Greyhound Betting Tips

If you regularly enjoy going to the dogs for the odd flutter, it’s probably likely you’ve already considered looking into more than a few greyhound betting tips.

Greyhound Betting TipsGreyhound racing, like all other sports and events you can bet on, is notoriously unpredictable sometimes – but there are more than a few experts and tipsters in the sport who know the movers and the shakers and how your average punter can get around a big win by hedging their bets.

A tip may involve you choosing to punt on a rank outsider or underdog (quite literally) based on inside information – or based on the canine’s previous form.  Either way, with tipsters involved, there’s no longer a need to stick solidly to placing bets on the favourites to get a return.

Finding the right tips, however, is key – as there are so many different race meetings and so many different runners out there!  Where on earth do you hope to start?

Greyhound Dog Racing Betting Tips

Greyhound racing is immensely popular in the UK and has been part of the sporting and betting culture here for around a century.

In the time since the first dog track was established, the spectator sport has become something of a popular event for people to head to in groups, whether as part of group outings or as part of team-building exercises.

The best part about placing bets on dog racing is the fact that there are often so many different greyhound races and starters in any given meeting – which means that there’s plenty of opportunities for you to head home a winner, or to set up a nice little accumulator or parlay bonus.

Greyhound dog racing betting tips only help to add to the fun – while many people are happy to dive straight into the action on a series of hunches and gut feelings, those who really want to pull in pennies go for the inside track on who is likely to be winning races on any given evening.

Tips for Greyhound Betting

There are plenty of great tips for greyhounds betting which circulate on a daily basis, and you won’t have to look too hard to find them.

Our main tip would be to check out the various bet types for greyhound racing prior to placing any bets. This will ensure you receive the best deals.

However, there are some general tricks you can put to good use on your bet slip before you go in too precise.

  • Check out the form of any dogs you hope to bet on. Have they won plenty of races?  Do they have the stamina for the length of race they’re taking part in?
  • Cross-reference odds from several bookmakers. While many like to be singing from the same hymn sheet for the sake of business interest and competitive edge, there is still a chance you could get high odds on a dead cert.
  • Consider your options. We’ll look a little more closely at how to diversify your betting slip shortly, but just remember that you don’t have to plump for an outright win every single time.  Use tipsters’ advice to get an edge!

Greyhound Betting Tips UKGreyhound Betting Tipster

Greyhound betting tips UK punters go for will likely revolve around several races at a time.  Meetings are made up of several short races, which is all the more reason why they remain popular with British betters.

That, and the fact that this type of bet is never seen as being too pricey.  While there are a wide range of markets and ways for you to make bets more interesting when it comes to dog racing, straightforward bets are nice and easy to get into, and certainly won’t cost you the earth.

Some of the sites we would recommend placing bets include Paddy Power and Betfred Online.

Greyhound Racing Betting Tips

Greyhound racing betting tips are a great idea whether you’re a seasoned better or just getting started.

  • Tired of punting on the same dogs time after time? Tipsters help you to look into new avenues and contenders you may not have considered before.
  • If a punt you’d like to make it too risky or too close to call, check out a tipster – as they may be able to help tip the balance one way or another.
  • If you’re just getting started with greyhound racing and are unsure what counts as the best-informed decision to make, a tip or two can help.
  • Some betters don’t like tipsters as they feel they are either confident enough to build their own slips from scratch, or that getting inside knowledge ruins the fun a little. Ultimately, it’s entirely your choice whether or not you take advice on to your advantage!

Tips on Greyhound Betting

While looking for tips on greyhounds betting, it is worth remembering that there are a variety of different markets and ways to bet to get a significant return.

  • Outright bets allow you to pick the winner of a race.
  • Each-way bets allow you to pick the top three in a race.
  • Accumulator or parlay bets allow you to bet on several races at once to boost your returns – though if one loses, you lose it all!

These are just the most popular markets right now – head to a tipster for tips and cross-reference a few bookies to see what appeals to you the most.

Greyhound Betting Tips Today

Greyhound Bet TipsIf you’re looking for greyhound bet tips today or for a few days ahead, it is always worth you keeping your finger on the pulse by checking out sites and tips rosters which are regularly updated.

Only the best tipsters refresh their information regularly – so do make sure you get to the inside track first before bookmakers start to change their minds.  These tips are widely available across the web.

Best Tips for Greyhound Betting

What are the best tips for greyhound betting?  It differs from race to race and from meeting to meeting.  Take a closer look at what’s online!

Look for tips that start you off nice and slow if you’re not sure about where to start when placing bets – as they can be a helpful indicator for newbie punters who are just getting started.