Hockey Tournaments UK

Hockey tournaments the UK and beyond are hugely popular with fans. It’s a sport which requires a great deal of skill, precision and power. While many people may assume that it is a sport which is largely played at major sports festivals such as the Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games, in fact, a large number of regular leagues and championships which are held year on year.

We’ve set up this guide and schedule to offer you access to the biggest and most popular events in the international calendar. Take a look at events which may be taking place near you to start booking tickets, or simply mark dates on your calendar to earmark the TV for future games.

This sport is not just an Olympic or Commonwealth sport – meaning if you are interested in the game and would like to know more about some of the bigger events and beyond, you’ve come to the right place.

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England Hockey Fixtures

England hockey is bigger than ever thanks to extensive funding and interest in the national team’s international success. In England, there happens to be a number of leagues & divisions, as divided up below:

MHL – Men’s Hockey League

  • Men’s League Premier Division
  • MHL Conference East
  • MHL Conference West
  • Men’s League Conference North

IWHL – Investec Women’s Hockey League

  • IWHL Premier Division
  • Conference East IWHL
  • IWHL Conference West
  • IWHL Conference North

Adult Championships

  • Adult Men’s Tiers
  • Mixed Tiers
  • Investec Adult Women’s Tiers

Masters’ Championships

  • Men’s Over 40s
  • Over 50s Men’s
  • Men’s Over 60s
  • Investec Women’s Over 35s
  • Investec Women’s Over 45s

The Jaffa Super 6s Championships

  • Men’s Divisions
  • Women’s Divisions

Commonwealth Games Hockey

The Commonwealth is an international sporting festival during which up to 71 different nations take part in a variety of competitive sports – this sport is amongst the most popular. Like the Olympic Games, the event is held every 4 years and traditionally includes entrants from countries considered part of the Commonwealth, such as the UK, Australia and Canada.

We strive to update our sports schedules when matches become available. This means that you could bookmark this page and refer to it when the next games arrive. The festival takes place every four years.

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England Hockey League Tables

There is a number of professional leagues for men, women and for mixed teams in England. England league tables are available for you to view through England Hockey’s official website, which updates with the outcomes of each match. You can also download the latest fixtures for each season as and when they are published, meaning that it is now easier than ever to keep track of your favourite leagues and players, as well as other hockey tournaments the UK.

The Men’s England League and the Investec Women’s League take place over 18 weeks, between September and December and then between February and April. At the end of a season, playoffs will determine which teams are promoted to the next division up – in a similar format to British football.

Commonwealth Games Hockey Schedule

As and when the Commonwealth next arrives, you can rely on our listings to offer you all the latest fixtures and news on what to expect from a sports schedule. Generally, there are eleven nations participating in hockey tournaments at the games, which can include athletes from the following:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa

The events take place in a tournament format, meaning that the overall victor of both men’s and women’s events will take home a gold medal. There are third-place playoffs to determine who will receive bronze. At the 2018 Commonwealth-Games, England took away two bronze medals in this sport, whilst Australia and New Zealand claimed one gold and one silver medal apiece.

Hockey World Cup Fixtures

There are Hockey World Cup tournaments arranged for both men’s and women’s teams. Both men’s and women’s fixtures are arranged by the International Hockey Federation. The men’s events allow up to 16 international sides to take part, while the women’s cup allows up to 12 teams to play for the trophy.

Hockey World Cup fixtures will appear on this page as and when they become available. As with the Commonwealth, both the World Cups take place every four years.

GB Hockey Matches

As well as hockey tournaments in the UK, there are also leagues and fixtures set up for men and women as part of GB, too. This side of British hockey largely enables players to train and play regularly in between Olympic Games festivals, which, again, take place every four years.

The FIH Pro League for men and the FIH Pro League for women help to rank teams and players in line with call-ups for the Olympic Games. Players taking part in GB matches will also variously take part in localising games and larger events, many of which we have discussed and detailed for you on this page.

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Hockey Commonwealth Games

Fixtures are incredibly important to many fans from all over the world. While the sport’s national leagues pull in a huge amount of interest from fans and supporters all year round, the festivals are often seen as the most important and exciting for players and fans alike.

Therefore, we always make sure to list all traditional national and local games in our fixtures and listings alongside Commonwealth, World Cup and Olympic matches.

You can now easily find upcoming head-to-heads as part of the more major festivals and events as well as those in some of the more traditional leagues, and even training tournaments. There is a lot more to traditional hockey than you may assume!