Greyhound Racing Events

Check out the latest upcoming greyhound racing events near you, as well as meetings which are set to be televised. This sport is one of the most popular spectator sports within the UK, and as such is a huge draw for betting shops and online bookmakers. ‘Going to the dogs’ is also a fantastic fun night out, making it a popular social event for workplaces and more besides.

There are greyhound races which are held night after night – they are extraordinarily quick! However, if you are interested in taking friends, family and/or colleagues to the dog track in future, it makes sense to check out upcoming races near you.

Our guide is here to help break down some of the more popular and regular events and race meetings which are held up and down the United Kingdom, as well as elsewhere in the US and beyond. You can now watch a variety of big greyhound events and races both on TV and online – meaning that regardless of the meetings that appeal to you in our guide, you will be able to watch them at home or up close and personal.

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Upcoming Greyhound Races

While, as mentioned, plenty of greyhound races take place night after night, there are a few big meetings on the calendar which take precedence over others. Our guide to greyhound events the UK and beyond is set up to help break down the more popular races and meetings near you.

A big event includes greyhound derbies, which may require some dogs to race off in heats in order to qualify for the final chase. This only helps add to the tension and the excitement – meaning that while regular race meetings can be exciting on their own, there is something just that little bit more electric when it comes to major derbies and championships.

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Greyhound Racing Competitions

The biggest competitions on the calendar take place at various stadiums scattered over the globe. While there is a fervent following for this sport within the UK, there are also stadiums and cups which take place in the Republic of Ireland and Australia.

The main derbies which are held in the UK and Ireland are hosted at familiar locations for fans. These include:

  • Shawfield Stadium – for The Scottish Derby
  • Towcester Stadium – for The English Derby
  • Shelbourne Park – for The Irish Derby

We will be taking a look at some big racing competitions scattered across the globe in this guide. Think of it as a nice little introduction to our events listings to help you find your favourite races throughout the year!

Greyhound Race Track Events

Greyhound race track events are largely held in specialist stadiums, meaning that the sport has grown to such an extent that you will find full tracks built for dog racing across the globe.

Race competitions take place up and down the UK and across the US and Australia – these are smaller meetings which betters can punt on from day to day – but the bigger events are, of course, where the big prize money lies. To this extent, the more famous derbies work in a similar fashion to big cups on the horse racing calendar.

Main Events Greyhound Racing

What are the main events enthusiasts can look forward to? Here is a brief rundown of the biggest picks:

Australian Greyhound Events

  • The Association Cup – Taking place at Wentworth Park, Australia each April, this colossal 720m race can fetch winners up to $75,000.
  • The Sandown Cup – One of Australia’s biggest racing events in May. Winners can receive up to $250,000.
  • The Melbourne Cup – Sandown Park plays host to prize money of $350,000 each November.

British Greyhound Events

  • The Scottish Greyhound Derby – Scotland’s maiden event takes place each May, with prizes of £20,000 available.
  • The Regency – takes place at Brighton and Hove Stadium, £10,000 is up for grabs here.
  • The English Greyhound Derby – taking place over 500m, usually between June and July. A grand prize of £175,000 awaits the winner!
  • The Select Stakes – taking place in Nottingham, England, each July. There is £7,500 in prize money available.
  • The East Anglian Derby – Yarmouth plays host to £12,000 in prize money each September.

Irish Greyhound Events

  • The Irish Greyhound Derby – Shelbourne Park’s 502m dash takes place each September. €125,000 awaits the winner.

Best Greyhound Racing Events

What are the best races to get involved with? All the big events listed here carry a number of races and heats which build-up towards the final prize – which, for one lucky dog and its owner, can mean a very nice income indeed.

The best greyhound racing events on the calendar will also prove exciting fun for those who like having a flutter. Your greyhound racing card will ask you to pick your winning dog from race to race (generally between 1 and 6), but you can also diversify and pick who you think will come in second and third with ‘each-way’ bets.

Greyhound Race Events

While betting shop enthusiasts will likely find plenty of race events to get stuck into night after night, there are a number of big events taking place worldwide which will appeal to those who fancy more than just a simple night at the dogs.

It’s our aim to bring together a full roster of big races coming up both in terms of major championships and in terms of regular meetings. Our sporting events pages are designed to be everything you need to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world of your favourite sport.

Greyhound Races Coming Up

Want to know more about greyhound races coming up? Intrigued by the big tournaments? Simply looking for a nearby day at the races? Take a look at our guide and diary offering a full breakdown of everything you can expect from the sport across the year.