Esports Events UK

For spectators and betters alike, Esports events UK viewers can get stuck into are becoming more and more commonplace.  In fact, you will likely be able to find a variety of different markets and odds for some of the biggest games being played competitively right now.

eSports EventsIf you would like to place bets on esport, make sure to check out the esports betting tips available.

As a result, it makes sense that more and more people are making themselves familiar with the sports calendar.

For those uninitiated, multiplayer games such as CS:GO, Super Smash Bros, DOTA2, Call of Duty and Street Fighter are competitively played by expert players, often in teams, in an attempt to win certain titles, trophies and tournaments.

Esports have been gradually building presence and popularity since the mid-to-late 00s, and since then, as online games have only grown to become even faster and more inclusive, there have been more and more titles added to competitive rosters.

Of course, while some games are played sporadically across the year, there are also big tournaments and championships which take place at designated times and in designated places on an annual basis.

It is these competitions which pick up the most interest from punters and fans alike, purely because there is an incredible amount at stake for the players involved!

If you are new to the world of Esports and are unsure where to start when it comes to finding the biggest and best competitions to dive into, this guide aims to offer you a little bit of a helping hand.

Esports Events London

There are a number of Esports events London hosts year on year, including those lined up as part of the European Gaming League, GameBattles UK and other leagues which may embark on world tours.

It is not uncommon to find popular international competitions lining up to take place in the capital, and it is easy enough to find some of the biggest and most popular competitions taking place here by taking a glance at official websites and venues which regularly host such tournaments.

Esports are just as big here in the UK as they are in the US, Japan and even India – where some gaming competitions such as Code Wars have been taking place since 1997.

UK Esports EventseSports Event

There are plenty of UK Esports events which take place year on year.  Many online sportsbooks and high street bookmakers now make a point of listing the biggest tournaments and championships for punters to enter into at their leisure – as big cash prizes are not only reserved for the gamers taking part.

Esports betting is, much like betting and markets for other sports, largely based around the form and other factors, meaning that it may be worth getting invested in one or two big games that have plenty of fans flock to.

For example, it may be worth starting with League of Legends before moving to StarCraft and Overwatch.

Biggest Esports Events

There are some truly enormous competitions that take place each year – and the biggest Esports events, of course, boast the biggest cash prizes for the victors, as well as the widest and most interesting markets.

Some of the most popular and well-publicised comps include:

  • Apex – a US-based event hosting Super Smash Bros and Pokémon
  • Call of Duty World League – a relatively new league system with international matches
  • Dreamhack – a huge gaming festival based in Sweden, which has been hosting competitions since 1994
  • Electronic Sports League
  • FIFA Interactive World Cup – an official tournament hosted by FIFA and EA Sports
  • KO Fight Nights – an India-based Street Fighter V competition first hosted in 2018
  • League of Legends World Championship
  • Overwatch League
  • UGC Events – a competition provider who has been hosting console tournaments since 2006

Esports Events Calendar

eSports TournamentsThe Esports events calendar is huge – bigger than you may expect.  To this end, once you have found a game or two which you enjoy following, it is worth keeping an eye on when they are most likely to be played worldwide.

Sportsbooks, bookmakers and official sites for various competitions will be able to keep you updated as to when certain events will be popping up.

You can also find many forums and Reddit communities set up to discuss and dissect various events and championships which arise year on year.

Epic Esports Events

Epic Esports Events is just one of many major gaming providers operating in Europe, largely offering Dota2, Hearthstone and League of Legends – for expert players to sign up and prove their worth against the best of the best.

What’s more, these are popular events to bet on, too – with plenty of different markets and wide odds to take advantage of.

You only have to double-check our brief list of some of the biggest providers above to understand that we are only really scratching the surface of this global phenomenon!

Game Esports and Events

Game Esports and events have been growing in popularity over the past 20 years.  With the rise of mass broadband and the development of more massively multiplayer games for consoles and PCs alike, there has been money growing in the industry.

As such, many well-known bookmakers and sportsbooks have gotten in on the action, too – by providing solid odds and markets on a huge range of different events and games where only the best get to take part.

Some events are invitation-only – which you know full well will only ever host those who have proven themselves time and again in the gaming arena.  As such, you may be able to take greater confidence in some of the bets you place.

If you wish to place bets, make sure to check out the bet types first.

Upcoming Esports Events

Want to know more about upcoming Esports events?  Esports events UK punters and spectators can get involved in never sleep.  There are always going to be plenty of events and challenges lining up for the best gamers in the world – which means more betting and spectating opportunities for you and me!

Take advantage of expanding sportsbooks and take a look at some of the biggest, best and most popular events around.