bet365 eSports Review

As we’re all well aware, bet365 is one of the leading online gambling sites the world has to offer.

It boasts 22m worldwide users and to keep that amount of people, they have to push their marketing teams to the max.

You won’t be too shocked to discover that bet365 is offering one of the most varied eSports betting environments the gambling arena has to offer.

Below are some pre-empted questions to tell you everything you need to know about betting on eSports.

What is bet365 eSports?

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Just like any other ‘real-life’ sport, sports are seasonal and the eSports at bet365 are no different. As the year passes, different games become open to bet on.

There is an extensive list of available games at bet365 to bet on, including, but not limited to League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, CoD, FIFA, Halo 5, Warcraft III and WoW and many, many others.

How does eSports work?

Bet365 as a company has a great bet settling process, which is quick and painless. It’s no different when it comes to eSports. The sport has a governing body who will officially declare the result and bet365 take it from there. It can take up to an hour but some forgiveness might be needed to allow for time zones, but it’s usually quick.

Not all eSports include overtime when settling bets, although CS:GO seems to be an exception.

If the sport runs into any technical issues at a specific time during the game that has a bet on it, your bet will be covered. If you’re betting on CS:GO and the round has to be played again, the bets made before the game will still stand.

Each individual title has clarity individually outlined, and that just adds a level of credibility and confidence that eSports are accepted and treated like any other sport. So, although it’s a fairly novel thing to bet on, it’s a signal to new gamblers that this is a solid option.

Can I put bets on during play in bet365 eSports?

Certainly can. Just like the other sports, in-play markets are an option. Same as other sports.

This makes for a really thrilling ride for those watching the game unfold because you’ve got time to let a particular player get into their stride who might shine a little later into the game and become the match winner.

It’s hard to predict things like that before it’s even begun, let alone what can happen in the aching action of the final few minutes.

This gives punters the chance to potentially increase their winnings, especially if they know how the eSports game works.

Can I bet on eSports the go?

Sure can! The bet365 app is compatible with both Android and iOS users. The platform itself is great; it’s user-friendly, intuitive, responsive and easy to find what you need.

Like all apps from betting sites, you must turn your location service on at least whilst using the app so the bookmaker is certain that gambling is legal in your geography. You can switch the push notifications on or off, whichever you like.

From the home page, you’ll find an alphabetical list of every sport bet365 offers and in that list you’ll find eSports.

How do I make a payment to bet365?

Bet365 doesn’t make money by refusing payment methods, so there’s a whole host of options and you’d be really unlucky to only use the ones they don’t offer (which, there probably actually aren’t any). Bet365 is incredibly financially accessible.

You can use the regular Visa and Mastercard suspects (debit and credit) and eWallets like Apple Pay, PayPal and a host of others like Skrill, Neteller, Entropay,… Pretty much all of them, you’ll have to check their website for the full list. You’re also able to do a bank transfer and for anyone still using cheques, they’ll take those from you too.

Can I talk to someone at bet365 customer service if I have a problem?

Sure can. You can choose which way you’d prefer to talk to customer service. The most effective is their 24/7 live chat which you can use on your mobile or the desktop version of the site. Most issues are dealt with there and then through this service.

Perhaps for those who still use cheques to deposit, you might want a phone number. They have one of those. For those who like digital snail mail, there’s an email service too.

Before you try any of the above, check out their frequently asked questions section on the website because chances are your question has been asked before so you might be able to resolve the issue yourself.

What type of bets can I put on eSports?

The bet coverage of their markets is insane. The type of eSports bets are pretty unique, too. You can bet on the first team to draw blood (where’s this option for rugby league, eh?), or first team to achieve ten kills, you can also bet on the match winner.

It depends on the game, of course. The really cool option is to bet live, which a lot of people like to do. Bet365 eSports bets let you put on a stake during live play. This means you can enjoy all the action and increase your chances of winning some real money with a bit of gaming know-how.

Say you know that a League of Legends character takes a little while to get into the swing of the game and their performance improves as they go; that would be tricky to bet on before it’s even begun if you didn’t know that.

Bet365 offers unique bets for League of Legends, in particular that covers everything from slaying dragons to most kills.

Is bet365 safe?

Bet365 is a safe bookmaker because it’s governed by the UK Gambling Commission.

This means that bet365 has to jump through a lot of hoops to make sure they’re constantly looking after the safety of their customers data (including financial transactions).

Summary of the bet365 eSports review

This has been a subtle review posed as frequently asked questions.

Bet365 the bookmaker is known as one of the best, with a global offensive. It’s known for football, boxing and horse racing but treats eSports with all the same respect as a traditional sport.

The company offer a huge selection of titles to bet on, with a vast array of types of bet to keep you interested from start to finish, (especially so if you’re into League of Legends).

Bet365 offer punters some really interesting eSports markets and have fantastic customer service to boot. The overall review is a shining 5/5 – can’t fault it.

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