BetVictor Affiliate Program

BetVictor is a name which is synonymous with online slots and casino gaming for many people. Therefore, it is hardly surprising they have their own affiliates scheme to help fans earn even more money in the meantime.

There are plenty of great affiliate schemes out there, and the BetVictor affiliate program is just one of them.  However, be aware that there is no guarantee of how much money you could make from a program.

Your rates depend on how many people click through and actively deposit. So you will need to ensure that you promote well, and often. These details aside, what is it that makes the BetVictor affiliate program so interesting?  Let’s take a look.

Who Are BetVictor Affiliates?

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BetVictor Affiliates is the program name for the partner scheme offered by BetVictor Casino.  The brand evolved from the Victor Chandler sportsbook name in the late 90s. BetVictor has become an all-around name in sports betting, slots games and casino. For this reason, many people regard the brand as a leading source of gambling entertainment.

The affiliate scheme lets promoters suggest the main casino to anyone who visits their site.  BetVictor offers partners a series of marketing materials as well as software. They use this to monitor affiliate progress and to ensure that people are clicking through.

This bit is crucial to any affiliate partners!  If people click through and spend regularly, you will have access to a bigger slice of the profits. This resets every month, but if you already have a large following, there is nothing to say you won’t get some good returns.

Possible Commission Details

Some affiliate schemes offer sliding scales when it comes to partner commission. BetVictor, however, goes the route of a flat rate, which will be popular with many people.  This means that the opening commission available is an impressive 30%.

This does also mean that this is the highest cut you will receive.  So, if you are after a larger slice of the pie, you may want to compare and contrast other affiliate programs.  Regardless, you will still be able to claim back some serious money off a great games catalogue.  You need to be ready to put in a lot of time and effort, at least to begin with.

Sites They Have

The BetVictor affiliates program, funnily enough, represents the BetVictor casino and sportsbook. It is an affiliate scheme which has one sole brand for you to promote.  This isn’t always common, though it is not a bad thing.

If you often struggle for choice with other schemes, make sure to head for a program which gives you a refined scope. BetVictor is a great site which works with some of the biggest names in casino and slots games. So, you may not have too much difficulty getting visitors to click through and spend some money.

BetVictor Casino is sleek and professional. You’ll do well marketing it to those who are looking for a streamlined and refined casino experience. But, do make sure you take a closer look and see for yourself.

Check below to see the list of sites that fall under this brand:

Payment Options

The payment options at BetVictor Affiliates are fairly straightforward and open.  You can use Neteller, a Player Account and bank transfers to cash out once a month.  Be sure to read up on the small print, as you’ll need a certain amount of money in your cash pot before you can take it away.

The BetVictor affiliate program offers a little bit of a limited scope, but will still appeal to many people.  Do take a look at the main site and make sure you get a feel for the games before promoting to your site visitors.