UFC Events UK

There are constant events being put on by the UFC in both the UK and the US, throughout the year. In fact, they travel the world hosting their martial art shows and have their biggest fight cards televised. The UFC events UK take place in a number of cities, the largest ever UK showcase was held in Liverpool.

UFC EventsTheir events are usually named after the two participants that headline the show, for example- Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov. Each event is also named with a number, for instance- UFC 205. They continue in ascending order meaning that the event number goes up by one each time.

It stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and is a promotion of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It is the fastest-growing fighting promotion in the UK and US that has a long list of events that take place around the globe.

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They are consistently showcasing their talent and putting on new shows.

List of UFC Events

Fighters generally fight around two to three times a year ensuring that there are plenty of exciting prospects to watch all year round. We provide a list of UFC events, although this is forever changing and the schedule is regularly updated.

  • 231- Joanna Jedrzejczyk v Valentina Shevchenko
  • 231- Max Holloway v Brian Ortega
  • Fox 31- Edson Barboza v Dan Hooker
  • Fox 31- Kevin Lee v Al Iaquinta
  • 232- Cris Cyborg v Amanda Nunes
  • 232- Jon Jones v Alexander Gustafsson

The location of each occasion changes although some of the biggest fights often take place in Las Vegas, New York or Boston. You will also find a number of matches that interchange between London, Manchester and Liverpool.

UFC Upcoming Events

UFC upcoming events are highly anticipated by fans around the world and that is why UFC update their Twitter, YouTube and website with news on the latest fights. Schedules can be altered along the way with injuries often picked up by the athletes.

In the case of that happening they will quickly inform fans and let everybody know of how they will deal with the alteration. To make sure that you are up to date with the latest news and schedules you can follow their Twitter or YouTube.

UFC List of EventsUltimate Fighting Championship

If you are wondering who is fighting, then you will need to ensure that you are following the promotion’s timetable. There is a long list of fighters on the roster and that is why they consistently roll out exciting events.

The UFC list of events is updated on their website and you will also find other potential match-ups. The nature of the sport means that many of the fixtures are talked about before eventually being brought into reality.

Once they make the announcement official, fans can watch the build-up, the press conferences and the weigh-ins. There is no particular rule to who should fight who and there is no fixture list that ensures a certain amount of fights a year.

Champions are kept active and the top ten ranking fighters often stay busy trying to get a shot at the title.

Best UFC Events

It goes without saying that many fans favour Conor McGregor and any event that he is set to be headlining. We usually associate the best UFC matches with numbers.

That is why McGregor is often attached to the best UFC events, purely because of the numbers that he generates. His character and fighting style has attracted many fans to tune in and he is currently responsible for four of the five biggest ever Pay Per View numbers.

UFC Live Events

UFC live events are often televised through Fight Pass, Fox or other networks. It is also possible to get hold of their ticket team and go to watch the fight at the venue.

If you are simply searching for MMA live results then you can visit a number of websites that will update you on the latest results and matches. It is also possible to put a live bet on during a fight at a number of different sports betting websites.

You can even place bets on live events! If you are thinking about doing this, we make sure to check out the UFC bet types prior to placing bets.

UFC Events List

UFC MatchesFinding the UFC events list is simple, go to their official website. They continuously announce new fights and main matches all the time. You can find their list of events to see what ones you wish to watch, bet on or enjoy the build-up to.

As previously mentioned, some of the UFC matches the UK can be scheduled ahead of time. This can mean up to six months of preparation for each athlete. That then gives fans the chance to invest in the event.

There are lots of options to watch the show as well as the build-up that is provided. The list is always updated and you can find out whether or not there has been an official announcement.

If you wish to place some bets at these events, make sure to have a look at the best betting sites.

UFC Events Coming Up

With the sheer volume of UFC events coming up, you will always find imminent shows to enjoy. There are rarely big breaks between each fight as they have a big team of fighters.

They have their main fights as well as smaller fight nights that receive less promotion but feature around the world throughout the week or on a Friday.

Generally, the big matches take place on a Saturday night in the US and play out on screens across the globe. Fans get to relish the chance to watch and even get the opportunity to embrace the build-up.

There are always UFC events the UK or other MMA matches that are fast-approaching. The best way to find out what big fights are looming you should take a look at the official schedule.