Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle

There are plenty of important horse races that take place at Cheltenham, and the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle is one of the most popular.

It’s a big part of the Cheltenham Festival, a series of races and chases that take place at the racecourse each March. There are around twelve jumps to make across the whole of the race, making it not one for the faint of heart!

Are you looking for Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle odds? Take a look at our rundown of the event below and find out more about why it’s always worth hunting down odds for the race.

Who Runs in the Stayers’ Hurdle?

The Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle is open to a variety of horses!  It’s open to horses aged at least four years old, with a weight class starting at 11st 0lb. It’s called the Stayer’s Hurdle not only as a result of the hurdles in play, but as a result of the length of the race!

More Race Details

  • The Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle runs for around three miles, making it one of the longest of its kind in the Cheltenham Festival
  • It takes place on the third day of the Festival each year
  • The prize fund will vary, but the 2019 winner took home a prize of £182,878
  • The total purse for 2019 came to £325,000

Betting on the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle

Are you looking to start betting on the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle?  Plenty of odds and markets start opening up pretty early.  You’ll also likely find it listed at most UK bookmakers and horse betting sites.

The Festival comes around each March, but sites will start listing for the Hurdle a few weeks before – as soon as runners and riders start publishing.

Tips for Betting

As far as tips for betting are concerned, the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle tends to be quite a varied field.  Make sure to bet on the race as late as you can, so you know who the runners and riders are!

This method tends to work well if you are unsure of the horses and jockeys taking part.  However, if you already know the form for many of the runners and riders, you might want to place a few bets earlier on.  So it’s entirely up to you how you’d like to approach this Festival!

Do bear in mind that the closer you get to March, the more likely it is you will find special deals and offers which tie into all races and hurdles at the Festival itself.  Therefore, it might make sense to hold off, at least for a while.

History of the Cheltenham Stayers Hurdle

The history of the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle is too long and varied to explain in full here!  But it’s worth noting that it’s one of the oldest races in the Festival.  It first took place in 1912!

However, it was removed from the listings a few times, and has changed hands in terms of sponsorship.  As of the time of writing, Sun Racing oversees the race. It’s been sponsored by everyone from Bonusprint photography to Ryanair over the years!

The race actually used to see the winning horse sold for £50 at the end!  Thankfully, things have moved on from there!

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There have been plenty of big winners of the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle.  The most-decorated horse of all time is Big Buck’s, who has won the race four times, in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Ruby Walsh is the most successful jockey here, having ridden Big Buck’s four times, and Nichols Canyon to victory back in 2017.  It seems modern horses and riders tend to be the most prolific winners.

Why not give it a go yourself and have a bet on the Cheltenham Stayers’ Hurdle race in 2020!