Snooker Tournaments UK

Snooker TournamentsSnooker is a sport that was invented by a British man who demonstrated the game to many whilst being based in India, with the British Army. For that reason, it is quite obvious to see that there are several snooker tournaments in the UK.

There is no shortage of games and you will be glad to know that there are many that are located in the UK. We have listed many of the various games and tournaments that take place all over the world including England, China and Northern Ireland.

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Snooker Events UK

The UK is host to some of the most celebrated tournaments including the Betway UK Championship, The BitVector English Open, ManBetX Champion of Champions and German Masters Qualifiers.

These various snooker events in the UK are hosted around the country with venues that include Barnsley, London, Coventry and Glasgow.

Although the German Masters obviously takes place in Germany the qualifiers do take place in England. Other venues can vary and change each year although they generally stay in the listed locations.

Each of the above, all take place every year. This allows players and fans to stay busy all year round. Some of the tickets for the events are ‘invitation only’ and do not enable those not invited to purchase tickets in the public domain.

Events in the UK include:

  • UK Championship
  • English Open
  • Champion of Champions
  • German Masters Qualifiers
  • Masters

The UK is a hotbed for some of the finest talent. It is also the place known for hosting lots of events and ranking tournaments. With some of the most-renowned promoters in the sport in England it seems as though the biggest competitions are often located somewhere in the UK.

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Snooker Ranking EventsSnooker Championships

Ranking tournaments in snooker are events that make an impact on the official rankings. That means that if a player competes in ranking events, the outcome of the competition will be used as an official system of the ranking of professional players.

We list the snooker ranking events that are official and can provide players with an opportunity to climb the position order.

Tournaments and events that contribute to the rankings include:

  • English Open
  • International Championship
  • European Masters
  • China Championship
  • Welsh Open
  • Gibraltar Open
  • China Open
  • German Masters
  • World Grand Prix
  • Players Championship
  • Paul Hunter Classic
  • Northern Ireland Open
  • Riga Masters
  • Shanghai Masters
  • Snooker Shoot-Out

World Snooker Tournaments

Although there are plenty of snooker tournaments UK available to watch in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, you will also find many further adrift. There are overseas tournaments that take place in Asia with the likes of the China Open and China Championships.

There is a huge list of snooker championships that affect the world rankings. All of those are listed above and if you look at the location for each one you’ll soon see how diverse the championships are. There are many different tournaments all across the globe for professional players.

These tournaments include Shanghai, China, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and so many other locations.

Upcoming Snooker Tournaments

Snooker EventsFind the fast-approaching tournaments to keep up-to-date with the sport. There are tonnes of different competitions that take place all the time and this ensures that players have a fair chance of moving up the rankings whilst also providing spectators with plenty of entertainment.

If you are looking for the latest tournament or current events then you should look to see what fixtures take place for some of the aforementioned tournaments. Once you find the dates for those competitions you will then be able to check what fixtures and games will be played.

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There are always upcoming snooker tournaments to enjoy. Simply check out the discussed up and coming games to find out when the next tournament is.

Snooker Events Calendar

The snooker events calendar changes year by year. Many of which are presented on a yearly basis and around the same time of the year but the exact dates aren’t confirmed until closer to the time.

Check out the calendar to find the full scheduled list of tournaments. There is always something going on as there is an abundance of talented games to watch. Whether it is the English, Welsh, China or Shanghai Open, you will be sure to find something.

Major Snooker Tournaments

The exciting sport continuously presents us with major tournaments and events that are staged all around the world. Whether it is in China, the UK or other nations you will never be too far from major snooker tournaments.

When avid fans refer to major snooker tournaments they are often referring to the World Championship, German Masters, English Open and Champions of Champions. Those are just a few of the prestigious tournaments available for the best players to join.

One of the most sought-after titles is the “Triple Crown”. This is a term given to the accolade of winning three of the biggest tournaments in history. To do so is a major feat for many players and is a rare occurrence.

The “Triple Crown” means to win the World Championship, UK Championship and the Masters. The collective term for all three tournaments is also “The Big Three” and also the “Big Three BBC Events”.

Upcoming Snooker Events

There is always a snooker event happening somewhere especially with the scope of the sport. The “pub sport” is one that travels across the world meaning that there is often up and coming events on the horizon.

Take a look at all of the major events to see what ones are coming up. Upcoming snooker events are always exciting and as one tournament ends another one begins.