Boxing Events UK

As the markets widen, and as the sports’ major personalities continue to make themselves heard across mass and social media channels, there’s little wonder why so many boxing events UK fans and punters can get into are popping up throughout the year.

Boxing MatchesWhether you’re invested in the career progression of a particular boxer, or if you simply like to watch the world rankings, there are plenty of big chances for you to get in on some truly spectacular pugilistic action.

From the Olympic stage to highly-publicised pay-per-view matches, it is a sport which has evolved into a social event in recent years – particularly with so many public venues opting to show big matches live for a fee.

It is a sport which is, of course, split up into different weight classes on a global basis.  Therefore, there are always plenty of events going on in the sport from year to year.  Many do not arrive at exact times – as title challenges can pop up throughout the calendar year.

The best thing to do, therefore – if you are hoping to get invested in these events year on year, is to follow one or two belts or fighters – and to check in with your regular sportsbook or bookmaker like Paddy Power to keep track of some of the more appealing odds and markets which may be coming your way.

Upcoming Boxing Matches

Upcoming boxing matches may not roll around as quickly or as regularly as other sports, but there is normally a fantastic selection of bouts to watch month on month.  There are four separate major bodies in world boxing organisation:

This may get a little confusing for some who may not already be well-versed in the ways of the sport!  It’s important to remember that there is never anyone champion – there are also several different weight divisions in boxing which each carries their own championship belt, and which can be contested throughout the year.

These weight classes help to keep things fair from fighter to fighter, and each division can also lead to some very varied fights.

Certainly, while MMA may have taken away some of the interest from boxing in recent years, there is still intensive interest in the sport and as to who is likely to remain the best in the world.

Boxing Events LondonBoxing Event

London is one of many cities in the UK which plays host to regular bouts on a grand scale.  Championship fights, challenges and exhibitions may occur across various boxing events London and beyond – stretching up as far as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester.

It is a sport which has plenty of home-grown talent involved – and it’s been that way for many years.  You only have to recall legendary British names in Henry Cooper, Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis to remember that boxing fever hasn’t just popped up overnight.

It can be an intensely dangerous sport, but it’s one which shows off incredible talent, power, control and charisma.  Anyone who ever saw the legendary Muhammad Ali fight would certainly agree.

Upcoming Boxing Events

It’s easy to find out more about upcoming boxing events, particularly as many UK TV channels will give you upcoming rosters on what to expect from belt challenges and career matches.

Sky, for example, support regular pay per view events, where you will have to pay upfront to gain access to watch certain title bouts.  Boxing events the UK and beyond are seen as premium entertainment – particularly when a belt or two could be at stake.

What’s more, upcoming events are fervently watched by betters and pubgoers alike – it’s an extremely social sport despite there only ever being two combatants at a time.

Main Events Boxing

The main events boxing enthusiasts look for will largely be the pay per views, the belt title fights, the challenges and even the Olympic standards.

The UK, in particular, has produced incredible Olympic talent over the years, as recently as Rio 2016 – which means that betting markets are likely to get buzzing when every four years roll around.

It is a great sport to get into for in-play betting, particularly as outcomes can be so unpredictable at the best of times.  Therefore, while it’s a great idea to learn about fighters’ current and past forms, you may do the best sneaking in a quick bet while a match unfolds. Find out more about boxing betting types here.

Best Boxing Matches

Boxing EventsThe best boxing matches are the ones which pitch the best fighters in the world against each other, where there is no clear way of knowing who exactly will emerge as the victor.

This certainly helps to keep the betting markets buzzing, but it also proves to be an electric viewing experience, too – whether you have bought tickets to watch boxing events the UK up close or not. If you would like to place a bet, make sure to check out the tips too.

To this end, it’s always worth hanging around for the big title bouts and challenges – as sometimes, you never know how they are going to go.

UK Boxing Matches

UK boxing matches roll around regularly and will aid various boxers in their bid to rank up on the world ladder, similar to tennis to that extent (but the similarities end there!).

You can easily tune into local and national matches on TV, pay per view and via online streaming – and what’s more, UK bookmakers and online sportsbooks will also grant you access to big matches ahead of time by giving you wider markets and odds to pick from.

Boxing Matches Coming Up

If you are interested in looking at boxing matches coming up, keep a close eye on your regular sportsbook and on the TV listings.  Sky and Virgin Media both have a regular pay per view schedule, meaning that you’ll be able to get into big matches and bouts far ahead of time.

It’s worth looking at your chosen bookmaker, too – as well as BBC sport – to get an idea of what’s coming up.