Divine Fortune RTP

The Mega Jackpot payouts tend to snatch all the headlines for Divine-Fortune, but the Divine Fortune RTP deserves a lot more credit than it gets for making the game the behemoth it is today.

Let’s be honest here, you could have a game that has the best-looking graphics, incredible sound and superb gameplay, but if you’ve got little to no chance of actually winning then the game will fade into obscurity pretty rapidly.Divine Fortune

At the end of the day, punters play slots games in the hope of winning a life-changing amount of money and the Return-To-Player rate is central to this.

Competition is extremely fierce amongst online gambling sites. The sheer mind-boggling amount of online casinos, slots providers and bookmakers out there mean that they have to do something pretty special to be noticed amongst an ever-growing crowd. With that in mind, you’d probably struggle to find a slot machine with a Return-To-Player

of lower than 90% these days. If you do manage to find one then it’s just not worth your time.

To put it into context, the player percentage of Divine-Fortune is a scintillating 96.60%. This is one of the most popular slots titles in the world, and there’s a measly 3.40% chance of you not winning anything.

It’s thanks to this extraordinarily high RTP that Divine-Fortune regularly pays out six-figures in its Divine-Jackpot progressive jackpot game. When it’s written out like this, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Find out for yourself just how generous the Divine Fortunes slot is and watch the money roll in.

Divine Fortune Slot RTP

The Divine Fortune slot RTP, along with its massive jackpot payouts, has become something of a legend in the online slots community. Still only a few years old, the game made an immediate impact upon release and has never relinquished its grip on the top since.

Divine Fortunes is that rare beast that not only looks and plays fantastically well, but it has the balls to have an RTP rate to back it up.

Let’s just take a moment to explain what an RTP rate actually is. RTP stands for Return To Player, and it’s a predetermined figure that establishes what percentage of stakes-placed will be returned to players.

Divine Fortune Jackpot

This percentage is then used to work out how the game performs. So, the higher the Return-To-Player percentage, the better your chances of winning. Now that we’ve got that established, let’s see what that actually means to you the player.

  • The game has an RTP of 96.60%
  • The game ranks within the top twenty in RTP percentages
  • For every million stakes that are placed, at least 96.60% is paid back to the players
  • Divine Fortune’s Mega Jackpot has one of the biggest payouts in the world, and when it’s combined with the extremely high payout rate that it has, that equates to an awful lot of rich people.

This is one game where the hype is truly deserved. With an RTP this high and with gameplay this addictive, producers NetEnt have truly managed to capture lightning in a bottle.

See for yourself why so many people are playing Divine-Fortune and how the generous RTP percentage could see you winning more often than not.

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Return to Player Divine Fortune

The Return To Player rate for this slot game is truly remarkable. Not only is it one of the highest RTP percentages that you’ll find in any game anywhere, it pays out massive amounts of cash thanks to its progressive jackpot game. It’s no wonder, then, that Divine Fortune has earned itself a legion of fans across the globe.

This Greek mythology-themed slot has it all when it comes to exciting gameplay, with more mythical beast, Gods and treasures than you can shake a stick at. With Wilds, re-spins free spins and twenty pay lines to help you win, it’s incredible that the RTP percentage isn’t higher than it is already.

Standing at 96.60%, the Divine Fortune RTP is amongst the best in the business and has already paid out millions of pounds in its short existence (2 years and counting).

To put that into perspective, for every one million stakes that have been placed 960,600 of them were winning stakes. That’s impressive regardless of how good the game itself is.

Half the fun of playing online slots games is for the entertainment value, the other half is to try and make a good return on your stakes.

This is where Divine Fortune rally has the competition worried. It combines award-winning design and technical know-how with enormous prize money that is paid out regularly. With a package this good, the opposition doesn’t stand a chance.

Divine Fortune Slots RTP

The Divine Fortune slots RTP is what attracts most people to the game, but its got a lot more going for it than just a great Return To Player percentage. It’s become one of the most popular online slots to date, and there are a number of things that combine to keep it at the top of everybody’s ‘favourite’ list, including;Divine Fortune GAmes

  • A detailed Greek mythology theme
  • Available on compatible mobile devices such as Apple products and Android phones and tablets
  • State of the art HD graphics
  • Dolby sound (where available)
  • Award-winning easy to use interface designed by NetEnt
  • In-built bonuses including free spins, re-spins and Wilds
  • Five reels, three rows and twenty pay lines
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Mega Jackpot which frequently pays out six-figure sums
  • A ridiculously high RTP of 96.60%

The Divine Fortune RTP ensures that not only do you get a great gaming experience but that you walk away as a winner more often than not. Seriously, where else would you get to play a game with the pedigree and calibre that Divine-Fortune has and have a 96.6& chance of winning? Pretty much nowhere, that’s where.

We suggest that you check it out as soon as humanly possible – go and enjoy yourselves, you can thank us later!

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