Tennis Bet Types

Tennis Bet TypesTennis remains one of the most fiercely-contested sports globally, and with so many big stars sweeping up trophy after trophy, there’s of course been a need for more tennis bet types to emerge over the years.

You can now not only bet on how you think matches are going to go outright, but you can also take advantage of outright score betting, individual performances from certain players and more besides.

Certainly, online and high street bookmakers like Coral sports betting are making it easier than ever for betters to refine their punts, and there’s never been a better time to start really getting stuck into some fantastic tennis.

The best part is, there’s likely always to be a tennis tournament of some kind running at any point in the year – the sport’s tournament calendar is brimming with world class events – why not look at Wimbledon tennis outright betting?

Outright Betting Tennis

Outright betting tennis markets will allow you to take clear advantage of some of the most straightforward bets around. This means you can ultimately bet on who you think will win each game, match or even tournament.

Of course, these tennis bet types can get a little trickier to call the wider the scope, which means you will likely be looking at bigger odds for outright championship wins.

Only the most confident will punt outright on tournaments before they’ve started, unless you have a serious idea about the form of each player, and who is likely to come out on top.  In any case, outright bets are amongst the simplest, and will get you nice instant wins.

Match BettingTennis Betting Types

Match betting allows you to refine your betting experience a little further, deciding for example on who you think will win each component of a match.  Matches are broken down into games and sets, which means you can place money on who you think will emerge victorious from play to play.

This is a nice way to narrow down your punts, though again, these markets may apply more to those invested in the game.

Take a look at who’s performing best on the international scene and see how you get on – there’s likely to be a wide array of odds available for you to take advantage of at this level, which may well be enticing to you.

Handicap Betting for Tennis

Handicap betting for tennis is where things get interesting.  While many tennis bet types will allow you to bet on who is likely to win which matches outright, handicapping will allow certain matches and championships to even out a little.

If, for example, an outright favourite stands to beat the underdog in any given match by quite a distance, a bookmaker may suggest adding a handicap to said player so that you get even odds at either end.

For example, the favourite may need to win by a certain number of sets for a bet to qualify as a winner. If you do wish to place a bet, make sure to use the best tennis bet sites.

These betting markets and modifiers are well worth looking out for, particularly if you are invested in getting balanced odds from match to match.  In any case, it may still be appealing for you to take a look at betting on the underdog.

Over/Under Betting

Tennis BetsOver/under betting can apply to almost any sport in a bookmaker’s line-up, and it essentially revolves around the idea that you bet ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ on what a bookie has to offer you as the final score or scoresheet for any given match.

Therefore, you’re no longer betting on who will win, but rather on how things will turn out.  This means that you can pick higher or lower than the bookmaker’s tennis bet prediction (whether it be Ladbrokes sports of another bookie), and if you win, it’s a nice little bonus for your betting slip.

These bets work well as add-ons for outright and match betting, meaning that they can be fantastic modifiers if you are keen to make things that little bit more interesting.  That is, of course, without making the risks too disastrous!

In Play Betting

In play betting with tennis is particularly interesting, as it is an intense game which can change at any given time depending upon how a given player is performing.  There’s many reasons why you may wish to bet during play:

  • If two players are particularly evenly-matched and the games could go either way
  • If neither players are playing on their favoured court type
  • If there are bigger and better odds available for live markets
  • If a given match or matches are particularly important or intense, and therefore prone to differing play from those involved
  • If matches have gone on for a long time

There are a huge variety of different circumstances which could make in play betting that little bit more enticing – and it’s all down to how certain matches are set to unfold!

Correct Score Bets

Correct score bets help to refine things down even further.  This is where you don’t just pick the outright winner of a match, but how much you think will win the game.

Tennis scoring can seem a little tricky unless you know exactly what you’re looking at, which is why it is a good idea to get some experience in the sport before you make any bold moves.

Correct score bets will likely fetch brilliant odds – as there is a greater risk involved for the punter, and less chance of an outright market opportunity occurring.  Take a look at these tennis bet types if you are feeling particularly confident in your punting abilities!

Tennis Live Betting

Tennis live betting is where much interest lies in modern punting.  This is because matches and tournaments evolve and change when you least expect them to!

Many bookmakers and online betting sites offer flexible live markets – which are well worth looking at if you fancy spicing up your betting slips a little.

Live betting offers flexible, changing odds on many different markets and opportunities, which means you can place money on even the most precise moments and events which are likely to change.

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