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BetVictor Adverts 2017

2017 was the quietest year yet for BetVictor. After the departure of their main two stars who played Maurice and Victor, we haven’t been lucky enough to see more from the betting company as of yet. However, we do have a couple adverts from the gambling specialists!

Price It Up Advert – #PriceItUp

BetVictor have had a very quiet year in 2017 and have not released their usual humorous adverts featuring real scenes where actors have been filmed. However, it is a really well-edited advert that you can tell has been made by a professional. It features different images and visuals that all move and transition perfectly.

BetVictor Adverts 2016

In 2016, BetVictor produced a series of advertisements starring the same two actors. The purpose of these adverts was to promote their ‘quick cash-out’ feature that they introduced in 2016 which basically allows gamblers using the app to cash out of a bet that they are set to win during the event. This allows them to still win but they won’t win as much as they could win if they risk sitting through the risk and to the end of the event.

BetVictor’s Quick Cash-Out Advert

In this BetVictor advert from 2016, there is a sense of humor and comedy seen to promote the idea of speed by using a fighter pilot to reference how important speed is. This relates a lot to BetVictor because the idea of speed is used to relate to how fast you can cash out on BetVictor’s app.

Looking for a turbo-charged Cash Out? Well, we’ve just hit the afterburners — with the quickest way to Cash Out in the industry!

Speed is one of BetVictors unique selling points as gamblers who use their services are able to cash out during a game or event to earn guaranteed cash rather than risking losing the best.

BetVictor ‘Lads’ Advert

In these three hilarious adverts, BetVictor really pursue the idea of humor. In the ‘Lads’ Advert, we see comedy through stereotypes and sarcasm. Firstly, BetVictor make the audience laugh by ‘finishing’ the advert in the first 15 seconds, meaning the actors ask ‘What do we do for the rest of the advert?’ This sarcasm is great for creating humor and allows BetVictor to lead on to even more comedy.

BetVictor Speed Advert
The lads looking to cash out fast!

The advert then changes from a sunny, exotic beach to a low-end English pub with three typical pub-goers shouting ‘boys boys’, ‘oi oi’, and ‘banter’. This is really funny because a lot of viewers can somewhat relate to these guys as they have seen similar lads in the pub!

BetVictor ‘Betting’ Advert

The second advert in this video is the ‘Betting’ advert which involves another really funny, relatable scene from a rundown betting store that is very quiet. A lot of people have been to these betting shops.

It is also very funny as the man behind the store shouts ‘I’m on my break!’ which emphasizes the poor quality of the store. It is a complete opposite to the first scene where the lads are sat on the sunny beaches of an exotic country which adds, even more, impact on this store’s quality!

BetVictor Adverts 2015

2015 was also a solid year for BetVictor as they released a few really funny adverts. Their advertisement campaign was not as effective as 2014 as it was not pushed as much.

BetVictor Jockey Advert

In this BetVictor advert, we see a jockey ‘take the hot seat’ on a game show. The presenter fires funny questions at him and he replies in a very funny stereotypical horse jockey, posh voice. The horse jockey is covered in mud and pulls some hilarious faces when he answers the questions.

The 30-second ad features Maurice, played by Paul Kaye of ‘Dennis Pennis’ fame, portraying a jockey being questioned on a general knowledge subjects.

The panel of contestants is also very funny with one representing a sport each. A cricket player, darts player, and tennis player are all seen in certain parts of the advert to add even more humor. It is also really funny that all of the answers he gives end in ‘-ter’ to add extra emphasis on his accent!

BetVictor Adverts 2014

2014 was definitely BetVictor’s most successful year for advertisement due to a number of adverts that they created.

Who Plays Maurice in BetVictor Adverts?

Who is the BetVictor Actor
Paul Kaye looking sharp as a cowboy!

BetVictor’s 9 advert series in 2014 starring famous actor Paul Kaye has been hugely popular due to how funny they are and the entertainment value they offer. Paul Kaye is the actor who plays Maurice in the adverts and does a very good job in portraying many different personalities of Maurice.

Who Plays Victor in BetVictor Adverts?

The actor that plays BetVictor in BetVictor’s adverts is, in fact, Victor Chandler, the former founder of BetVictor and son of founder William Chandler. This adds a sense of reality to the adverts and more humor to the advert.

Which of the 8 adverts from the Paul Kaye series was your favorite?

  • Golfer Advert
  • Cowboy Advert
  • Pimp Advert
  • Suitcase Advert
  • Stuntman Advert
  • Trans-Dressing Advert
  • Horse Advert
  • Pogo Stick Advert

BetVictor Advert Series Starring Paul Kaye

2014 was a very busy year for BetVictor. Their advertisement series starring quality actor Paul Kaye was very successful and it’s clear to see why. All the adverts are really funny and relate completely to BetVictor’s gambling offers. In total, they produced 8 adverts starring Kaye and because of the success of these adverts, BetVictor became a major player in the gambling industry.

Of the 8 adverts, it’s hard to tell which one is the funniest, however, it seemed like quite a few people were loving them.

The actors who played Victor and Maurice became very familiar faces for fans of the BetVictor adverts and after a couple of years, they stopped working together. Since they stopped, BetVictor have been making less and fewer adverts but still continue to thrive in the gambling industry!

BetVictor Advert Starring Sven Goran Eriksson

In one of BetVictor’s most memorable adverts starring Sven Goran Eriksson, we see a really humorous advert featuring Paul Kaye as Victor. At the time, Sven Goran Eriksson had just started managing in the Chinese league and must have therefore been quite a challenge for BetVictor to get him on board their advert.

The advert is really funny as we see Sven towering over a model of a town until an earthquake starts to disrupt his enjoyment and brings the town crashing down. We then see Paul Kaye pop out of the ground with a mountain on his head shouting ‘Victor!’ in his traditional accent.