Snooker Betting Tips

Over the last ten years Snooker has become a truly global phenomena. The surge of interest in this sport in the Far East and the influx of players from that region of the world has sparked a huge revival in snookers’ popularity. In Keeping with this trend, placing bets on this sport has skyrocketed.

As a result, Snooker betting tips have become more and more sought after and this is where tipsters come in. They will provide the very best and up-to-date predictions available, and because they are fanatical about the sport, you know they’ll be as accurate as possible. So, before the next time you place a bet, search for bet predictions from a respectable tipster and give your betting game the best possible chance of winning return.

Snooker Betting Tips Today

There are now more tournaments in more parts of the world than ever before. If you are placing bets on these snooker events then you’ll need new tips every day to keep on top of things, otherwise you’re just going to be throwing your money away.

Searching for bet advice for today’s action should bring you a myriad of results, so whose advice should you trust? You should take advice from someone who has made a career out of giving Snooker tips, i.e an expert tipster.

The next most reliable source of tips for today’s matches will probably be a bookies. Bookies have to analyse the data available to create a fine balance between encouraging you to bet and them not losing out spectacularly by overpricing the situation. In order to achieve this fine balancing act, you tend to find that the tips they give will be reflected in the odds that they give, which should be extremely accurate.

Free Snooker Betting Tips

You’ll tend to find that some bettors shun free tipsters because they think that they are uninformed and just designed to part you from your money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because a tip is free doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone with a proven track record of making accurate predictions a high percentage of time behind it.

Free bet advice is often just as accurate as ones you might pay for in a premium service, and they are infinitely more accurate than the hot tip given to you from your mate at the pub! Free bet tips have the solid foundation of facts and experience behind them that other chargeable tipsters give – the only difference is you don’t have to pay for the privilege of knowing these.

Snooker Tips Betting

This sport can be hugely unpredictable game. There is no better evidence of this than Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan. When he feels like it, O’Sullivan is untouchable and is arguably the best player the game has ever seen. Catch him in one of his frequent off days, though, and his game is out the window.

This is why Snooker tips on bets can be extremely helpful. These tips take into account various factors such as;

  • Previous form
  • Current form
  • The historic record between the two players
  • The venue
  • How punishing the schedule is

Sport bet tipsters can’t take into consideration moments of genius that players like O’Sullivan frequently pull it out the bag, but they can read everything else and give you a solid Snooker tip on which to bet on and what type of snooker bet.

Betting on Snooker Tips

If you are looking for betting on Snooker tips then you could do far worse than take a look at the current Top Ten players in the world;

  1. Mark Selby
  2. Mark Williams
  3. Ronnie O’Sullivan
  4. John Higgins
  5. Judd Trump
  6. Barry Hawkins
  7. Mark Allen
  8. Ding Junhui
  9. Shaun Murphy
  10. Neil Robertson

Between them they have amassed over £7 million in prize money this year alone, so a punt on any of them to win a match or a tournament is always a good bet. Unlike some sports there is no out-and-out dominant player. In this sport, the Top Ten players are too close to call when it comes to sheer skill, so it makes good sense to find reliable sports betting tipsters to help you decide on your chosen area of betting.

Snooker Betting Tips for Today

Here are a few pointers on how to bet if you are looking for Snooker betting tips for today’s action;

  • Tournament outright bets – when you predict the overall winner of a tournament.
  • Match bets – betting on who will win a given match.
  • Handicap betting – where one player is favoured over the other, the underdog is given ‘a head start.’ This may be in the region of 0 to 2.5 frames
  • Futures betting – a bit harder to predict but more fun and higher odds. This will be things like betting on how many 147’s will there be, which players will reach the finals, how many frames will be played overall etc.

Betting advice for any of these proposed bets will go a long way to providing a more enjoyable viewing experience and your chances of a winning return increasing drastically.

UK Snooker Championships Betting Tips

The UK Snooker Championships is one of the four big flagship tournaments in world Snooker. The others are:

  1. The Masters
  2. The Grand Prix
  3. The Snooker World Championship

If you need UK Snooker Championships advice, it’s always a great idea to see who has been giving out accurate advice for a while and following their lead. They are expert tipsters for a reason; they live and breathe the game and have a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable when it comes to making predictions.

Tips should be your first point of call before putting down any money. They will be insightful, based on facts, and most importantly have a proven track record of helping people to place winning bets. Make sure you look for, and take, their advice before placing any sort of bet.