Fun Casino Review – £998 Welcome Bonus

With so much going on in the world of cryptocurrency right now, it’s hardly surprising that there are sites available which allow you to use the likes of Bitcoin to fund your play wallet and to cash out with.

Fun Casino Site Features


Fun Casino

Fun Casino is all fun and games for casino lovers! The site offers plenty of deals and fun features for everyone to enjoy.
  • Launched 2018
  • Easy to Use
  • Mobile Option


  • A major site offering Funcoin – which is definitely a rarity
  • The games work well here and do at least offer some originality and variety
  • The site’s layout works well for desktop users
  • The opening deals ease you into the site nicely


  • Some site design issues mean that the site may not be completely mobile friendly

Overall Rating

Fun Casino Review

Site: Fun Casino
Established: 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Support: Live Help | Web Form |
Minimum Deposit: £10
Deposit Bonus: £998
Owner: Bitcoin Ecosystem 2013 Casinos
Software: NetEnt
License: Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.
Debit / Credit Card:
Fun Casino Reviews

Fun Casino online gaming will allow you to take advantage of a nice selection of slots games and casino standards with the added benefit of you being able to pay in and cash out using their own Bitcoin standard – though this is the only payment and withdrawal method they allow at this time.

With plenty of variety throughout the site’s catalogue, this is a site which could appeal to crypto fans the world over – providing that you are willing to use virtual currency as your only method of paying in and cashing out.

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We do think that it’s high time a Bitcoin casino appeared, and Fun Casino bonus codes only help to solidify the platform as the premier provider of big games fuelled by the currency.

The site is backed up by a range of developers offering a series of games you may not have seen elsewhere before – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re hardly going to receive the level of quality and fun you’ve come to expect from the likes of Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt gaming software, for example, elsewhere on the web.

A little more on the developmental support here a little later on – but as things go when it comes to what makes this site tick, it’s time to start considering the opening deals as well as what the brand has to offer to players on a regular basis.

Welcome Offer and Other Promotions at Fun Casino

Other Fun Casino review sites will note that this is a site which doesn’t necessarily lead too much on opening deals nor regular promotions – meaning that it rather sells itself on the ability for you to fund your games inside and out with a cryptocurrency payment known as ‘Funcoin’.

There are very few sites even accepting the currency at this stage, meaning that this feature alone is seen as something of a perk enough.  However, opening deals are always nice to come across, and the site offers a variety of choice in deals from time to time, with 20 free spins available once you deposit your first 20 credits.

There have been deals running elsewhere before in line with cash matching, meaning that it may be worth hanging around to see which other deals pop up in time.

What is hard to find is any kind of terms and conditions statement with regard to the bonus in play.  The site, while pleasing to the eye, does suffer from a lack of detail in certain areas – meaning that anyone looking to sign up and to take on this opening deal will need to keep a close eye on what’s happening with their deposit and their existing balance.

Fun Casino Games

This lack of information runs throughout the site in some crucial areas – and we will cover this in more detail later on – making it somewhat difficult to navigate and to enjoy at times.  The deal here, however, will allow you to enjoy their Lucky Blue game with free spins for a minimal deposit.

Other perks here include an affiliate scheme, which can generally come attached to various cryptocurrency trading sites – meaning that anyone who has already been dealing in Funcoin could well be interested in getting involved.

Various Fun Casino review sites seem to advise that the site’s deals can vary and it seems that the platform has evolved since its beginnings in 2014.

Games and Features Available at Fun Casino

The various developers on board here have helped to build a games catalogue which is fairly unique – while the games here may not be considered some of the biggest names online, they do at least offer a certain charm which will allow you to ease into the site and to make the most of the Funcoin you have available.

Enjoy various twists on card games, table standards and slot games with plenty of character, class and originality.  The games on the whole do load up extremely quickly from browser to browser and from device to device, meaning that if you’re looking to get into speedy gaming, you’ll generally be fine here.

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However, during testing, we did discover some titles which didn’t load correctly or simply haven’t been removed properly from the catalogue – meaning that while there is plenty to get stuck into here, you do run the risk of being disappointed from time to time.

One of the huge benefits of the site, however, lies in the fact that you can play all of the games for free without registration and without deposit.  You can therefore try all of the games and casino twists without having to invest anything – great news for anyone who is enticed by the Fun Casino bonus codes currently on offer here.  Just keep a close eye on the games you’re playing and on the cash you have available.


It’s not entirely clear who is completely responsible for building the games catalogue here, though other Fun Casino review sites suggest that the likes of Ezugi, Pocket Dice and Betsoft are involved – though this line-up is likely to have changed a little since the site’s inception in 2014.

The games library is at least built up of a variety of games and casino standards that should be fairly new to most players – meaning that there’s little to worry about if you’re considering missing out on unique challenges and new brands.

Fun Casino Table Games

The site’s general construction does work well, but there are a number of flexibility and functionality options which may not appeal to all users.  Some Fun Casino review sites advise that the site doesn’t offer a mobile platform – though from our testing, the games and the site navigation seem to operate on phones and tablets, if a little clunky.

The site does seem rather ‘light’ in terms of its design, look, build and some of the content on display – which may not appeal to the wider populace, but at least Funcoin users can continue to get a world of great games that do load up quickly and pay well.  The site is also proud to state that it offers completely fair gaming that is fully adjudicated.

Payment Methods and Withdrawals

The site functions completely in Funcoin – which is a cryptocurrency developed completely for ‘fun’ gaming!  This is a virtual currency which might not be as well known as the likes of Bitcoin, but it remains to be said that the main draw of the site revolves around the fact that this is a casino that accepts such a young and developing coin.

What’s less clear, unfortunately, is what occurs when it comes to funding your account and withdrawing – while there are plenty of help sections in place here, there’s little in the way of solace for those who are looking for more details on the banking process – it’s well worth checking out the FAQs and terms.  However, as a cryptocurrency, withdrawals may likely be instantaneous if not extremely speedy.

Mobile Compatibility

The site seems to have a mixed history with regard to mobile compatibility, meaning that Fun Casino mobile play may well have improved over the years.  The site is certainly accessible from phones and tablets though it is not necessarily the most fluid or responsive site around.

Some of the games cannot be accessed at all – though those which do load up fine do so speedily enough and with no errors during play.

Fun Casino Review

It’s interesting to see that the games which do load up well are extremely intuitive and fun to get into – meaning that there no longer seems to be any truth in the idea that the site doesn’t operate on mobile.

The site may work better on other devices, though mobile users can at least access the various features and games here without worrying about missing out on bonuses or functionality. 


It’s interesting to see a casino and gaming site invest so much in cryptocurrency – but at the same time, this seems to be the central focus and it rather muddles matters, meaning that some essential content and features go wanting.

Crypto fans are really the only ones who need apply here – a shame, as it has plenty of promise and surprisingly good titles in store.