Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is such a big deal that even someone with no interest in the game at all could name you one of its many stars, past and present. Today’s game is dominated by the likes of;

  • Roger Federer
  • Novak Djokovic
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Andy Murray
  • Serena Williams
  • Venus Williams
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Caroline Wozniacki

It’s these players that you would more than likely bet for if you wanted to place a stake on a game. Predictions for matches involving these incredible sportsmen and women are in high demand, so when the opportunity to take the advice of an expert tipster arises you should take it. Their tips will help you take control of your bets and infinitely enhance your chances of winning.

Free Tennis Betting Tips

You may be under the impression that free predictions are unreliable because there’s nothing to pay. Why would someone give away valuable information when they could charge for it, right?

The truth is that free predictions are just as good as their chargeable counterparts. They are meticulously researched, based on the very latest information, and are accurate a high percentage of time. If you are considering placing bets on a match or tournament then you should seriously consider the free tipsters that are available before put your money down.

Betting Tips Tennis

Bet tips for the latest matches are not hard to come by – the real trick is finding a source that is consistently reliable.

A good tipster should have accurate tips for all aspects of a game that you can bet on. Things like;

  • Match bet – fairly self-explanatory. This is where you place bets on an eventual winner of a match and is the most popular type of tennis bet.
  • Handicap betting – in this sport, there is usually one clear favourite, so the bookies will add on a number of games to the favourite’s score and deduct the same amount from the underdog’s score to even up the odds.
  • Score betting – where you bet on what the score of a match or tournament will finish on. Also related to the score bet is the over and under bet. This is where the bookies predict the score and you decide whether it will don’t over or under that score.

Tennis Betting Tips for Today

Players have to be incredibly fit as a match can very easily turn into a marathon spanning many hours. Anything from the weather conditions to the fatigue of players can affect the odds, and they frequently change as the game is in progress.

This is why you should consult the best tipsters for today’s action before you put your money down. Sports betting predictions can make all the difference between winning a money grand slam and crashing out in the first round. Find a reliable tipster and take full advantage of their expert advice.

Wimbledon Tennis Betting Tips

Once a year the SW19 postcode, Pimms, and strawberries and cream take centre stage as the finest players in the world duke it out for the most coveted title on the planet.

Wimbledon betting advice is in high demand during this time, because bookmakers see a flurry of betting from people who wouldn’t normally place bets on a sporting event. Bet predictions for Wimbledon are invaluable to betting pros and novices alike, and they enrich the experience of watching Britain’s most famous Tennis event. Make sure to take the advice of an expert tipsters during this time and your winnings should flow in.

Tennis Live Betting Tips

Any number of factors can influence a game, which is why live tips are absolutely essential if you want to place a winning bet.

A match can swing one way and then the other on the blink of an eye. So getting live betting updates while you bet is an incredible advantage that should not be taken lightly. Bet on who will reach match point first, how long will the match last or the speed of the fastest recorded serve.

Live bet predictions can guide you to how to bet on these aspects of a match and much, much more.

Free Betting Tennis Tips

If free betting tips are your thing then you’ll have plenty to choose from. The internet is awash with so-called ‘cast iron’ free Tennis bets, but whose opinion should you trust with your money?

A really good free Tennis tip is no different to one given by a bookies or a premium pay service; they will be a combination of meticulous research of past data and the most up-to-the-minute information available. As long as your chosen tipster has a proven track record of making accurate predictions then the fact that the tip is free is irrelevant.

Free Tennis Betting Tips and Predictions

For the greatest FREE bet predictions and the opportunity to increase your chances of winning substantially, you need to find an expert Tennis tipster who has a traceable history of being mostly right with their tips.

Even the greatest tipster gets it wrong sometimes. After all, anything can happen in sports, especially Tennis. Here’s just a few issues that a great Tennis tipster will take into consideration before putting their name to a tip;

  • Weather issues
  • An injury that a player is carrying over from a previous match
  • A player playing on a surface that is less suited to their style of play
  • The schedule of the two players – does one player have a much quieter schedule allowing them more recovery time?
  • Pressure – have the players experienced being in a high pressure situation before, such as a final, and how did they fare?

Any good sports bet tip worth its salt will take all of these things into consideration before committing to a prediction worthy of publication. Tennis tipsters put their reputation on the line every time they make a prediction. After all, who would trust the word of a tipster that consistently gets it wrong?