Betfair #OddsOnThat

Betfair offers their OddsOnThat bet for a combination of multiple markets in the United Kingdom. It lets you build a custom bet and then request a price for your bet.

What do I need to do?

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What is the Betfair #OddsOnThat?

All you need to do is tweet Betfair and use the designated hashtag #OddsOnThat They will reply with your bespoke odds once your bet has been added to the site.

With Betfair you can look through the entire OddsOnThat range from other bets that have already been created. You can also use the Betfair sportsbook by accessing the mobile app and place your bet.

It’s worth getting your tweet in as early as you possibly can because you’ll be competing against a large number of others and eventually the number of requests build up and it takes Betfair time to get through it all.

Luckily, this offer is available for both new and existing Betfair customers. So, if you’re new to Betfair, you can actually benefit even more as they’re currently offering a fantastic new sign up offer of £100 in free bets for signing up!


This Betfair bet puts you right in the driving seat by letting you create a totally bespoke bet. You can combine different markets, tweet Betfair and they’ll (eventually) respond with your tailored bet odds once it’s live on the site. You’re also able to access and search other selections to see what potential winnings from your bet you could grab.

So if you have tips on horse racing or you’re confident about a football score about to happen, you can create an OddsOnThat bet for maximum returns with Betfair.

This isn’t the only bet of its kind these days. There are others offering a very similar bet. Betfair does have great odds, but they might not be the best for your specific bet.

Make sure do look around the different offerings before you commit to one.

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