Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket has a global audience and is watched by millions of adoring fans. Whether it’s county cricket, 20/20 or even The Ashes, it is a sport with a fanatical fan base. If you are looking at betting on international games, then you could do worse than bet on one of the following teams;

  • England
  • Pakistan
  • The West Indies
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Even though these teams are the best in the world, solid cricket betting tips will still help you to make the most accurate bet possible. It doesn’t matter if you want to place bets on the overall winner, how many runs you think will be scored, or some other aspect of a game, the advice of a betting tip will make your chances of a return on your stake that much higher.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

Free cricket betting tips are your key to placing highly successful bets. Let’s put it this way; given the choice between searching through endless mountains of data to give yourself a fighting chance of placing a winning bet, or taking the advice of someone who analyses the data for a living, wouldn’t you take the advice of an expert every time? Especially if it didn’t cost you a penny to get that tip!

Of course you would, so why not find out what the very latest are and how they can vastly increase your chances at beating the odds.

Cricket Predictions

Cricket predictions are probably the most popular type of cricket bet that is placed. The reason? They tend to be very fun, and they can also land you a very tidy sum.

There are so many aspects of this sport that you could try and place bets on that it can leave you in a spin. Here are just a few examples of what predictions you could stake a wager on;

  • The winners
  • The winner of a series or a test
  • Which team will bowl first?
  • Which team will bat first?
  • What team will get the most runs?
  • If the match will be tied
  • Will the game be called off due to bad weather?
  • If a certain player will be called LBW
  • Who will be the top batsman?

There are a legion of other bets that you can place but these examples represent the top picked ones. Good luck!

Cricket Betting Tips Free

If you want to use tipsters to enhance your chances of a win, then the free predictions are a great place to start.

Just because they’re free doesn’t mean that they’re any less accurate. The tips are still formulated by a team of experts who have years of combined knowledge and experience. They are processed on the back of huge amounts of previous data about the competing teams and provide you with a real professional insight as to how the match will play out.

If you are betting on big cricket match events, you will certainly need to pay attention to tips from other betters.

Do yourself a favour and check out the tips that are freely available and you could be breaking for tea with a stream of winning bets under your belt.

Online Betting Tips on Cricket

If you’re looking for a reliable source for your tips then online bet tipsters are great providers. They’re easily accessible, have a proven background of correctly predicting various aspects of a game, and many times they’re completely free.

What should you look for before placing your bets, though? Here’s a whistle stop guide to how you can bet on cricket;

  • Match betting – when you bet on the team that you think will win.
  • Series winner – this is when you place a bet on eventual winners of a number of test matches. The most well-known series in cricket would be The Ashes.
  • Outright winner – this is when you bet on what team will win a tournament. This often involves multiple teams, do it’s harder to predict the winner.
  • Match tie – place bets on a game ending in a draw.
  • Overall top batsperson – who will score the highest amount of runs?
  • Top bowler – who will take more wickets overall?
  • Method of dismissal – how will a player leave the m? LBW, caught out, or another method?
  • Handicap bets – giving the underdog a head start by giving the favoured team a handicap to overcome.

Cricket Bookies Tips

Cricket bookies tips are designed to give you the best possible information on which you place a bet on. A bookie, such as William Hill Sports has to get the balance just right between giving you an incentive to bet and cutting their own losses as much as possible. Therefore, bookies tips for the cricket tend to be some quite accurate cricket tips.

Free Betting Tips Cricket

The only thing more appealing than good cricket tips is free betting cricket tips. Why pay for a tip when you can get perfectly good, expert opinions for free? Use the money you would have paid for a good tip on your next cricket bet instead!

Free bet tips for this sport and many other sports which you can bet on are easily obtained and they offer you a far higher percentage of winning than if you didn’t take their advice. They are still compiled by expert tipsters with intimate knowledge of the game. So take full advantage of FREE tips for cricket whenever you can.

Cricket Betting Tipster

A cricket betting tipster can give you a professional insight into a multi faceted game. Their cricket betting predictions have a basis of insider knowledge, years of expertise and a long proven track record of making accurate predictions about all aspects of the match.

It cannot be overstated how valuable their advice can be – after all, it’s their job to know this stuff. Before you put any money down you need to see what these tipsters are offering because they can make a very big difference to your success rate. Enlisting the help of a cricket tipster can smash your winnings for six rather than being bowled out on the first innings, so be sure to check for regular updates before betting.