
wallis bingo

Wallis Bingo Review – Win 500 Free Spins on Fluffy Favorites

With a huge variety of impressive options for new players and an easy to use mobile system, this site offers everything you'd ever need on a reliable server with talented designers that are dedicated to customer service. While it might not be the only site that you play on, you're sure to get plenty of winnings to keep you coming back for more- with promotions guaranteed to catch your attention.
fling bingo

Bingo Fling Review – 500 Free Spins

Although this site has a limited number of bonuses and promotions, it still offers players the chance to win real cash without spending a dime – How can you beat that? If you have any questions, BingoFling.com's friendly support team is available by email and by phone from 9:30 am to 6 pm and will help you with any concerns that you may have.
viking bingo review

Viking Bingo Review – Get 500 Free Spins

Overall, Viking Bingo seems to be a great place for the casual gamer. Their great selection of affordable instant win games as well as their bonuses, jackpots, and promotions are perfect for those who are new to online gaming and want to get their feet wet in a relatively risk-free environment.
lollipop bingo

Lollipop Bingo Review – 200% First Deposit Bonus

Once you sink your teeth into all the juicy options on this site, you'll see why they have a growing fan base and lots of prizes to be won. Why wait, join today- get your hands on the wide variety of benefits that Lollipops has for you. If nothing else, get your hands on all the starter bonuses!
flog it bingo

Flog it Bingo Review – 200% Sign up Bonus

Flog it Bingo is the ideal platform for newbies to sharpen their skills and experienced players to enjoy online Bingo in all its simplicity.
lucky rainbow

Lucky Rainbow Bingo Review 200% Sign Up Bonus

Underneath all the promotions, bonuses and giveaways, the site has only a few games to offer and the games are quite typical in other sites as well, Lucky Rainbow does make up for it to players loyal to the gaming site. Nonetheless, this is a site worth playing in and enjoying your time with.
Bingo Hombre

Bingo Hombre Review – 200% Sign Up Bonus

The game opens with a page that boasts a "South of the Border" theme. The blue sky and cacti-dotted landscape will immediately remind you of a tranquil desert visit. The positive features make this online game worth the time and effort. If you are searching for a fun Bingo game that is easy to play then Bingo Hombre is going to be your answer.
all stars bingo

All Stars Bingo Review – 200% Deposit Bonus

If you're looking for a quality bingo experience, look no further than All Stars Bingo. This power-packed bingo experience offers an automatic 200 percent welcome bonus and a free "spin the wheel feature" that guarantees that you'll be having a good time and winning money (up to 2,000 credits) immediately! It's easy to get started and even easier to win.
empire bingo review

Empire Bingo Review

With Empire Bingo, you can play a huge range of different bingo games online, with everything from 90 and 75 ball bingo, to bingo jackpots, slot games, and weekly prize events to keep you entertained. Why choose to play in silence, when you could be laughing up a storm and winning big too?
film bingo

Film Bingo Review

Film Bingo has a few great bonuses for players- starting with a 200 percent bonus for players spending anywhere from 10 to 100 credits at one time, and users can play their cards for free- or opt to spend an additional quarter credit for a higher stakes ante.
Showreel Bingo Review

Showreel Bingo Review – Get £20 on £10 Deposit

Showreel Bingo is the brand to go for if you are looking for a new online bingo gaming experience. New players will love the special offers available to them after their first £10 deposit such as the 2 free cinema tickets and the 30 days Love Film trial.
bingo club house review

ClubHouse Bingo Review – 200% Sign Up Bonus

Bingo Club House is a new an exciting website filled with fun games and entertainment. Explore what this site has to offer by browsing through web pages and different links to many different types of bingo games and other exciting games as well. Nowadays, people want to enjoy fun games, but with a chance to win big with cash prices.

So, how exactly do you give the wheel a shot to get some reward?

By now, we assume that you’re looking to join the world of bingo (or perhaps you’ve joined it already).

Modern version of the wheel of fortune is really simple to play. Just make your initial deposit on the site you’re playing at, then head straight to the wheel to give it your first shot. This sounds really simple, though the outcome depends on many things.

You realize that the wheel is divided into a dozen sections, and each one of those represent a certain amount. Now, the section that will correspond to the marker (situated at the top of the bingo wheel), will have a prize attached to it.

Speaking the language of the bingo world, this prize will represent a deposit bonus which is in the form of the good, old sterling pound currency. This amount can vary based on the site you’re playing at. But typically, it should be in the range of £5 and £2,500.

Again, most bingo sites require you to make an initial deposit to earn triple the amount you’ve deposited. For example, if you put £5, you will find a £15 added into your account as bonus. Sometimes if you make an initial deposit of £5, you will have an extra £45 free money to use on the wheel. This can be divided into 3 parts, namely deposit bonus, free bingo money and the initial deposit, say £20, £20 and £5 respectively.

Therefore, the advantage is clear for every bingo gamer. This is a no-lose situation from players’ perspective, and may present a little bit of excitement as you prepare to enter the bingo room.

What prizes can you win?

Most bingo sites require users to make an initial deposit of £5 before they can be sent a special email link taking them straight to the wheel. When they click the link and spin the wheel (in their own time), they are guaranteed of a mystery prize.

Prizes may come in form of direct cash bonus, cash back, or even losses back. There are many more prizes you’re bound to take home, but which one will it be? If the wheel lands on free bingo tickets, that’s what you will win.

Why is spin the wheel bingo so popular?

If you’re good at it, or let’s say you’re always a lucky guy, you could earn a living from it. The initial deposit required to spin the wheel is fairly low, plus the bonuses can easily triple, making you an invisible gambler. And of course spin the wheel bingo is an idea that has been sold around since time immemorial, thanks to games like the traditional wheel of fortune.

Summing it up

There you have it, if it sounds like something you’d like to get into, there’s always a chance to sign up with any one of the major bingo sites on the internet. You never know what might come out of it.

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