The Best Coral Advert Collection

What to Expect for 2018 Coral Adverts

They are one of the best online bookmakers, casino and sports betting brands around. You can read the full history behind Coral.

They are probably best known due to their radio and TV advertising as well as their high street shops. Given the amount of money they can pump into advertising, it’s no surprise they have produced some of the most memorable adverts within the industry.

We’re still trying to work out exactly what Coral will do next with the ads they release in the future, but we definitely have a feeling it will involve the infamous Farley and Carly combination throughout.

we definitely have a feeling it will involve the infamous Farley and Carly combination throughout

If you have any theories or suspicions regarding what you think Coral could be planning for their next campaign, we really would love to hear it!

We’ll be updating this page as soon as we can anyway, so be sure to stay tuned.

Coral Adverts 2017

Coral’s Watch Free Advert

This ad shows a well-made promotion of their incredibly attractive “Watch Free” feature that they offer on the mobile app. Watch Free pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, and allows users of the app to watch all UK and Irish horse races totally for free.

What makes this incredibly appealing and useful for those using the application is the ability to actually see what’s going on for their bets in real-time as opposed to waiting to hear about it on the app or elsewhere. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest features available on any betting app right now for horse racing.

Coral Adverts 2016

Coral’s “Get In On The Action” Advert

On this short and sweet TV ad, Coral uses an edited video of a footballer bursting past defenders as upbeat music plays in the background. Throughout the advert, you hear commentary asking the listener “are you a spectator or a player?”

The combination of the music and commentary, coupled with Coral’s pop-ups offering to bet £5 and get £20 free to play with is simple yet effective and does well at making you want to make the most of their amazing offers available.

Amazingly, Waltham Forest FC pointed out that the footballers used in the ad were actually former players of Essex Senior League team.. a great spot!

Coral Vegas App Advert

This advert shows the advancements in technology in 2015. It is a really well-edited clip that involves a virtual tiger walking through the streets covered in electricity. As it walks through the streets, it powers phones, billboards, televisions and even traffic lights.

On the phones and televisions, we see that the tiger is, in fact, powering the phones to show the casino and poker. This is a good use of promotion from Coral as it is showing their exclusive slots, live casino, and table games. Click here to see all of the work that went into making this great advert!

Coral Adverts 2015

Coral Bingo Player Offer Ad

On this unique video, Coral’s Farley and Carly are seen on an open-top bus with many other sightseers. Farley plays the tour guide, whilst Carly takes up the role as one of the tourists. The twist in this ad, however, is that Farley (the tour guide) points out locations that are bingo call out names, leading to Carly answering them enthusiastically.

This genius bingo-themed spin-off of a traditional open-top bus experience really does make you want to play bingo with Coral, especially at the end when Carly yells out “Bingo!” and Coral’s amazing spend £5 play with £30 offer pops up. Overall this is a really great way to tempt people towards their site to play a bit of bingo.

Coral Carly & Farley Play Tennis Ad

Coral’s Darren Farley and Carly Baker team up for a great advert from Coral. In this clip we see the pair combine to provide entertainment for the viewers in a tennis-based advert form.

This advert was created to promote their offers and was mainly shown when the tennis matches were being played. The hilarious warm-ups and match in the advert are great for the viewers as they will be entertained and laughing which is the perfect formula for a successful advertisement!

Coral Carly and Farley Play Tennis
Farley and Carly make a Great Team…

Out of the 2015 adverts which do you prefer? We would love to hear your opinion!

  1. Carly and Farley Bus Advert
  2. Carly and Farley Play Tennis

If you enjoy tennis and you like to place bets, make sure to have a look at our best tennis bet websites.

Coral Adverts 2014

Farley & Carly TV Ad – Bet £5 and Get £20 Free Bet

Here we see the trademark combination of Farley & Carly working at a food stand at a football match, and a conversation between both of them and a customer takes place. During the conversation, you hear the customer ask “so what have you got” in which Farley replies “we’ve got burgers, cheeseburger, fries, pies, and odds!”

Farley and Carly Coral Advert
Farley Talks to Customer

This causes a lot of confusion for the customer and cleverly weaves into both Farley and Carly explaining their excellent offer of betting £5 and receiving a massive £20 free bet in return. Overall, what I enjoy about this advertisement is the fact that it takes a very relatable situation and manipulates it into a way to promote their offers. A really well-made ad in general.

Coral’s Banned ‘Fallers Offer’ Advert

In this advert, Coral’s main model Carly Baker is seen entering the barbers in a flaunty horse racing costume. As a result of this, a number of the men’s heads turn in awe towards her as they look in shock at her beauty.

To be honest, it’s hard to see why this is banned. A really funny advert with so much potential for success and it was prevented from shining! However, the advert has done well online as it has earned over 75000 views on YouTube and a lot of attention on the internet.