Cash’ n’ Curry Slots

Cash’ n’ Curry slots is a Microgaming slot game which you would expect to find down the pub on the video slots.

So do you know which sites offer Cash’ n’ Curry slots in July 2020?

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About Cash’ n’ Curry Slots

Background of Indian restaurant, vegetable border and logo for Cash' n' Curry. Blue/white square to left with text "Cash’ n’ Curry Slots", CTA below that and BoomtownBingo logo under that.
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There are functions such as nudge, nudge hold, nudge repeat, gamble nudge, and the hold feature, all allow the player to add some strategy to their game.

So, for a hot and spicy game, with splashes of bright Indian themed colours, Cash’ n’ Curry might be for you.

It has a 96.5% RTP and a lot in the way of features and cash prizes available.

Cash ‘n’ Curry Slot Graphics Design

Cash ‘n’ Curry offers a spicy display of imagery with a bright purple backdrop and a fiery logo featuring an Indian waiter with both hands full.

One hand displays a fan of notes, and the other hand balances a tray with a delicious curry and poppadoms on the side – yum yum. To add intensity to the logo, flames sprawl out from underneath.

The Cash ‘n’ Curry game has also been designed for easy viewing and playing. For instance, you can view the Bonus Spice record on the left-hand corner at the top of the screen, displaying an array of curries.

The paytable on the bottom right of the same screen as the reels to decipher the three matching symbols worth. The symbols range from:

  • One or two bars
  • Poppadom
  • Red chili pepper
  • Seven
  • Pint of lager
  • Lime
  • Watermelon
  • Ruby ring

The audio to accompany the game stays true to traditional slot games likened to those in casinos.

However, depending on the combo you land, you may hear the waiter announce something humorous along the lines of “I think you’re on fire sir”.

Paylines and Stakes

Cash ‘n’ Curry is three reeler slot game with one payline situated in the center of the reels where you shall hope to create your winning combos.

You can place a bet from 0.10 up to 10.00; thus, it provides players with all budgets the opportunity to play.

The jackpot for Cash ‘n’ Curry is 500. During the game, you shall want to match three symbols on the payline.

However, there are alternative ways to gain cash prizes, such as through the Bonus Spice Round.

Bonus Spice Round

Microgaming slots designed Cash ‘n’ Curry to include an exciting bonus round, making it a favourite amongst bettors.

As mentioned above in the graphic section, in the left-hand corner of the screen, you will be able to see nine curry dishes in rows of threes.

To trigger the bonus spice round, you need to fill one row of these curries. Once achieved, you’ll be diverted to a new screen to undertake the bonus round, where you shall find 24 squares.

Taking note of the number, you will shift around the board. However, if the level of coolant runs out, the bonus round shall come to a halt.

Each time you are on one of the 24 squares, your coolant level decreases. The moment you run out of coolant, depending on what square you are on, you claim the prize and revert back to the reels.

To give you an idea of what to expect on each of the squares, here is all the information you’ll need:

  • Starting Square – This is where you shall begin your bonus spice round.
  • Bhaji Bonus – If you claim this square, you shall return to the original screen. The reels will spin and create a winning combo for your prize.
  • Big Gulp / Lose / Down in 1 / Spillage – Avoid these squares. Landing on any one of these causes the bonus round to end.
  • Top-Up – If your coolant is getting low, and you land on the top-up square, the top-up square will replenish your coolant levels.
  • Spice-O-Meter – The spice-o-meter features nine levels. Each of which has a multiplier value that shall times your stake by the value you have landed on. Across the meter, your job is to click stop to try and land a level with a high multiplier.
  • Take a Breather – Relax. This square means you can take a break. It doesn’t offer anything else to you other than to continue playing.
  • Rogan Dosh – Firstly, what a great name. Secondly, you will be sent back to the reels where you have to hit ‘Stop’ to select a reel instantly. Keep your hand near the stop button, because you need to give it another tap to choose which symbol the one chosen reel shall land on and which symbol shall subsequently fill the payline to secure you a win.
  • Bombay Mix – You shall see a highlighted meter flashing, now you need to click ‘Stop’ to claim a multiplier.
  • Multi Balti – This is another square that shall multiply the value of your stake. Three multipliers shall be displayed which move around. You need to select one.
  • Chicken Ticker – You’ll be taken back to the game where time is ticking, as you need to stop the reels asap in a bid to try and land a winning combo.
  • Cheeky Half – This is a saviour for those with low coolant. A cheeky half shall top you up and allow you to carry on in the bonus round a bit longer. Hopefully enough to win a prize.
  • Turbo Boost – Expect to be randomly thrust to a new square. Who knows where you might end up?
  • Belt Buster – Expect to be reverted to the original game where you shall experience a happy stream of winning combos. Click ‘Stop’ to claim the winning combo that you want.
  • Vindaloot – Claim this square and you will be reverted back to the reels, where episodes of winning combos shall emerge that are added together and given to you as a prize.
  • Curry Go-Round – This square is destined to be punters top pick that players shall vouch for during the bonus round. The reason being, if you collect it, you shall win 500 x your original stake. Not only this, you will also get a shot at another three wins with the ‘Yes or No Repeater’. Meaning you could win 500 times your stake, on another three occasions!

Plash Cash ‘n’ Curry Slots Online

It’s easy to see why Cash ‘n’ Curry is a favourite amongst punters. With its bright graphics and humorous sound effects from the waiter cheering you on, the game offers a lot in the jackpot and bonus game.

Cash ‘n’ Curry adds diversity to the slot game and introduces new exciting ways for players to win money.

So, for a fun, inviting game that you can engage in for either a quick game or a few hours, Cash’ n’ Curry is your best bet. This slot game is available on either on mobile or your tablet device.

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