Cash Out Betting Sites

Cash Out betting is a way to get your winnings without having to wait until your bet is settled.

With bookmakers offering this option on selected markets, it means you can cut your losses if your bet isn’t going your way or even maximise your profits for the same reason by withdrawing your winnings earlier.

Cash Out betting is now offered on many different betting sites with some offering partial Cash Outs too.

What Does Cash Out Mean?

By taking up the option to Cash Out your bet early basically means you can close your bet before the match is even over. Due to the popularity with punters, bookmakers offer Cash Out betting in a range of different markets.

Simply put, it means you can withdraw your winnings during a football match or other event if you are winning, you can cut your losses or simply take your money if you are breaking even and don’t want to lose. A similar option is to get an accumulator insurance offer which takes away the risk of you losing everything.

Betting sites will allow you to do this on offered markets with no fuss. This means you are simply closing your bet before the bookmaker does and walking away from it. All you need to do is place your bet and head to your account section to see if your bet allows you Cash Out before it is settled and how much you can Cash Out For.

The Difference Between Full Cash Out And Partial Cash Out

In a nutshell, the difference between a full Cash Out and a Partial Cash Out is how you close the bet. Full Cash Out means you are fully closing your bet during the game and walking away.

So let’s say you placed a £10 bet with 3/1 odds to win. You would be on to win £30 if your team wins. Only it is half time and the match is still goalless. To Cash Out in play, you may be offered a lower amount to allow you to still walk away with something rather than potentially losing the bet and your stake.

Partial Cash Out

If you choose to Cash Out at this point, you will forfeit the opportunity to win the full bet should your team go on to win. The same applies if your team loses. You still walk away with something rather than losing it all.

A partial Cash Out means you can withdraw some of your money whilst still leaving some in play. Whilst a full Cash Out is more common and popular, being given the option of a partial Cash Out can only be a good thing for punters who want more flexibility with their bets.

Again, taking a partial Cash Out means that you can withdraw an amount from your placed bet and still stay in play with reduced odds or winnings. So if we take the £10 3/1 bet and you take a partial Cash Out of £10.

You will lose the right to win the full £30 should your team win. Instead, you still be able to win a lower amount

What is Auto Cashout?

Auto Cash Out isn’t offered as widely however it is still a great tool to make sure you come away from your bet with something.

All you need to do is set the amount you would like to win or be happy with winning in your account. When this is reached, your bet will automatically be closed and cashed out whether you are online and logged in or not.

The Best Cash Out Betting Sites

There are many sites offering Cash Outs on bets.

The offers will be different on each site but some of the best Cash Out sites are.

Cashing Out On Betting Apps

These days, most people use their mobile devices to bet. Whether this is via a betting app or mobile site.

This means the experience is geared towards ‘mobile-first’. Gone are the days where you can get a better deal via desktop. Most bookies now offer the same, if not more offers for playing via the app or on your phone.

Cash Out Strategy – When Should you be Cashing Out?

It can be hard to know when to best Cash Out your bet. Can you hold out until the end of the match? Maybe but the question is, should you? This is why Cash Out betting is available – to give the punter more options on different games and bets placed.

One thing to bear in mind is that a Cash Out will always be in the bookmaker’s favour, always! It is designed to help them pay out less and save them money. This is because they will ultimately be paying out less if you Cash Out during the game than if your team go ahead and win.

Best Time To Cash Out

So with that in mind when is the best time to Cash Out a bet?

Most people cash out a bet because they feel they would lose more money by keeping it on. If a game isn’t going your way, cashing out can be an enticing offer. Say, you placed £10 at 3/1 for Liverpool to win only at half time, this isn’t looking possible. You will be offered a Cash Out amount in relation to your bet and the current gameplay. This will allow you to cut your losses and walk away.

On the same hand, cashing out when your team is winning can save you the disappointment of losing your full bet to a last-minute equaliser or a goal putting the other team ahead. 

Cash Out’s offered on Accas can be a great way to get some money back on your bet without having to wait for all matches to play out. If you are looking at a winning streak with one match to be played the next day, this is a great time to look at cashing out your bet. This way you can still win some money should the last game not go the way you needed it to.

Why Is Cashout Currently Unavailable?

Cash Out isn’t available in all markets. However, you will know that certain bookmakers will offer you a Cash Out as soon as the bet is placed. Bear in mind, that Cash Outs markets can vary from site to site depending on the bookmaker.

Sometimes, the game or race needs to be played to the end as your bet depends on a full time or race finished result. Or, certain bet types such as;

  • Pool bets such as Jackpot and Placepot on Horse Races
  • Multiple bonuses. For example, extra winnings on accumulators and Lucky 15 bets
  • Each-way bets. Bets like these on horse racing and greyhounds after the race has started

Cash Out isn’t always Guaranteed however it is still widely available on a variety of markets and different bet types.

If you are unsure if the Cash Out option is available on your bet, it is always worth heading to the My Bets section on your account. You can check here if you can Cash Out during the game.