Facts about Bingo Daubers

Bingo dabbers have many names. Dabbers (of course), daubers, even dobbers. Whichever your chosen name for them, you know how vital they are to your game of bingo! Many players have an unspoken attachment to the very specific one they use. Let’s have a look at what is so special about dabbers, where they come from and some fun facts about them.

What is a bingo dauber?

A dabber is essentially a fat pen which you use to mark off the numbers that have been called during your game of bingo.

However, unlike a standard pen, a dabber makes a distinctive circle that emulates a bingo chip.

This actually originates further back than you’d think. In the 16th Century, in Italy, numbers were marked onto circular wooden chips, used to cover up the numbers on a ticket. This was known as Lo Giuco del Lotto d’Italia, the Italian National Lottery.

What is inside a bingo dauber?

As you might expect, bingo dabbers are full of ink. Luckily, daubers these days tend to be non-toxic and don’t stain; two very useful features!

What types of dabbers are there?

You might be surprised to learn that there are a variety of dabbers. The one you use is totally down to your personal taste. If you visit a bingo hall in the country, you’ll find there is a plethora of choices to suit whatever mood you’re in.

People often like a simple, plain dabber. Others go wild and use a more flamboyant dabber, to reflect an extroverted personality. If you’re really serious about your dabber, you can get a personalised one made!

Do you use dabbers in online bingo?

It depends. A lot, if not the majority, of online bingo sites, employ automatic dabbing. You can opt to do it manually, but if you’re playing with a lot of cards it might not be optimal for you.

Is there a secret to getting dabber ink out of my clothes?

It’s super eay to get dabber ink on your clothes. And it’s equally irritating when you do it! How many times have you been so focused on the numbers that you didn’t notice the dabber stain on your cuff?

The short answer is that it depends on what you’ve got the stain on. Check the label of your clothes for instructions. Most dabbers, luckily, are water-soluble so a regular wash should get that ink off your favourite top!

What is the most-used dabber colour?

Purple! But no one really knows why…

What’s the most common term for a dabber?

Thankfully the English language is by no means limited, and there are a few names you can give your dabber. ‘Dauber’ is probably the most common, up there with ‘dabber’, followed by ‘dobber’. But, as we’re all

Like many things in the English language, you can call a bingo dauber a few different things. Dauber itself is the most common word that people use, followed closely by dabber, and then by dobber. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. You could even make up your own name! People will probably know what you mean.