Bonanza Slot RTP

There are lots of fruit machine games available online these days, and Bonanza Slot is one of the most intriguing on the market. It is an enthralling game with a number of elements sure to keep you engaged throughout your experience. It is a six-reel game that has other add-ons, such as the cart feature above the reel in play and bonus features.

If you are looking to unlock wealthy rewards, then you are in the right place. Our experienced members have trialled the game, checking out the features, bonuses, payment methods and of course, the Bonanza Slot RTP.

In this honest review, we specifically hone in on the important features for the slot machine. This includes the return to player (RTP) statistics amongst other key features. This will give you a good idea of how likely you are to enjoy a win from the mega slot game.

Return to Player for Bonanza Slot

Brought to you by Big Time Gaming, this platform provides fun for those who are big into their slot gaming and newcomers alike. It takes a little time to get familiar with how the game works. Due to its nature, it is somewhat unconventional. But that is one of the strengths of this impressive slot machine. Rather than the usual five-reels it comes with a six-reel layout and has added features including the carts, avalanche and more.

It has outstanding graphics and they are one of the many aspects that secure your attention throughout the entire experience. They also transfer well to the Bonanza slot mobile game if you prefer to play on smartphone or tablet devices.

Before delving into the RTP and likelihood of you getting paid or winning that big cash prize, lets take a look at the game and how it functions. It is a six-reel video slot with up to over 117,000 ways to win, every time you spin. It has a high variance ensuring that there are lots of changes through your game, this can be a positive or negative, depending on your preference. There will be chance for big wins but you can expect a lot of fluctuation.

Each time you match symbols, they will disappear, subsequently activating the cascading effect. That is when the carts come into play, they will tip the awaiting symbols and this gives you the chance to enjoy two for one. You could win consecutively with the avalanche effect.

There are many other features including the chance to activate a bonus feature, by matching GOLD together you can unlock some prosperous opportunities. Scatter symbols enable the 12 free spins. You will want to be aiming for two of the best scenarios, either scatter symbols unlocking the free spin bonus features or landing the hidden purple diamonds.

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Let’s get into the return to player for Bonanza slot and where it rates in comparison to other top slot games.

Bonanza Slots Game RTP

The Bonanza Slot game RTP is 96%, matching the industry standard that we expect. The return to player signifies the probability of you seeing a return. We believe the general amount to be between 95-96%, meaning that Bonanza Slots RTP is pretty impressive.

You can play with peace of mind, knowing you have more than a fair chance of revelling in prize money. Below you’ll see us breakdown the RTP, Bonus Features, Variance and Game Features. All these factors affect the gameplay and pay-out system, as well as the return to player stats.

  • RTP: 96%
  • Variance/Volatility: High
  • Reel Layout: 6×4 with added cart features
  • Betways: 117, 649

The RTP plays a huge part in the chance of you seeing returns. In addition to that, you will want to keep an eye on the variance, this suggests the volatility of the game. The more volatile it is, the more chance of big wins and big losses. The good thing is, you can only lose as much as you wish to stake. On the other hand, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy a big win.

If you are the type of player who likes excitement and wants to play for those big cash prizes then you will be glad to see the above statistics. There are six reels and you have the added feature of the carts above that sometimes add to the playing lines.

Returns for Bonanza Slot Online

Returns for Bonanza slot online are promising and there’s a lot to love about this particular game. Thanks to the software provider you can access the features from your mobile phone, tablet and computer. Pick the device you wish to enjoy it from and make the most of it. Another thing to report is that many of the big casino platforms are now showcasing this game. Take a look at casinos that have it in their catalogue, our team have picked many of the options including ways in which you can make use of some free play options.

There are numerous welcome offers and promotions giving you the chance to play without cost. We recommend trying this as this game takes some getting used to. That is simply because it is different from what we’re familiar with seeing. See more about Bonanza free play here to find the different bonuses available.

If you are a fan of good returns, video slots and non-stop action then this is the pick for you. After testing out all of the features, it is a fast, seamless experience full of surprises.

We were glad to see that there’s a lot to celebrate and it also has some great statistics. It isn’t too often that you find a good RTP in combination with a high variance. This is the ideal marriage to attract huge wins. The game boasts a maximum 120,000 coin wins and over 117,000 ways to win during each and every spin.

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