Can You Use Bingo Books to Prepare for a Game?

Perhaps you’re one of those players who enjoy playing with bingo books with friends and family at home? A game of bingo is a thrilling way to spend some quality time with loved ones. There are so many providers who sell the bits you’d need to enjoy a great game in the comfort of your own home.

Some of the halls and club owners who want to delight players in their venues by organising bingo events. They want this to be organised to the best possible standard so as not to disappoint their paying customers. This article will outline some information about bingo books and bingo events which are both really enjoyable but equally profitable.

Bingo Game Type

So, which games can you play using bingo books? We’ll assume you’re the owner of a bingo venue and you want to choose which games you include. Typically there are three variations of bingo games:

  • 75 ball bingo. In this game, you’ll notice each bingo card has a 5×5 column to row format, like a grid. This lets you choose a winning patter which the player has to plat. The patterns themselves are immensely fun to play.
  • 80 ball bingo. In this game, there is a 4×4 column to row grid. This is a really rapid bingo game. It’s not always appropriate for a general population of bingo players, or at a general event. It’s not advised if you’re seeking a quieter game, or if there aren’t that many prizes to dish out.
  • 90 ball bingo. In this game, bingo tickets and cards are used. They are separated into 3 lines of numbers, having 9 numbers on each ticket. Players compete for three amazing prizes. They win if they have filled one or two lines, or a full house.

Bingo Tickets and Books

If you wish to organise a bingo event at your venue, you’ll be needing some bingo tickets and cards.  Luckily, there are hundreds of places where you can buy these items from. But firstly, you must choose which type of bingo game you’ll be hosting. Ensure you’ve checked the rules. Check the price of the bingo ticket book or each individual ticket.

Best to ensure you’re offering a fair prize for the ticket book. This will secure players buying more tickets and so you’ll entice more people to the event. They’ll realise that affordable prices and great prizes will make for a great time.

Bingo Machines

Perhaps you’re more technologically-advanced and have a bingo machine for your game? Once you’ve decided on the variant of bingo game you’ll be playing at your venue, and you’ve purchased your bingo cards and tickets, the next thing is to buy a bingo machine. This will be used to select the numbers for each of the bingo games you’ll be playing.

Typically there are two kinds of bingo machine. One is newer and more modern; a digital bingo machine. It chooses numbers randomly and players see them via the LED display screen. Another is an older version. Balls are put into a cage and spun, and it releases one ball at a time. Still random, just not as fancy.

It should go without saying that you have to ensure you have the right number of balls needed for the game of bingo you’ve chosen to play at your hosted event. So, if you’ve chosen 75 ball bingo, put 75 balls into your bingo machine and not one more. It will be very clear if there are more than 75 balls in your machine, and they’re not needed.

Bingo Prizes

Another major feature in your game apart from the bingo books! It’s totally down to you what kind of prizes you award your players, for each of the games they play. It’s really lovely if you’re hosting the bingo event to raise money for charity, to talk to local companies who might be willing to donate prizes to you for the cause.

You might host an event where players win straight-up money. This prize needs to be fixed, in deciding how much of the ticket price will contribute toward the prize money. Ensure you’ve calculated a percentage toward the cash prize as you must also pay for expenses that go on the rest of the event (especially for a charity event).

Bingo Caller

Ask yourself if a bingo caller is necessary to play. If you’re choosing to host a bingo event, you’ll probably find the answer is yes, you do. Their job is to call the numbers for each game that’s played. The perfect person for this job is energetic, light-hearted and spirited. They need to keep the players thoroughly entertained and into their bingo game.

Remember that most bingo players love hearing the nicknames associated with certain numbers, so you need someone to call those out. Give the bingo caller a list to refer to as they go along. It’ll make things wildly more entertaining.


Hopefully this article has helped give you a summary of everything you need to host a bingo event at your own venue, which will be unforgettable for your players.

Remember, get the right tickets and cards. Choose the right game with the pace desirable to your players. Get the right kit to facilitate the game. Offer fair but attractive prizes. Employ a bingo caller with character to keep the vibe going all night.