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The Betin Virtual Bet site offers players the chance to bet on a variety of online sporting events. They are a popular brand based in Kenya with a selection of features available.

Have you done any virtual sport betting before?

Virtual betting is becoming more and more popular with the online crowd, and there’s plenty of great reasons why.  For one thing, virtual events don’t rely on any kind of form or previous results – meaning that you can bet on horse races and football matches which are completely fictitious.

Betin is a Kenyan betting brand which has jumped onto the virtual bandwagon in a big way – and we’re here to break things down for you with a Betin virtual bet review that gives you the lowdown on what to expect from the site, its various deals and other features.

Betin is a well-regarded online bookmaker brand in its home country and for good reason.  Sadly, it is not yet accepting registration from outside Kenya, but those punters based in the country can at least rely on what appears to be a varied interface with plenty of great markets, sports and otherwise to dive into.

There are over 25 different sports and events to get into here, and the virtual betting markets only make up a fraction of that total.

If you’re new to virtual betting, or are looking for a Kenyan betting site which is secure, fun and fair all around, we’re here to offer you a Betin virtual bet review with a difference.

We won’t just focus on those big Betin bonus codes and coupons – we’ll take a close look at what makes the site worthwhile you betting at on a regular basis.  Security, fairness, banking and usability all rank high on our reviews – meaning that you can be sure we take our analysis very seriously indeed.

Betin Virtual Bet Bonus Code

First things first, the Betin Virtual bet bonus code.

At present, Betin are offering new betters the chance to claim back up to 50% of their KSH when they use the current bonuses being circulated.

You can claim back up to 5000 KSH – meaning that providing you follow the rules of the deal correctly, you could be generating some serious cash to bet with and maybe even to take away.

As always, promotions welcome deals do come with a certain amount of terms and conditions attached.  The 50% deal will apply to certain bets you make from 1.20 odds upwards, meaning that you are going to need to bet more to get more out of the deal.

For regular betters, we don’t see this being much of a problem – what’s more, we feel it’s an interesting and perhaps useful way to arrange wagering for bonus deals.

Most gaming and betting sites will demand that a certain amount of money or bonus credit is paid back into their games and markets before you can take any cash away.  This is to be expected – it’s so that the site can still profit alongside handing out incredible deals!

Therefore, as this is a great deal – though not perhaps the common sort of offer you may see popping up on betting sites – we recommend you take a good look at the fine print and what’s expected from you before you deposit and take advantage of free credit.

More Promotional Offers

There are regular boosts and market options always opening up for loyal betters, too.  This means it most certainly pays to sign up for promotional emails and to keep logging in to see what’s being offered.

Betin is one of many bookmaker brands online which also offers fantastic offers when big sporting events are underway, meaning you may wish to time things just right so you can take full advantage of some extra cash along the way.

Betin is a very generous site – though do be prepared to read up a little when it comes to terms and conditions if you want to take full advantage.

Virtual Sports to Bet On

Virtual bet options are becoming more and more outlandish.  For those who haven’t tried virtual betting before, you are essentially betting on fictional versions of football matches and horse races – and more besides.  These events are created with computer graphics and are completely randomised.

Virtual betting is popular with many people as these events are rolled out day and night, and you won’t need to worry too much about having to get yourself clued up on the best possible punt to take.  It’s all based on luck and intuition – which can make things that little bit more exciting.

Betin virtual bet markets cover horse racing, tennis, greyhound racing and football – meaning that you may now place your bets on a range of fictional events centered around some of the most popular sports.

We’re certain that Betin will be looking to expand their range of virtual bet opportunities as time goes by, but for now, this is actually a fairly competitive line-up.  The emulations are quick and smooth, and the graphics have come a long way since their inception – meaning that you won’t be squinting at blocky figures in the hopes of winning back a little bit of cash here and there!

Virtual bet events and games are offered, of course, alongside real life events and sports in the main sportsbook, meaning that if you fancy taking a break and trying your luck on a real-world challenge, you can easily hop over to something a little more realistic.  Of course, there’s also Betin Casino, which has a range of interesting, unique games and casino emulations for you to pick from.


The software used to bolster Betin’s sportsbook, virtual games and casino titles is very easy to use, and works well across multiple formats and devices.  To this end, we dare say it’s leading the way for modern online sportsbooks – everything is very easy to find, and we experienced no problems at all during testing.

We don’t think any regular betters will have much difficulty finding their way around and getting into markets and games across the site.

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Payment Methods and Withdrawals

Betin operates through only a handful of banking methods, sadly, though it’s likely many betters in Kenya will be able to pay in and cash out fairly swiftly.  You’re able to use Airtel Money, MPesa or bank transfer to pay money across, while you’ll need to withdraw with MPesa or a bank transfer.

MPesa is generally very easy to use and will therefore fit in nicely indeed for many betters, though it would be nice to see more of a focus on other payment methods.

Unfortunately, you can also only bank in KSH at this time.  Betin is a site which is strongly aimed at the Kenyan market, and while it’s a shame that international players and betters won’t have access to the site at present, it remains to be said that it is still a reputable platform for those playing within the country.

Payment security is assured, and processing time is very speedy indeed.  You’ll have no problems banking here, particularly if you use MPesa.

Betin Virtual App

Betin Virtual app mobile betting is nice and easy.  Simple navigate to the main site from your chosen device and browser and click on ‘mobile’.  You’ll be given an interface which has specifically been designed for ease of use across portable devices.

It’s a great little addition to a site brimming with features – and we think mobile sites should come as standard across all gaming and betting.  More and more of us are gaming on the go – so why shouldn’t we expect our gaming sites to help us access our favourite markets and features?

Betin mobile apps are also available, meaning you’re able to leap into the virtual bet action with a series of programs specifically designed for your device.


Betin virtual bet is just one side to the expansive Betin lineup of games and features.  We enjoy the interface and the wide array of markets and deals here.

It’s a shame that the site isn’t yet open to international players and betters, though we do feel there is more than enough going on here to appeal to the vast majority of Kenyan visitors.

The mobile focus is fantastic – as is the live bet functionality.  Whether it’s your first time getting into virtual betting, or you fancy trying out a new site with a great new deal, you can hardly go wrong with Betin.

Do make sure you read those voucher bonus terms and conditions attached, however!