NFL UK Events

We have recently witnessed monumental growth of the NFL and it now travels from country to country. National Football League is more than just an American phenomenon; it is an American Football brand that is widespread. The recent introduction of NFL UK events enables all fans in Britain to access the big games.

National Football League is no-longer exclusive to the US as they travel to other countries including the United Kingdom. There are many spectacular events that are now staged in London.

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NFL London Events

London is now becoming England’s American Football central as it hosts a number of National Football League games each year. The event first began years ago, it was a one-off trial but after success and lots of interest, the organisation has decided to keep it as a regular fixture.

Next year, NFL will be travelling to the UK, a total of four times. All events will be hosted in London, with two being hosted at Wembley and two at Northumberland Development Project.

Both stadiums are English football stadiums that will be used on these rare occasions. The date of NFL London events are yet to be confirmed but it’s likely that they will be spread throughout the year to give fans plenty of chance to attend a game. Unfortunately, the games will not be televised and the tickets sell-out very fast.

NFL Combine Events

What is the NFL Combine? A question asked by many, it’s a scouting event that allows the organisation to find new prospects. College players perform both physical and mental tests in a weeklong event. The players are tested in front of head coaches, managers and scouts. This allows new players to enter the league and also adds scope to the famous NFL Draft.

The Draft is another technique that allows new players to enjoy an opportunity at a team. The Combine event showcases tests such as the vertical jump, bench press, 40-yard dash, broad jump, position-specific drills and a shuttle.

London NFL Events

As the famous American sport continues to enjoy growth and interest around the globe, it’s creating more capacity for overseas events. That includes National Football League travelling to the UK and playing in front of English fans. In recent times, there has been plenty of speculation over Cardiff and London hosting NFL.

Up to now, the organisation has already scheduled in four visits to London next year with two games being played at Wembley and another two at Tottenham Hotspur FC’s ground. London NFL events always create a huge buzz in the area and it’s likely that we will see more events and more traction over the UK.

NFL UK Games

Although the games were merely played within the US just years ago, it seems as though there is now enough interest to attract the sport to play in a number of locations. UK fans managed to amass enough attention to encourage the owners to branch out to England. You can now watch NFL UK events in London as they visit the capital multiple times every year. The schedule is already developing and there is now talk of a competition taking part in Cardiff.

As Tottenham Hotspur host the game at their new stadium and even set-up a new merchandise NFL store, it’s likely that there could be new developments in the near future. The UK games could be something a little more permanent that travels outside of London.

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NFL Pro Bowl Events

Most people are familiar with the event, Super Bowl and not the Pro-Bowl. In-fact, a lot of fans have been wondering whether they are part of the same event. They are not related and players set to compete in the Super Bowl cannot play in Pro-Bowl.

What is the Pro Bowl?

The Pro Bowl is an all-star game of American Football. It is a game that is promoted by the two rivals, AFC and NFC, who merge together to provide this entertainment for fans.

Who Can Play in the Pro Bowl?

There are various factors that contribute to the selection of players for the game. Coaches, managers and fans pick players, each one counts for a third of votes. Fans can vote on the website in an online poll for the players they would like to see the play.

Any players due to play the Super Bowl the following weekend are unable to participate in this game.

What Date is it Scheduled for?

The date may vary slightly but it’s generally played the weekend before the Super Bowl is set to start. This includes a whole week of entertainment, from bands to festivals. The Pro-Bowl is more of a week-event than it’s just a game.

NFL Combine Schedule of Events

The events are separated into the position of a player. They then have a day of carrying out the combine skills. The schedule of the exercises and drills vary and can change on the day. There is no guarantee on these, but if you are looking for a way to distinguish when different players will carry out there combine drills.

It is possible to watch the different combine events, you can do this by logging onto the NFL official website.

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NFL Events Coming Up

There are always upcoming NFL events and games, the fixtures of the season are listed online and you can also check out bigger events like the ones mentioned above. The Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and NFL UK events are spread out across the year.

It is easy to search NFL events that are coming up, visit their official website to see what teams play and where they are set to play.