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When broaching the sport of volleyball it isn’t a game that many tend to associate with the UK. However, there are a number of tournaments that take place in the UK.

If you are looking to compete or find tickets for an event then you may wish to check out the upcoming events in your area. As well as offering a long list of tournaments native to Britain there are also many competitions hosted across other areas of the globe.

Surprisingly there is an extensive list of tournaments that are hosted worldwide. If you are looking to place bets or simply keep up to date with the sport’s on-goings then check out the best volleyball betting sites or read on to find out more about these prestigious competitions.

Beach Volleyball Commonwealth Games

Despite the sport establishing itself back in the 60’s and harbouring plenty of interest for decades it is only now that many professionals get the chance to compete at the Commonwealth Games.

This was unheard of just years ago, but in 2018 volleyball was introduced to the Commonwealth line-up.

The Beach Volleyball Commonwealth Games were hosted on Coolangatta Beachfront and were compiled of twelve men’s teams and twelve women’s teams. Australia was victorious in the men’s tournament, and Canada in the women’s tournament.

For the most part the rules remain the same and it is simply organised into a manageable competition that can be enjoyed by fans. There are countries that qualify and join a group of four before entering the knockout stages.

Active rules in the Commonwealth games that you should know:

  • Teams of 2 players score points by landing the ball in the opponent’s side of the court
  • 21 points wins a set, and both teams compete to win two sets for the game
  • Each team are drawn into a pool of four teams

Volleyball Events

There is a multitude of volleyball events that take place around the world, you will find events that are hosted in Japan, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Switzerland, Canada and of course, the UK. There is never a shortage of quality tournaments.

We list just a few of the many volleyball events below:

  • FIVB Nations League
  • NORCECA Women Challenge Cup
  • FIVB Challenger Cup
  • Montreux Masters
  • Asian Men’s Championships
  • Cadet tournaments
  • Sheffield Open

There are so many events that you can watch and bet on. If you are thinking about betting on volleyball, make sure to check out the various volleyball bet types prior to placing bets so you are aware what you can place bets on.

Make sure to check out volleyball tips before you place any bets.

International Volleyball TournamentsVolleyball Championships

As previously mentioned, there are tournaments that take place around the world. There are volleyball tournament UK events and there are also some highly anticipated tournaments overseas.

You can check out International volleyball tournaments, as there are so many throughout the year. Whether you are looking for tournaments in England, Asia or other locations, you will be sure to find an assortment of exciting games and competitions.

If you are wondering which tournament to tune into, then you should search all of them and find one that most suits you. One of the most recognised competitions is known as the NCAA. It is a Division of Women’s volleyball that takes place every year.

The tournament is been hosted in UCLA, Penn State, San Jose, Stanford and several other states over the years.

Volleyball Current Events

You can easily find volleyball current events as they generally take place once a year. This allows you to find enough different current tournaments that are taking place. It is a fast-growing sport and with International recognition, it seems as though there are lots of tournaments for fans to embrace.

You can also unravel current events and stay in touch with volleyball. This way you can be privy to breaking news, injuries and tournament previews. Simply look for the latest events to find the next big competition.

Volleyball Fixtures

With so many various tournaments taking place around the world there are a number of fixtures to keep your eye on. Before a particular tournament starts there aren’t any volleyball fixtures that are displayed or announced. It isn’t until closer to the competition that the fixtures are decided.

The only volleyball fixtures that you can be sure of, are the tournaments. The annual tournaments are fixtures in their own right with them being set to host a competition every year.

Commonwealth Games Volleyball

As discussed, it is a new addition to the Commonwealth Games. It is one that has been welcomed with open arms after an exciting first year. There is lots of speculation about the next games and who will be entered.

Volleyball will not be a one-off inclusion; instead, it will no be part of the Commonwealth Games each time. The next Commonwealth Games volleyball will be in 2022 and be hosted by Birmingham, UK.

There is still talk about how they can potentially set up a tournament despite the absent of natural beaches.

Volleyball Games Coming Up

Volleyball Matches

There are always games and fixtures to wet the appetite of avid fans, with most of the games coming as part of tournaments or the NCAA.

With the rapid growth it seems that not only are sunny countries or areas such as Australia’s Gold Coast hosting games but there are also volleyball tournament UK fixtures.

You can find various games that take place in the Cadets and an open tournament in Sheffield.

If you are looking for games that are coming up then check out the many tournaments and events that we have listed to find out when they take place. When you couple the likes of NCAA with Commonwealth Games and other volleyball tournaments you are presented with a bundle of upcoming fixtures.

Find the volleyball games that are coming up by searching through the various tournaments and seeing what countries have entered the competition.