F1 Betting Tips

Formula one is the jewel in the motorsport crown. It is the richest, most televised and most eagerly-followed brand of motor racing and has a truly global appeal. With the fastest cars and only the best drivers in the world allowed to compete, it’s no wonder that the sport has such a fanatical following.

The amount of money that is placed in terms of types bets on F1 races is truly phenomenal and there are so many aspects of the sport that you can bet on that. These include;

  • Q1 – The first qualifying session which lasts for 18 minutes. The 5 slowest competitors are eliminated from progressing to Q2 and will make up the back of the grid on race day.
  • Q2 – The second qualifying session which lasts for 15 minutes. Again, the slowest 5 cars are eliminated from progressing onto the next stage of qualifying.
  • Q3 – The final qualifying session which lasts for 12 minutes and defines the order of the top ten positions on the grid for race day.
  • Starting positions on the grid
  • Pit stop strategy – One or two stops?
  • Tyre choice – Wets or slicks?
  • Final race results
  • Constructors Championship
  • Driver’s Championship

Formula 1 Bet TipsAnd then, of course, there’s the race itself. There is any number of untold incidents that could happen that will affect the race results. A multi-car accident, track debris, a blown tyre – all of these incidents are unpredictable and cannot be planned for.

That’s what makes F1 so exciting to watch and bet on. The untold number of variables makes giving F1 betting tips pretty tough, but there are always a few fairly safe bets that you can place. Formula 1 tends to be dominated by one team at any one time; at the moment that team is Mercedes, but you can never rule out the Ferraris and the Red Bulls either.

Betting on top drivers will also retain that element of a relatively safe bet, but anything can happen on race day and it frequently does too. There are so many online brands which accept these bets including Winner Sports and the Betfair Sportsbook website which we have previously reviewed.

Formula 1 Betting

There are twenty-one F1 races in a season, which runs from March until November each year. There are ten teams of two drivers, which means that twenty will compete in each race. This gives you plenty of opportunities to do some Formula 1 betting as anything can happen during the course of a race.

The wrong tyre choice, a bad pit stop, a penalty marker, and especially the weather, can all have a dramatic impact on results of a race. And then, of course, there’s the team rivalry (sometimes inter-team rivalry, too). Will the driver’s temperatures boil over causing them to make rash mistakes, or will discreet team orders prevent certain drivers from mounting their own challenge for the win?

F1 betting tips and Formula 1 betting becomes more exciting and more unpredictable each year. Sometimes a team has lost a season before it even begins because they haven’t developed the car enough during the off-season.

An extra couple of thousandths of a second can literally mean the difference between being first onto the podium and missing out on it completely.

Betting Tips for F1

In terms of betting tips for F1 you could do worse than look back at its history. There have always been at least two dominant drivers of the decades and only Juan Manuel Fangio bucks the trend by dominating the 1950’s on his own.










Juan Manuel Fangio

Jack Brabham, Graham Hill, Jim Clark

Jackie Stewart, James Hunt, Niki Lauda

Nelson Piquet, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell

Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill

Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton

There have only been seven occasions since 1980 that the winner of the Driver’s Championship has not driven for the winning Constructor as well. If you are looking for Formula 1 betting tips then you won’t see a much stronger correlation than that.

Despite the recent dominance of Mercedes, Ferrari have won the most Constructors Championships over the years as well as the most wins as engine providers, so you should never discount the Scuderia.

Free F1 Betting Tips

F1 Betting Tips

Free F1 betting tips can be found in all sorts of outlets, including;

  • Bookmakers
  • F1 fan sites
  • Newspapers
  • Forums
  • F1 magazines

It doesn’t matter which aspect of the sport you want to bet on, but most people tend to bet on the Driver’s Championship and the Constructors Championship. The Driver’s Championship is the one that the drivers compete for in order to be crowned the World Champion.

The Constructors Championship is the one that the team as a whole aim to win. Usually, the best driver drives for the best constructor, but it is possible for a driver to become World Champion but the Constructors Championship be won by a team that he doesn’t drive for. It rarely happens (the last time it happened was in 2008) but it is mathematically possible.

If you’re looking for something completely different to bet on, check out the latest chess betting sites and see all the latest offers available.

Formula One Bet Predictions

Formula One bet predictions are notoriously difficult to give out. A solid betting tip can be wiped out in the blink of an eye by an unexpected mechanical failure or a time penalty, but it’s the unpredictability that makes watching F1 so much fun.

See our LeoVegas Sport review for a great brand where you can try your luck.

F1 Bet TipsF1 is a somewhat unique sport in that the practice runs and qualifying periods are equally as popular as the main race. A lot of information about how a team will perform in the main race can be gained by watching them as cars and drivers work better in certain conditions than others.

Michael Schumacher was notorious for being a master driver in heavy rain and would outperform everyone in these conditions. The aerodynamics of the cars are so sensitive that if the team and the driver don’t get the setup just right for a circuit then their weekend is as good as over.

So, if you are thinking of having a flutter on the main race then make sure that you know how the teams have performed in qualifying and that will give you a solid foundation for placing a bet.



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