The Best Unibet Advert Collection

Future Unibet Adverts for 2018

Here at Boomtown, we are really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the future of Unibet advertisements and I’m sure you are too. We hope that stylistically they keep things quite similar, as we feel that is really what helps their campaign stand out from the rest. We also love their ability to predict every bet down to the finest detail, so we hope this theme continues also.

If you guys do have any ideas regarding what could be next for Unibet, ensure you let us know! We are more than happy to hear your suggestions.

The brand offers loads of choice for players online. Check out some of the offers and features they have below:

Unibet Adverts 2017

So far we have no uploads from Unibet this year for 2017 ads, however, they continue to air their older advertisements which are more than good enough as they are!

Having said that, we would love to see something new from them before the year comes to a close .. who knows what they will do next?!

Unibet Adverts 2016

Unibet Football TV Commercial

On this 2016 Unibet advertisement, we see a group of mates sat around the living room discussing the potential outcomes of the game. In the dialogue, we hear them discuss several key themes from the striker being sent off and becoming a meme as a result, to the referee being shortlisted for the world cup final and therefore not giving any rash decisions.

All of these things lead to the group deciding that there won’t be many cards in the game, tying into their theme that “Luck is no coincidence”. Overall, a really well made and clever ad that does a great job in portraying friends knowledge of the game behind the scenes.

Unibet Adverts 2015

Unibet “Luck is No Coincidence” 2015 Football Advert

Unibet’s “Luck is No Coincidence” ad is a really well made and clever campaign that showcases that there is no such thing as luck. This plays out as one of the actors says “we didn’t bet on the results, we bet on how the goals are scored.” Bewildered, his friends look back at him asking how this can be done.

Friends in 2015 Unibet Advert
They know something he doesn’t..

The actor who places the bet then explains a long list of premeditated scenarios leading up to his bet actually coming in. The point of the advert then is to show that you can make very specific bets with Unibet, which is something that people who place football bets are often keen to do.

Unibet “Luck is No Coincidence” 2015 Tennis Advert

Following on from the 2015 ‘Luck is No Coincidence’ Football Ad, Unibet has released a version of this for the great sport of Tennis. In doing this, they are able to relate to their Tennis fans and target these fans during the pauses in Tennis in the ad breaks.

This is a really well-made advert that has gained Unibet a range of attention and over 2000 views online, as well as the many viewers who saw this advert whilst watching Tennis. It involves the key formula to a successful advert which is humour and entertainment!

Unibet “Luck is No Coincidence” 2015 Tennis Advert

They also created one of these adverts for Basketball to relate to their US fans. In this one, London Lions star Joe Ikhinmwin features in a thrilling advert showcasing the strength and power of his body in the sport.

Unibet successfully showcases his size by using the editing of a virtual ruler to emphasize his 11’5 handspan and 80’4 wingspan. This is really interesting for an advert as it gets viewers attention and then shows them the offer they currently have on so it works really well!

Unibet ‘Frozen Moments’ Golf Advert

Unibet’s Frozen Moments Golf Ad is really simple and really effective. On the ad, you literally see a close up of a dark lit golf course and a golfer taking a swing at the ball in slow motion.

Unibet Golf TV Ad
Where do you get them shoes from?!

After the ball is hit, all of the potential outcomes of the swing including “birdie, bogey, par, win and lose” are displayed around the golf ball as it flies towards the camera. This really does a great job at showing the many possibilities of a game of golf and shows how tempting it might be to bet on one of these possibilities.

Unibet ‘Frozen Moments’ Cricket TV Ad

In this advert from the Frozen Moments Unibet advert series, we see a standard game of cricket being played however it is in super slow motion. This slow-motion relates to the description and message that they are promoting ‘Bet in-play and stream live with Unibet, thousands of opportunities to bet up to the moment on the sports you love’.

Interested in betting? Have a look at our online cricket betting page. Here you can come across some of the very best deals.

Cricket Sport Advertisement
Slow motion makes cricket look easy!

This is a really positive message to promote from a betting company as it helps promote to their 2500 viewers that they have gambling opportunities right up to the end of the sport.

Unibet ‘Frozen Moments’ Football TV Ad

In this version of the Frozen Moments Advert, Football is the sport being played. It involves a free-kick being taken and slows down when the wall of defence jumps in the air to attempt to block the free-kick. This is a great time to slow down the clips as we get to see all the emotion on the players’ faces.

As the slowed speed starts, we see statistics and gambling terms surround the ball. This is great as it is related to betting and will keep the advert related to the intended goal of the gambling niche in general.

Unibet ‘Frozen Moments’ Tennis Advert

The final advert of the Frozen Moments set is surrounding the sport of Tennis and has been created to promote all of the offers they make on Tennis. In this advert, they also create a slow-motion effect during the moment the tennis ball is hit to show emphasis on the power put behind the ball.

Tennis is a great sport for gamblers to bet on, especially during huge events such as Wimbledon as there are hundreds of thousands of pounds gambled every year.

Unibet Adverts 2014

Which Sporting Event Do You Wish You’d Bet On?

On this commercial, Unibet’s “Armchair Experts” sit down to discuss which sporting events they would have bet on if they could go back in time. As at this moment Leicester had not miraculously won the premier league yet, this was not one of their answers.

Instead, we were reminded of the 2012 Ryder Cup, Costa Rica’s shock win against Italy and Wimbledon beating Liverpool in the famous FA Cup final. What is great about this ad is that it’s just a few guys discussing famous sports events from the past, and it really reminds you of how exciting it is to place a bet on a big occasion.