Best Sky Bet Advert Collection

Sky Bet have provided us with some great adverts over the past few years. With Sky being such a dominant production company and market leaders for sports broadcasting, they are able to make a number of really funny sports adverts and show them on their channels.

If you have any ideas for any adverts that Sky Bet should consider in 2018 or have any theories of what they might release next year, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

Best Sky Bet Adverts 2017

2017 has been a busy year for Sky Bet. Their new series of adverts called ‘Super Boost’ seems to be very successful due to the support of all the fans of lower league clubs. It is always great to see a football team succeed!

Sky Bet Non-League Team Super Boost Advert

In 2017, Sky Bet created a new programme called ‘Super Boost’. The aim of Super Boost was to support the low league, low-income teams by providing them with assets that they cannot achieve. In this advert, Sky Bet choose a Non-League side ‘Heald Green FC’.

Sam Allardyce with team
Big Sam makes an appearance.

The side go 3-0 down by half-time with viral football fan ‘The Wealdstone Raider’ even making an appearance digging into the players and then Sky Bet shows up with fans, coaches, big Sam Allardyce and even a few great players in Le Tissier, Akinfenwa and Merson! They end up winning the game 4-3.

Sky Bet Super Boost Window Advert

Here is the promotion for Super Boost in which Sky Bet use their popular programme to promote their offers for the start of the season. Although it is quite a basic advert, editing has been completed to a great standard.

This is a really beneficial advert for Sky Bet as it simply does the job of promoting their offers. It involves humour with Jeff Stelling making a visual appearance and voices over the entire ad.

Best Sky Bet Adverts 2016

In the 2016 adverts from Sky Bet, we see many similar adverts all with the soundtrack of ‘Kanye West – Black Skinhead’. This music shows that the adverts are not intended to be directly hilarious, but are in fact meant to surprise the audience and motivate them.

Sky Bet Do It Your Way Advert

This is one of Sky Bet’s most memorable adverts so far due to the humour and shock aspect that is used with the goalkeeper pulling off a frontflip to save the penalty. The message of the advert is to ‘do it your way’ which is very relatable to what we see in the advert due to the keeper doing it his way.

Combine all your hunches into one unique bet. See it, build it, back it on the Sky Bet App

The advert then proceeds to show a mobile phone with the Sky Bet application opened which is really beneficial as they show how easy it is to use the app and show that you can combine your bets which is the feature that Sky Bet are trying to promote.

Sky Bet ‘Whatever Happens’ Cheltenham Advert

Similarly to how Betway created an advert to promote their offers on horse racing by using different camera angles and shots such as a POV of the horse rider, Sky Bet also do this to a really high standard and make the advert to be a motivational clip with the heavy soundtrack of Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’.

The voice actor’s tone suggests that this motivational tone is true and it is a much more serious advert than most of the other betting providers create. However, this works for Sky Bet in my opinion as most of their adverts are shown during sports events when most of the viewers are fans and aren’t too fussed about seeing the humour.

Sky Bet ‘Price Boost’ Advert

In this advert, we also see a similar style of production to the Cheltenham advert with the same soundtrack and visuals being used. It is a great advert that is really funny and involves Jeff Stelling and the Soccer Saturday crew laughing and joking. All Sky Bet fans know who these guys are and it’s always a great sight to see them every once in a while.

A price boost is a great offer from Sky Bet and it involves simply boosting the prices and offers that they have during matches and sports events. Sky Bet have promoted this offer to attempt to attract more customers to their betting service and to beat competitors by offering a benefit that most betting providers don’t!

Sky Bet ‘For the Many, Not the Few’ Advert

In this advert from Sky Bet, we again see the same soundtrack which leads us to believe it’s inspirational rather than funny. And when Preston’s Joe Garner scores a great goal, we only hear car alarms due to the empty stadium. However, in the second scene of the ad, Garner is playing in a full stadium in which the crowd erupts when he blasts one top corner.

The ideology of the advert is that Sky Bet’ services are ‘For the Many, Not the Few’. This message also really applies to the advert because Sky Bet successfully manages to show an empty stadium and a full stadium through editing.

