Four Corners Bingo Game

Bingo as a game has always been a surprising hit that encompasses a staggering collection of games and within those, an innumerable amount of patterns to play to make your game even more thrilling.

Beginning this journey with the most common coverall and four corners game of bingo to today’s modern cruise ships and picnic tables, we all know bingo has so much to offer.

Playing a game of bingo is never boring! Along with the development of new bingo games, a few people thought it would impact the popularity of the game, those being more comfortable with the familiar classic bingo games such as four corners.

In reality, it went the other way and vast numbers of people have fallen in love with the new patterns and they’re having more fun, with more chance of winning. People still adore the classic patterns, though. No one’s forgotten them.

Four Corners Bingo Explained

Four corners bingo is one of the more classic pattern types played in bingo. With this pattern, you may play only the four corners of your card; opposed to the entire card, or a larger pattern. Bear in mind that the only numbers valid for this game are B and O.

Those bingo games where you’re required to daub-off 5 numbers in a straight line take less time in comparison to four corners bingo. That line can be, vertical horizontal or diagonal.

If you’re after something more rapid than this, you want to try four corners. All that is required is filling the four corners of your bingo card. To win, you must cross off the numbers in spaces O1, 05, B1 and B5.

What Are the Winning Chances Using This Pattern?

As per the other bingo patterns, this is a rapid game and therefore prizes are pretty average. It’s more about being fun and simple.

It’s certainly a rollercoaster to play. Don’t think for a moment that because you’re only waiting for 4 numbers that it’ll be dull or it’ll pass too quickly to be fun. Striking off those four numbers to enable you to win will feel just as thrilling as any pattern out there.

So, what would madam like? A pretentious cruise ship and a grotty picnic table, or some coveralls and maybe some four bingo? No-brainer!