Esports Betting Sites

While the world of betting and punting may have found its origins in traditional sports such as horse racing, football, tennis and more besides.

The growing popularity for e Sports betting October 2019 has been seized upon by a number of big names on the high street and online when it comes to offering the biggest and best odds around.

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If you are looking for the best websites to place Esports bets, make sure you look at the list above. Here you can see all of the best UK betting sites.

For those uninitiated in the world of e Sports, it all revolves around professional videogaming.  This means massively multiplayer games such as League of Legends, Starcraft and even FIFA have been pulling in audiences and punters alike over the years.

Long-running eSports standards such as DOTA2, Hearthstone and CSGO continue to court as many spectators as they do active players – and there’s every reason you should start getting into the bet arena for virtual sports as soon as you can.

Esports Betting UK

ESports BettingIt’s now easy to get into eSports betting UK and beyond – and there are a number of helpful guides and reviews out there which will help you to find the most appealing games for your interests and for your profile.

Just like normal sports, you can bet on teams and individuals in games of chance, albeit those which take place online and on a virtual playing field.

E Sports is something which is always evolving, and as a result, many may find that betting on certain teams, standards and players may not necessarily be the dead certs they are looking for.

Bookmakers are only just getting used to hosting these type of eSports bets in their odds rosters, and may not therefore be able to offer comfortable odds for certain games at this time.

However, providing you know a little bit about a particular game in question, or if you are already experienced, you may be able to find yourself some amazing markets and opportunities.

Betting Sites

Many eSports betting sites will offer the same advice before you get started in bets and odds for the first time.

That advice runs rather similar to other, physical sports – in that you’ll need to research your market and will need to get to know more about the teams and professional gamers currently in play.

For example, games such as Super Smash Bros will have a number of big names who possess their own strategies, game plans and strategies which help them to win matches time and time again.

It pays to analyse the play style of certain gamers and to work out how well they may perform against others lined up in the same e Sports betting market.

Any e Sports tipster worth their salt will advise you really get steeped into the scene – as much as you can – before you start to throw cash into the ring.

UK E sports BettingESports Bets UK

UK e Sports betting is now more commonplace and available than ever before, and while there are plenty of British players and E Sports teams out there taking part in a number of online games and esports tournaments, you can – of course – bet on anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

That’s the beauty of e Sports – there are no national restrictions in play.  The best online e Sports bet websites will give you wide access to popular games, those played globally and those which have more of a national focus.

There are some British players who are amongst the very best in the world at certain games – but, again, you will need to do some serious research and to start watching a few tournaments to really get the measure of who is worth punting on for real.

Best Esports Gambling Sites

Which are the best eSports betting sites to use?  Inarguably, the ones offering the best odds and the most variety and choice.  However, you should also be looking out for sites which allow you to take advantage of bet tracking, and which allow you to keep a close eye on several markets at once.

A lot of e Sports bets will be down to you – take advantage of various tools available at your disposal and do make sure you work from an online wallet as opposed to a card or bank account.

Here at Boomtown Bingo, we aim to find you the best sports bet sites. The best sites offering e Sports will allow you to bank with a variety of different funding and withdrawal options, and will also allow you to carefully manage the funds you are using.


Esports betting sites should also give you the opportunity to try out a few markets for fun – as in this particular scene, it is well worth taking on a few matches or games without financial game being at the core of your cause.

The best e Sports betting opportunities for you will be ones which revolve around your favourite games, and ones which offer the widest markets and the most variety in bets you can make.

With eSports being wide open to a vast degree, it’s not surprising to see a number of markets offered being particularly niche.  Many mobile bet sites even offer a dedicated e Sports betting app for you to use on the go with ease!

Betting on Esports

Betting on e Sports is easy enough – find an online bookmaker or provider offering a variety of odds on various markets and teams and do check the welcome deals and offers that they may have in place, too.

It’s worth shopping around when it comes to licensed bookmakers as many will be aiming to appeal to e Sports betters more than others.

E Sports are still very new to plenty of online sites and bookmakers, and they are therefore keen to appeal to as many people interested in this current trend of sports as they possibly can.

Live Betting

One of the most appealing parts to eSports in general is the live eSports betting scene.

These games and tournaments are always ongoing, and with many sites, you will be able to place bets and change your mind multiple times in-play – it’s in-play bets on a whole new level!

If you’ve not already considered looking into eSports, now is the time.