Rugby League Fixtures

There are two codes of rugby, one that is recognised across the globe and one a little-less familiar to many fans. Rugby League is one that is most popular in various regions of particular countries. It is well known in Northern England, Papua New Guinea and specific areas within Australia and France.

Regular Rugby League fixtures take place worldwide. As well as there is an English division, there are also International tournaments and competitions in other countries too.

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Super League Grand Final

The Super League Grand Final is the all-deciding game of Super League. It is the decider and will determine who is victorious; this will subsequently crown a team as the champions.

Before being able to make it to this final, teams must qualify through the Play-Off Series and then compete in Super-League.

Rugby League Challenge Cup

Challenge Cup is a cup that teams get to enjoy regardless of their position. It is a separate entity and enables teams to win a prestigious cup. In order to win the whole tournament, a team would need to make it through several knockout-rounds before eventually winning the highly documented final. The Challenge Cup is one of the most well-known cups and is one that the elite teams battle it out for.

The Challenge-Cup final takes place at Wembley Stadium, London and the cup runs once a year.

There are eight rounds prior to the final and many amateur teams from around the UK are invited to participate.

Rugby League World Cup Fixtures

Rugby League World Cup fixtures are announced prior to a tournament, this does not happen as regularly as many of these cups and leagues. That is because this event is staged every four years. That is one of many things that make it so special. It is the best prize in this sport.

The tournament was established back in 1954 and has changed somewhat since then. The first competition was hosted in France. Most titles have been accumulated by Australia.

The tournament is compiled of 16 teams, all classed as the top International teams in the world.

Rugby League Events

There is a long list of events that are held throughout the year. Many leagues and tournaments take place on a regular basis whilst the World-Cup is hosted just once every four years.

To name a few of the major Rugby League events:

  • Rugby League World Cup
  • Rugby Super League
  • Challenge Cup
  • Four Nations
  • European Championship
  • English League 1
  • Elite One Championship
  • Elite Two Championship
  • National Division 1
  • National Division 2

As you can see, there are lots of competitions and tournaments within this sport. Some of them are stages for International teams to perform whilst others are club games for teams in England or elsewhere. There is games and matches in England, France, Asia and other locations.

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England Rugby League Fixtures

With England being the founder of this sport, you would expect nothing more than an array of different games and fixtures within the UK. There are numerous games in England including Super-League, Championship and League 1.

In addition to the setup, there is also the cup that we previously mentioned- the Challenge-Cup.

To find out the England Rugby-League fixtures you should check out the fixtures and games that have been scheduled ahead of the competition start.

If you are looking for the England team’s fixtures then you should check out their official schedule on their site. They arrange friendlies from time to time whilst also being scheduled for the big tournament games. Those tournaments usually include the World-Cup, European Cup and more.

Some people compare rugby to NFL, if you enjoy rugby but would like to find out more about NFL events, we have information on this.

Rugby League Matches

There is an assortment of matches that take place up and down the UK, but in addition to the English games and tournaments, there are also many other fixtures across the globe. Games can take place in Australia, Papua New Guinea, France and other locations.

The games in England alone are enough to keep fans engaged. Between Super League, Challenge Cup and other various competitions there is plenty of games to keep up to date with.

If you are looking for fixtures and the fixed schedule of games for rugby then you should check out individual leagues or tournaments. It will update you on what team plays which and when. These fixtures are only available as one season ends and the other is about to start.

Here are some of the teams that compete in the Super League:

  • London Broncos
  • Leeds Rhinos
  • Castleford Tigers
  • Oldham Bears
  • Paris Saint-Germain
  • Halifax
  • Helens
  • Sheffield Eagles
  • Warrington Wolves
  • Workington Town
  • Bradford Bulls
  • Wigan Warriors

Above are teams that compete in the top-flight of this sport and also contest in the Challenge cup. You can find out more about each team and their results online. They have their fixtures for their games already decided and will be looking to play most weeks.

Rugby League World Cup Matches

For most players and fans alike this event is the ultimate competition. As previously discussed, the matches for this tournament only happen every four years.

The teams have been decided and the fixtures would have been drawn. Check out the latest matches and games for the World-Cup. The cup is hosted all around the world and is decided beforehand. Countries have the opportunity to complete an application to host the cup. After finishing the campaign they can then await the result.

The World Cup matches will be hosted in various stadiums and venues around that country. With them being International games, the location varies. World Cup venues are the same stadiums that the clubs use.