Golf Betting Tips

Golf Betting TipsterGood golf betting tips are hard to come by. Everybody has a tip to give out, but the information that that tip is based on may be completely baseless. You need someone with inside information, someone who really knows the sport inside and out and has access to privileged information. There is also a range of golf betting types which have to be considered.

Our elite team of expert golfing tipsters have been assembled to do the digging behind the scenes to give you the most solid tips and the best odds. They know the players, the caddies, the groundskeepers, the course owners, the sponsors, and the equipment makers.

They take all the important, relevant information and compile it to offer you the best chance of making a winning bet on some of the top sports betting sites. If you want to be privy to more of these sorts of informed tips, continue reading for more information.

Golf Tipsters

Golf tipsters are the people that know everything there is to know about the golfing scene. These are the people who have the inside information that the bookies would rather you didn’t know about.

Good golfing tips don’t grow on trees; they need researching, drawing information from every possible source and then collated to give an informed choice. See our Genting Bet review for a great brand where you can place bets on different golfing events.

That’s what our golfing tipsters do. They know everyone from the players themselves right down to the groundskeepers. If there’s a chance it could affect the result of a game, you can be sure that our tipsters will know about it and pass the information on to you.

Golf Punters Guide

Whether you are new to golf or have been following it all of your life, it can’t hurt to have as much information as possible at your disposal before having a punt.

Many people are now looking to use more modern methods of betting online, this is why there are now a number of Bitcoin betting websites available.

The golf punters guide is designed to be exactly that; to give you insider information from our first-class team of tipsters. They cover everything from the big events like The Ryder Cup all the way down to the smaller qualifying tournaments.

If there’s a tip to be found then this is the team to unearth it. The golfing punters’ guide could make all the difference to your bets, so click the link below if you would like more information from our team of expert tipsters.

Golf Betting Tips ForumGolf Bet Tips

Golf betting tips forums can be a minefield unless they have the right information to back up their claims. Our experts have the inside knowledge that you need to turn an uninformed punt into a winning bet. Visit our Paddy Power Sport review if you’re looking for a site to sign up and bet with.

They know everyone from the players themselves to the people that manufacture the clubs and can make you the most informed you can get before you place that all-important bet.

Read on to receive more information from our forum tipsters.

Golf Tips

Golf tips can be affected by so many different variables that it can be baffling when you come to place a bet.

What you need is someone, or a team of someone’s, that have access to behind the scenes knowledge, camaraderie with the players, and years of experience. Also, check out our football betting tips for more advice if you’re interested in this sport too.

Our expert tipsters collate all of this vital information then pass it on to you in the form of an educated golf tip.

Best Betting Tips

For the best betting tips, you came to the right place. We have a dedicated team of tipsters and experts that trawl through all variables, the facts and the figures, all information vital to placing an informed bet, and then give you the end result.

Their insider knowledge gives them the edge when it comes to giving out golfing tips and gives you the best possible chance of placing a winning bet.

If you’re a bit of a slouch when it comes to knowing your Tigers from your Rorys and your woods from your putters, then place your faith in us and let us do the hard work for you. Our first-class team will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best wagering tips around.

Golf Betting Odds

Golf Betting TipsGolf betting odds can change according to any number of variables; the weather, a player’s current form, even an unexpected flaring up of an old injury.

If there is a chance it could affect the outcome of a game then it’s important. With so much information available it makes sense to take the advice from a number of people in the know before placing any kind of bet.

If you would like to place a bet, make sure to look at our golf betting sites page for all the latest deals.

Our group of expert tipsters will provide you with exactly that; an informed tip based on all of the most up to date, behind the scenes information. Have a look at our Winner Sports review to see a great online bookie which you can place bets with.

Free Golf Betting Tips Daily

Would you like a FREE golf betting tip? Of course, you would, but not good enough you say? Okay, how about FREE golf tips DAILY? We thought that would get your attention!

Golfing tips are only good if the punter is given accurate information. Anybody could stick a pin in a name and say ‘that one’. We understand that for a tipster to be successful they need to provide a track record that speaks for itself, and the only way to do that is by getting insider knowledge. Using a golf punters guide is a great way of finding out all the latest statistics.

Our elite team do exactly that; our tipsters know everyone from the players, to the caddies, to the physiotherapists the players use. If there’s a scoop to be found, they are the ones that find it. They collate all of the relevant information then feed it back to you, the punter, for FREE!