Bingo Beats 50 Ball Bingo

Bingo Beats 50 is a brand new game from Gala Bingo, and it is the perfect combination of bingo and techno music. Bingo Beats is a fun 50 ball bingo game that features a pulsating heart and number bubbles to create interesting, bright gameplay that all players can enjoy.

Like most bingo games, the aim of the game is to reach a full house, but in Bingo Beats, you do not simply wait for the numbers to be called out. In this new 50 ball bingo game, you need to burst all of your bubbles to get a full house.

For fans of the game Pulse on Tombola, Gala Bingo have exactly what you are looking for!

  • Type of Game: 50 Ball Bingo
  • Costs: Tickets available from 2p to £2
  • Jackpots: Mini and Maxi Jackpots
  • Extra Features: Equal chances of winning, 50 players to a room

For more information on wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions, read the t&cs of Gala Bingo and other bingo sites that offer bingo games. Search for the company number to see if they are registered by the UK Gambling Commission.

How to Play Bingo Beats

The first step in playing Bingo Beats at Gala Bingo is to first set your ticket price. There are several bingo rooms for Bingo Beats when you play at Gala Bingo, and you can choose from Flutter, Thud, Thump, and Thrill. Each of these rooms hosts a max of 50 players for each game of bingo, and the price of bingo tickets will vary in each bingo room.

Bingo tickets can be purchased for as little as 2p, but this is not the case for all rooms. For example, tickets in Flutter can be bought for a min deposit of 10p, and a max offer of £2, whereas in the Thrill game, tickets prices vary between 2p and 16p per game.

Bingo Calls

Bingo Beats bingo calls take place every 2 minutes, 24 hours a day, so there is plenty of chance for you to get involved. There are wagering requirements for every game of 50 ball bingo, and players can only purchase one bingo card per game. Read t&cs on Gala Bingo for more information regarding card price requirements.

There are 50 players involved in one game, but the tickets winnings differ based on the ticket prices paid. Like all other games on bingo sites, the aim of the game is to match numbers on your bingo tickets to what the game calls out. To win, all numbers need to have been called off on your card. The odds can vary based on your bingo card and how many other players are in the room with you.

For Bingo Beats, each card has 10 numbers, and players need to burst all of these bubbles to win the game. The player who does this first wins the best prizes, as this is a full house.

Sign Up to Play

To play 50 ball bingo, customers need to register with Gala Bingo. Before entering the bingo room, read the terms and conditions for the payment restrictions and create a login. During your registration process, a bingo bonus might be awarded, but a promo code will need to be entered before the bonus funds appear in your account.

To register with Gala Bingo in the UK and Northern Ireland, you will need your bank account number.

Special Features

The main special feature of this 50 ball bingo game is the fact there are 50 players in one room at each time. This means for every game of bingo, you are against 49 other players.

There are four rooms to play at on Gala Bingo sites where the ticket prices and prizes vary. There is also a bonus amount available for certain winnings, although there may be a wagering requirement for the cash.

Depending on the website you play at, free bingo games may be available, and there are also sometimes bonus games available. While there is no connected bonus game available with Beats Bingo, there are various other 50 ball games at Gala, including Coconut Island.

There are bingo bonus winnings available with a min 1st deposit on most casino sites. With a min deposit, which differs based on the casino site, you can be given bonus funds to use on selected games or free spins to be used on slots.

The special features that come within Beats Bingo include the funky soundtrack and the fact that your bingo ticket is a collection of bubbles. Instead of marking off the numbers that come up in spins, you will need to pop the bubbles. The bonus activity in the game comes through the pulsing heart in the centre of bingo tickets which will throb when your numbers are called out in games.


Beats Bingo has more prizes on offer for customers. There are regular promotions on the Gala Bingo site where depositors can win prizes such as free spins for chosen slots or even free bingo games. The prize won through a slots bonus can be added to your account to be used on other games available.

The bonus awarded will vary based on wagering contribution and deposit balance. There will be a max spins amount that has to be used on chosen games, and bonus funds will be awarded following the promotion. To see whether you qualify for free spins or a bingo bonus, read t cs before registering.

Players are usually given a bingo bonus prize of free spins with their first deposit to Gala. Many bingo sites have promotions that award new depositors, and this can be given as a bingo bonus or free spins for certain games available.

There is also a great cash prize available at Gala through the £10K Fridays promotion that the site runs every week.


At Bingo Beats, there are two jackpots available to compliment the base game. As well as being the first player to reach the full house, two fixed cash prizes are available.

These are the mini jackpot and the maxi jackpot. A fixed maxi jackpot is won by the depositor who fills their card in 15 calls or less, and the fixed mini is won in 16 to 18 calls. The main jackpot given at Bingo Beats comes to the first player who reaches the full house, which is when all of the number bubbles on their card have been called out.

Bingo Beats Bonuses

Bingo Beats is a very fun variation of 50 ball bingo, complete with a funky soundtrack and bright graphics. This can be a fun and worthwhile game due to the promotions and bonuses that Gala has on offer, which can include free bingo.

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