Bingopoly Chat Game At Tidy Bingo

One thing that makes Tidy Bingo stand out from the crowd is their imagination. They may not have the big budgets that other brands do, but they put a lot of thought and effort into everything they do to ensure that their players have the best time possible. Take Bingopoly for example, they have taken everyone’s favourite board game and combined it with bingo to produce an exciting chat tournament that never fails to put a smile on the faces of their roomies.

Bingopoly is only played in Tidy Bingo’s exclusive Tidy Cupboard, so you will only be playing against other Tidy players and not players from the rest of the 15 networks sites. The way it works is really quite simple, and they have allocated a series of rewards and penalties to each one of the ninety numbers. There is a complete list available on the Tidy Bingo Blog, but here are a few examples of what you can expect:

  • Number 7 – Gamble Card: Win 500 Loyalty Points
  • Number 23 – Sugar Train: Win 20 points
  • Number 27 – Nickie: Win 50 points
  • Number 42 – Caught picking nose: Lose 5 points
  • Number 78 – Bingo Tax: Lose 10 points

Each time you win a full house games, the number you called on will determine if you receive a treat or if you are penalised. If you take a look at the full list over at Tidy Bingo, you will see that certain numbers are highlighted in different colours. If you collect a full set of the same colour, you will earn yourself up to 100 bonus points.

The in game Loyalty Points you can win are a little added bonus, as the idea of the game is to earn more Bingopoly points than anyone else before the end of the two-hour session. At the end of each tournament, there is a whopping 30,000 Loyalty Points awarded to the two players that have accumulated the most points, with 20,000 going to the first place player, and the remaining 10,000 going to the second place player.