Golf Events UK

Golf remains one of the most popular spectator sports in the world in February 2020, and there’s plenty of opportunities for you to look up and get involved with some of the biggest golf events UK and abroad. We’ve put together details for the biggest tournaments and invitational the best players take part in year on year.

Whether you buy tickets to watch the green action up close or prefer to tune in from the comfort of your TV or mobile device, take advantage of our guide to see what’s happening every year.

This sport plays host to some exciting and intense competitions in a sporting calendar bar none – so why not mark a few of these dates down on your calendar and tune in when you next get the chance?

If you like to place bets on golfing competitions, then you can have a look and see when the events are coming up. If you are unsure on what you bet on, we have information about the type of golf bets on offer.

SK Golf Events

Alongside the major televised and hosted events on the professional calendar, there are many private companies and organisations which offer events to golfers who fancy taking part in their own private tournaments and championships.

Golfing events February 2020 are set up to really bring the best out in their players, and SK Golfing Events are one of many private brands who offer such experiences to those players who may see the game as a hobby more than a professional pursuit.

Golf Open Competitions

There are tens of thousands of amateur and pro golf open competitions which take place year on year. Whether you’re aiming to take part as a casual player or to simply sit back and watch the action unfold, we’re here to break down the most important dates and events for you so that you can get prepared for the months ahead.

While we mainly list the major golfing events that take place year on year, there are also a number of amateur golf open competitions which pull the crowds and the players in as much as any other.

Major Golf Events

Major golf events, otherwise known as The Majors, are men’s competitions which are held in the UK and America.

The Masters Tournament

  • Taking place in April, the Masters Tournament is an invitational event. This means only the most talented golfing professionals make the guest list. It’s held at the Augusta National Golf Club, in Georgia, US.

The PGA Championship

  • Traditionally held towards the end of May, this major event takes place across the United States.

The US Open

  • The US Open is a very popular major event which takes place on American soil, and much like the PGA Championship, this tournament can be hosted at various locations.

The Open Championship

  • The Open Championship is one of many events to be hosted in the UK, but the only Majors to do so. It’s traditionally held towards the end of July, and takes place at one of various locations based on British soil.

Professional Golf Competitions

Plenty of professional competitions which take place outside of the Majors. Here is just a selection of what is available to enjoy throughout the year.

  • The PGA European Tour, taking place across the year at a variety of locations
  • The World Golf Championships (WGC), taking place throughout the year in America, Mexico and beyond
  • The USPGA Tour, a series of events taking place across the calendar and across the United States
  • The USPGA Tour Champions, once again this is US hosted
  • The Japan Golf Tour
  • The Sunshine Tour, which is held across South Africa
  • The Canadian Tour
  • The Professional Golf Tour of India

These are just some major tours supported by the International Federation of PGA Tours. These February 2020 competitions are brought together to support men’s golfing in general. There are also regular women’s tours which take place worldwide, each of which carries significant prize money for the winners:

  • The LPGA Tour
  • The LPGA of Japan Tour
  • The LPGA of Korea Tour
  • The Ladies European Tour
  • The Ladies Asian Golf Tour
  • The ALPG Golf Tour (Australia)

Upcoming Golf Events

If you’d like to know more about upcoming golfing games, we aim to bring together the most popular and exciting invitational and tours.

Take a look at our calendar of events to see what’s coming up next in your local area, or to see what coverage may be coming up on TV or on online streaming. Men’s and women’s tours and events are widely televised and carry an incredible amount of sponsorship and prize money.

If you are going to bet on this sport, we recommend that you have a look at our golf betting tips and see what is suggested.

Open Golf Tournaments

Open tournaments are those which, as the name suggests, are open to all comers. This means that you won’t have to either be a professional or be invited to take part.

There is a variety of different ways to get involved in open tournaments, though methods of qualification will vary from event to event. Therefore, if you are interested in open side of golf events UK February 2020 and elsewhere, you may be surprised to see a few names pop up on the roster which you won’t necessarily recognise.

It’s not just the big names which get involved with the big tournaments – if the word ‘open’ appears in a tournament’s name, it’s likely a number of players will have gotten involved through stringent qualification. It’s a great opportunity for many professionals to really start making their mark on the world of golfing.

Professional Golf Tournaments

Professional tournaments are regularly held worldwide and are also regularly scheduled to air on TV and through online streaming. Therefore, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding a golfing event or championship to buy tickets for or to watch from the comfort of your own home.

Our guide is put together to show off the biggest and best golf events UK February 2020 and abroad – meaning that if you’re really looking to get into some green action over the next few months, let us help you fill out your sporting calendar. This sport never truly sleeps – there’s always some competition going on somewhere!