Bewitched Slot Machine

Feeling nostalgic for some 60s magic? Look no further because IGT’s bringing the magical Samantha to the reels to help players zap up some winning combinations and slot prizes.

This time, she brings her nose wiggle to enchant the reels to bring you some helpful bonus features like wilds, multipliers, free spins, and more!

If you want to know how to snatch the wins, then review all the tips and game offers in this Bewitched Slot Review to get all Samantha’s tricks and techniques.

Bewitched Slot Sites

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About Bewitched Slot Game

Magic and witchcraft isn’t just about brewing potions, looking at fortunes in a crystal ball, or pulling rabbits out of hats. With this friendly neighbourhood witch, IGT Software introduces Samantha and her cousin, Serena, to the slot reels.

Samantha made her TV debut in the 1960s and again in Hollywood’s 2005 remake. For anyone old enough to know, she’s not your typical witch who brandishes a wand whenever she wants to cast a spell.

Instead, she uses her distinctive nose wiggle to conjure up some tricks. Any fans of the movie or the show are sure to remember this well-known notion.

In this reels 5, 4 row video slot game, IGT brings players of all ages an attention-grabbing, fun, and exciting online casino slot. Here, players will get to go on an enchanted adventure with the witches to look for winning combinations and payouts from paying symbols and bonus round games.

Play this magic-themed slots long enough and Samantha might even zap the jackpot prize your way. After all, nothing is impossible with a bit of magic by your side.

There may not be a scatter symbol or any free spins but this time around, players get several chances to earn some casinos win while gambling since there’s over 1,024 ways to win and even jackpot progressive.

You can play this slot for free if you want to just get a feel of the game, or for real money if you want to win some coins and cash win prizes while gambling.

Bewitched slots welcome players of any (legal) age. So, whether you’re one of the new players or a frequent customer, this slot will enchant you to spin and keep gambling until you fill your wallets with some magical prizes, especially with the low min deposit.

The online games graphics and animations will definitely captivate you with its charming and playful illustrations that are reminiscent of vintage cartoons. Even the playful tune that accompanies your gameplay will encourage you to play on.

Classic card symbol like the A K Q J are present here and shown as vibrantly coloured letters. You can expect the card symbols to each have bright magical colours – 9 is green, 10 is red, J is blue, Q is yellow, K is orange, and A is purple. These, along with the 60s tv, spellbook, black cat, and Samantha’s picture make up the other paying symbols.

Now, this is very similar to iSoftBet slot also named Bewitched. This game, however, has 5 reels and paylines 15. This 15 paylines game by iSoftBet also includes sorcery images like a blue crystal ball, Merlin, classic card symbols, spell books, witches, and other fairy tale creatures.

Unlike that of IGT though, this other version of the game has free spins a bonus where you will get to do a pick-a-potion round. This leads to a free spins round or a progressive jackpot feature.

During the free games, the witch you choose will have to battle to give you the most bonus spins possible. This version is available online as well and can be accessed on mobile and computer devices.

Players of any age can enjoy playing the IGT Bewitched casino slots on Mac, Windows, or Linux computers as well as iOS and Android mobiles and tablets. If you’re itching to get your hands on these wondrous prizes, then get your nose wiggles ready! But remember to please play responsibly.

How to Play Bewitched Slots Online

Players can try this online casinos game for free without downloading or registering before casting spells and playing for real money. To begin playing Bewitched casino slot, you must first prepare using the following steps:

Start by setting the number of active paylines you want to play per spin. After this, you should settle the amount you want to place as a bet per spin. Then simply press the “Spin” icon to begin turning the reels.

Keep in mind that in order to get all the game offers, you have to place amounts between the min deposit and a max deposit.

You can play at home or on the go as the Bewitched slot is available for computer and mobile play. This is accessible on all mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets.

Interactive Features

The Bewitched slot offers unique features, including the following bonus symbols:


The games wild symbol is the game’s logo. The wild symbols can stand in for other icons except for the bonus symbol.

Win Multiplier

This bonus is activated by the spellbook symbol. During this bonus feature, you will gain multipliers when the spellbooks appear on the reels.

After each turn, the multiplier drops down one place and will eventually end at the bottom of the screen. When this happens, the multiplier will be active for 4 bonus spins wherein you can accumulate possible casinos win combinations.

Book of Spells Wheel Bonus

2 spellbooks and a bonus book activate this feature. If the player spins in credits, the value of multipliers gathered by the time this feature begins would dictate the outcome of this feature.

Progressive Jackpots

This online casinos game also presents progressive jackpots. Even if the amounts aren’t that big, each level guarantees players more rewarding coins prizes than the standard jackpot.

Autoplay Feature

If you’re the kind who wants to play a continuous game instead of constantly clicking the “Spin” button, this feature is what you need. This button lets you turn the reels multiple times without any interruptions.

What Symbol Triggers the Bewitched Slot Bonus Free Spins?

Seeing as there are no scatters here or any other symbols that can trigger this bonus, there are no free spins available in this online casino game.

But, not having free spins is not a total loss as the game provides several ways for players to win some coins.

Payline and Stakes

In this reels 5, 4 row game, players get to play Bewitched casinos slot in 1,024 paylines. Players can take part by setting the wager first- the min deposit is just 0.50 to get started. The max deposit is 50.

The max win is 300 casino credits. It’s worth noting that, despite the size of the deposit, the future return would be just as valuable.

Both low-budget and high-stakes players alike can enjoy this online casinos game. So, even if you’re one of the new players or a seasoned pro, this game would be a fun slot to try out.

Players are free to deposit a max number of coins as big as 300 casino credits per round. This may sound pretty steep but the rtp seems to be pretty good as you get some high-value prizes in return.

Bewitched Slot Game Software

Bewitched casinos slot game was made possible by IGT Software.

IGT is one of the industry’s premium suppliers of best-in-class gaming products, experiences, and services. The team is dedicated to operating its business through social, environmental, and economic responsibility. They are responsible for most of the games present in all the best casinos.

What is the Bewitched Slot’s RTP?

The slot information for this games (RTP) Return to Player has not yet been disclosed.

But players can expect this game to provide an excellent chance of scooping big wins given all the helpful bonus game features, no matter how much you decide to deposit.

Slot Volatility

The Bewitched slot has a relatively low variance. This means that no matter what you deposit, you will have a chance to earn frequently, although in smaller amounts.


Thanks to this slot, players don’t have to worry much about the amounts to deposit as the return average is pretty excellent. Who says you need to be a wizard to get the max awards from this game?

All in all, this is one online casinos slot that will have you on the edge of your seats from when you start spinning. To conclude this Bewitched slot review, players can expect a slot that’s filled with exciting, fun, bonuses, generous payouts, and a ton of ways to win the games rewards.

This review shows you how the slot game is perfect for every player who wants to have a good time while spinning the reels. Even the most seasoned players will give in to this highly entertaining game, all thanks to the massive max symbols payout that the game provides.

Unlike the other version of the game by iSoftBet, this version pays you handsomely dispute the amount you decide to deposit. So, really, this is a great situation!

Despite the lack of free spins, bonus free spins, and a scatter symbol, the game gives a progressive jackpot. This allows players great winning possibilities from the beneficial features that Bewitched slot offers.

These are more than enough to make us recommend this game to you as it’s worth spending time and cash on!

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