Sky Bet ‘Paying 8 Places at the Masters’ Advert

This is Sky Bet’s promotional advert for their offers on the Masters. Their statement of ‘We’re making better less, more’ is a common appearance from most of the other adverts in our collection. The main goal of these adverts is to show that they are a good sports betting company and use the opposites of scenes to emphasize this.

Sky Bet – It’s Betting…Better

In this advert, they use opposites of golfers successfully making a shot to failing a shot and scenes of golfers managing to hit the ball opposing golfers failing to hit the ball. It is a great method to promote the message behind their advert.

So, after seeing all the 2016 Sky Bet adverts, which is your favourite?

  1. Do It Your Way
  2. Whatever Happens
  3. Price Boost
  4. For the Many, Not the Few
  5. Paying 8 Places at the Masters

Best Sky Bet Adverts 2015

2015 was a good year for Sky Bet due to the introduction of a couple of their advert series. They started to use Jim White and Natalie Sawyer on a few of their adverts which were all really successful and a great method of achieving more players on their betting platform.

Sky Bet Tracker Advert

The main message from this advert is that Sky Bet are making betting ‘more‘. They show scenes of what they call less which include footballers taking poor shots and mistakes whereas ‘more’ shows some great finishes and goals. They compare their betting services as ‘less shot in the dark’ and ‘more in the know’.

By creating messages for these adverts, the audience is forced to work out the relation between the message and the visuals of the advert which gets them hooked and makes them want to find out more about the company. They also subconsciously remember the advert if they enjoy it and it surprises them which Sky Bet do successfully.

Sky Bet Deadline Day Advert

In this really funny advert, popular Sky Sports News presenters Jim White and Natalie Sawyer are appealing for an extra days holiday for the public. This is a great way of achieving some attention for the brand as they ask for people to vote on their Facebook page.

We would love to hear who your favourite Sky Sports presenter is! Let us know in the comments.

  • Adam Leventhal
  • Jim White
  • Tom White
  • Tony Wrighton
  • Kirsty Gallacher
  • Natalie Sawyer
  • Alex Hammond
  • Charlotte Jackson
  • Other

By asking for a vote, they are able to gain traffic for their page and hopefully a few more likes. Social interaction is crucial for pages such as Facebook for betting companies and this is therefore really beneficial. With both of the stars dressed in yellow pyjamas, it is really relatable to transfer deadline day due to the connotations that have been created around that colour on that specific day on Sky Sports News.

Best Sky Bet Adverts 2014

Sky Bet always offer a number of great adverts and 2014 was a great year to show this. It was the beginning of Jim White and Natalie Sawyers success and popularity and was the first year of a number of different Sky Bet Features including their new application which has been very popular.

Sky Bet ‘Transfer Fund’ Advert

This advert is also a great use of promotion for Sky Bet and also stars Jim White and Natalie Sawyer. It is really beneficial having such familiar faces to Sky on these adverts due to the immediate sense of validity that is shown. The main purpose of the ad is to promote Sky Bet’s new ‘Transfer Fund’ that involves a gambler winning £250,000 for their club and £5000 for themselves just by playing on Sky Bet.

Sky Bet Transfer Deadline Day Advert
Jim White has his yellow tie on ready for deadline day!

It is a great advert and we think it was very successful in getting players to use Sky Bet. There are also some statistics involved such as ‘250k would break the transfer record for a quarter of non-league clubs’. This helps as it gives even more reason for players to get involved!

Sky Bet Introducing Sky Bet Tracker Advert

This was one of the first adverts that Sky Bet created which was in 2014. It is a great advert that focuses heavily on visuals as the Sky Bet application is shown on a number of different phones on tablets. It even shows statistics on a really well-edited table and proves that the app can show live statistics of football matches.

The advert informs viewers of the many benefits it offers such as cash-out features, live match stats and statuses of all your bets. By promoting all these benefits, Sky Bet are attempting to claim more customers from competitors for their betting platform.