Bet Types Explained

Sports betting is surprisingly in-depth!  Most punters will opt for a straight bet, where they will place a token amount of money on a given event or market.

But others like to think a little bit outside of the box.  Interested in having some of the more adventurous bet types explained?  Read on for the full lowdown.

What Are the Different Types of Bets?

Many online sportsbooks and bookmakers will let you diversify your betting slip in a big way.  This means that, instead of having to place all your eggs in one basket, you can change things up.

Get access to wider markets and even bigger chances of taking home some serious money. For millions of punters online and offline, different types of bets help to make things very interesting from play to play.

If you’re new to betting, don’t worry – as we will have you covered.  Bookmakers offer more than simple straight or each-way punting.  Now’s your chance to take a closer look at what’s on offer!

Full List of Bet Types

Check out our full list of bet types below for an introduction to some of the more exotic types of betting out there.  You may have heard of some of these before – while others will seem completely alien to you!  Don’t worry – as we are always here to help as your guides.

Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet allows you to bet on separate events in one go.  The more events you bet correctly on, the shorter your odds will get, and the more you will stand to win.  These are very popular in football betting.

Canadian Bet

With a Canadian bet, you really go all-out. This 26-level bet covers five different events, as well as double bets, treble bets, accumulators, and four-fold bets.

Double Bet

A double bet is a little simpler. It’s where you will bet on two different markets in separate events, rather like a mini-accumulator.  Both bets will need to win for you to get a return.

Goliath Bet

A goliath bet is big by name and big by nature! This bet includes a whopping 247 different bets in one go, which you can make up through doubles, trebles and more as you like.  However, you can get a return on this bet with just two wins!

Heinz Bet

Heinz bets are a little smaller – by quite a bit, actually!  These bets are made up of 57 different selections, and once again, only two need to win for you to get some money back.

Lucky 15 Bet

A Lucky 15 bet lets you pick up to 15 bets across four different events.  It’s seen as a less intense option than some of the other bet types listed above!

Lucky 31 Bet

Lucky 31 will let you pick 31 different bets across five events. Though on this occasion, you can also bring singles into the mix.  It’s a bit more extensive than your Lucky 15, but nowhere near as monstrous as the Goliath.

Patent Bet

Patent bets offer a nice middle-ground for people who aren’t brave enough to tackle the Lucky 15.  Place seven different bets across three event selections.  For example, you could pick five singles, a double and a treble.

Round Robin Bet

Round Robins let you make ten picks, including doubles and trebles.  You’ll often need to make two doubles and a treble here.

Single Bet

A single bet is – well – a single bet!  Place money on one market, and if it wins, you get money back.  Simple!

Super Heinz Bet

Not so simple, it seems, is the Super Heinz Bet. Take on 120 different bets spanning doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds, six-folds and a seven-fold.  Again, if two bets come in, you get to take money home.

Super Yankee Bet

We’ll look at the basic Yankee below, but the Super Yankee is a very popular bet. It’s actually another name for a Canadian, which means you have 26 picks across doubles, trebles, four-folds and five-folds.

Treble Bet

A treble bet, as the name suggests, is where you place money on three different selections.  They will all need to come in for you to take money away.

Trixie Bet

A Trixie is sometimes called a four-fold, and it is a simple accumulator.  You will need to make sure that at least two of your picks in this bet make good.

Union Jack Bet

A Union Jack is a special type of bet which is named after the way its betting slip is laid out.  You’ll be able to line up a Union Jack with many of the above bets, as it will let you identify eight groups of three bets.  It can get a little complex!

Yankee Bet

A Yankee bet is a little simpler – place 11 bets across four different event selections, making use of doubles, trebles and accumulators.