Tennis Events UK

Find the latest tennis events UK to see the fixtures, dates and what events are about to take place. Many fans and casual spectators are aware of the famous Wimbledon event but what others are held each year?

There are many different tournaments that are hosted in the UK, US and other locations across the world, we list plenty of them on this page.

The racket sport has been around since 1859, the first-ever event took place in Birmingham, England. Since then we have seen huge growth of this sport and there have been many tennis events UK that have followed that first one.

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Major Tennis Events

There are many major tournaments that mostly take place in the UK. It is possible to get a ticket as a spectator or watch some bigger events on television.

We list all the major events, not only in Britain but other destinations in the world too.

British Major Events

Fuzion 100 Trophy Series

  • Fuzion 100 Surbiton Trophy- Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club
  • The Northern Lawn Tennis Club – Fuzion 100 Manchester Trophy
  • Fuzion 100 Ilkley Trophy- Canoe Lake Leisure

British Trophy Series

  • Glasgow Trophy- Scotstoun Leisure Centre
  • Loughborough Trophy- Loughborough Sport Tennis Centre

International Events

  • Fed Cup by BNP Paribas- University of Bath
  • Davis Cup by BNP Paribas- Emirates Arena, Glasgow
  • Nitto ATP Finals- The 02, London
  • GB Pro-Series- Great Britain
  • British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships- Nottingham Tennis Centre

Grand Slams

  • Australian Open- Melbourne Park, Australia
  • Roland Garros- Stade Roland- Garros
  • The Championships Wimbledon- All England Lawn Tennis Club, UK
  • US Open- Flushing Meadows, USA

Grand Slam Tennis Events

Grand Slam matches are renowned as the crème de la crème when it comes to this sport. They are huge events that attract a lot of spectators, both in-person and viewing on TV.

We have listed some of the main Grand Slam events above. They are set around the World with locations that include Australia, France, UK and USA.

  • The Wimbledon Championships- Generally referred to as just ‘Wimbledon’, this event takes place just outside London within the district of Wimbledon. It only offers the most elite players the chance to play in this tournament.
  • Australia Open- This is the first of four Grand Slam events held each year as it takes place during the final weeks of January. It is usually hosted in Melbourne and it features men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s double’s and mixed doubles.
  • Roland-Garros- The French tournament is one that again, only has the best players involved. Fair qualification procedures are carried out to make sure only the highest quality make it through. It is also referred to as the French Open.
  • US Open- It is a hard-court tournament and is 137 years old. This is the fourth and final Grand-Slam tournament for the year.

Wimbledon Tennis Events

The Championships Wimbledon is also referred to as the Wimbledon Open and takes place each and every year. The prize money for winners accumulates to over £34m. This is broken down into particular game prizes such as singles, doubles, men’s and women’s. There are different winners of various categories.

Wimbledon takes centre stage every year, usually taking place around July. This is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and continues to take place just outside England’s capital.

Tennis Current Events

You may be wondering what major tournament is next, you will be glad to know that there are tournaments that take place throughout the year. If you are specifically looking for British games then you will be able to embrace the various Nature Valley competitions. You will also find four Grand-Slam competitions with them all being staged at different times throughout the year.

Tennis Events Calendar

Further up, we have compiled a list of different tournaments including the British major competitions, Grand-Slam and tennis events UK. They change on a yearly basis but generally is held around the same period of the year.

The first of the four Grand-Slam tournaments are held in January. Australia Open is at the end of January and is set in Melbourne. Secondly, the France open date is in May. Followed by Wimbledon that usually takes place in July. The final of the lot is the US Open, as it becomes the last chance for all players to bag a big prize and go down in history.

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Professional Tennis Tournaments

As you can see, there is an extensive list of professional tournaments. They can be broken down into Grand Slams, Opens, British Tournaments and more. They generally are held every year, around the same time year. To find the schedule or to find more on the calendar you can simply visit their official website. Competitions within the UK are held in Wimbledon, Nottingham, Birmingham, London and many other venues.

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Tennis Upcoming Events

Find upcoming matches with all the information that we have listed here. The four major tournaments include Wimbledon, US Open, France Open and Australia Open. All of them will be available to attend or watch next year, and every year onwards.

The previous tournaments are often the ones that are most anticipated by fans and players alike but that doesn’t take the significance away from many other competitions. You will find a lot of British tournaments that professionals take part in. Take a look at the next event that is fast approaching and get yourself tickets to ensure that you can watch the event live.