Cricket Upcoming Events

Cricket may be seen as a traditional` British sport, but many cricket upcoming events and those which take place regularly year on year are in fact celebrated internationally.

Cricket EventsThere are scores of fantastic international sides, meaning that world events are often very much worth watching for sheer unpredictability.

The West Indies, India, Pakistan and Australia are amongst some of the bigger sides globally who will often give England a run for their money – meaning that while we may think that the British are best at the old game of wickets and balls, we’ve been put firmly in our place on more than one occasion.

There are tons of big matches that take place year on year, from test matches to series and tournaments – for a game that is relatively simple, it is a sport that is rich in ways to play.  Hit the ball, take your runs – and time it right so you don’t get counted out!

For some UK betters, the sports markets can get a little complicated – but as there are so many different matches and odds opening up year on year, it’s a sport which remains one of the most consistently exciting – and worthwhile jumping into if you feel like diversifying your betting slip once in a while.

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Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best cricket upcoming events year on year.

Old Trafford Cricket Ground Events

The stadium Old Trafford plays host to many different big test matches and games across the year, meaning that it is little wonder so many people flock to the ground to watch a wicket or two go down.

Old Trafford Cricket events are listed in full on their official roster and are updated by sporting channels such as BBC Sport and Sky Sports.

In fact, there is a good chance you will be able to see a test match or two unfold on Sky Sports right at this moment – while it is a sport that’s largely best played in warm weather, the best teams never rest – meaning that for some, the season never really comes to a close!

ICC T20 World CupCricket Tournaments

Twenty20 cricket is a twist on the game that has its own major international tournament which rolls around on a regular basis.

Take a look at some of the best T20 players the world has to offer by betting on ICC T20 World Cup matches – and by taking a closer look at the various odds and markets supported by your regular sportsbook.

Find out about the various cricket bet types before you place bets on the ICC T20 so you can be sure you are placing good bets.

World cups and tournaments are great opportunities to punt big on great sides – these occasions can be very unpredictable, and while you can certainly rely on the form to a certain extent, you should always be prepared to look carefully for worthy underdogs.

Who’s to say whether or not a side will have a perfect day or not?

Edgbaston Cricket Ground Events

Edgbaston, too, is a popular site for big cricket games and matches across the years.  You can check out Edgbaston ground matches through their official channels and rosters and, again, by following the main players in UK sports broadcasting.

You can, too, rely on the high street and online bookmakers by checking out their Edgbaston schedule for the year ahead.

It’s worth remembering that as the game is so dependent upon changes in the weather, some matches may stand to be cancelled or rearranged completely – it is sadly just the British way of things sometimes!

ICC World Twenty20

Cricket EventThe ICC World Twenty20 is one of the most popular betting opportunities that makes itself available to UK betters. Have a look at some cricket bet tips before placing bets so you have the best knowledge on how to win.

There’s something so exhilarating about betting on world cup matches – and as some of the most exciting upcoming events are international standards, it is always worth keeping your eyes wide open for markets and odds whenever they arise for future world cup tournaments.

For all futures betting, it’s worth bearing mind form – though only the most seasoned and expert of betters will be able to make clear calls for each and every match that arises. Have a look at the best betting sites on the web here.

Do you consider yourself lucky?  Now might be your chance to put your money where your mouth is.

Canterbury Cricket Ground Events

National and international games alike unfold as part of regular Canterbury Cricket Ground events.  Another one of the more celebrated pitches in the UK, Canterbury matches can be followed upfront and ahead of time through their official channels or via your sportsbook.

Regardless of wherever it may be played, it is always worth keeping your finger on the pulse by checking out the major markets throughout the year.

Upcoming Cricket Events

Interested in knowing more about upcoming cricket events?  Unsure what the major events are year on year?  Here is a list of some of the most popular events which occur regularly:

  • The ICC World Twenty20
  • ICC Champions Trophy – A one-day tournament between international sides
  • The ICC World Cup – The big one-day tournament – which England have actually won!
  • The Ashes – Perhaps the most famous series in the sport, where Australia play England at test match each year.
  • The Women’s World Cup – One-day international tournament for women
  • The Hong Kong Sixes
  • It is also popularly played at the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games

Therefore, as you can see, there are plenty of big opportunities for you to get into some serious action – whether as a spectator or as a punter!

Worcester Cricket Ground Events

As with other grounds we have covered in our guide, Worcester events will, too, come up regularly for you to buy tickets for and enjoy throughout the year.

Once again, do keep an eye on the club’s regular channels, sportsbooks and TV stations for more information on matches which may be popping up here from time to time.

Cricket upcoming events will vary from national to international – take a look at what takes your fancy and start calling those wickets – as well as learning form!