Grand 7s Slot Machine

Are you ready for a blast from the past?

Grand 7s Slots is a 3-reel video slot game with 1 payline and 1 row. As a classic-themed casino game created by Microgaming, this has a medium variance range and an RTP value of 95.93%. It includes several classic symbols like the Cherry Symbols, Bar Symbols, 7 symbols along with a £2500 jackpot.

So get your wallets ready! The slots are coming your way. Read this Grand 7s Slot Review and find out how you can spin your way into some scatters, a whopping jackpot prize, and other grand wins when you play the Grand 7 slot game!

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About Grand 7s Slots Game

The game matrix comprises 3 spinning reels and a single pay line. You can win rewards by lining up a combination of symbols. Choose how many coins you want to bet on the next spin by adjusting your wager in the command bar.

Choose between 1,2, and 3 coins and adjust the value of the coin (+) and (-) buttons. Your potential reward will be shown on the paytable depending on the number of coins you are staking.

Grand 7 is a classic slot with no bonus feature. The theme of the slot is made up of lucky sevens. If you are fortunate enough to get three red sevens, they will reward you 2,500 coins. It means you have provided the maximum number of coins. If you got three such symbols, but you have provided only two coins, you will get 1,000 coins. For one coin stake and three red sevens, you will get 500 coins.

You have the freedom to choose the number of coins you want to insert. It provides no special symbols. It contains neither wild,  scatters, nor free spin elements. The game also gives you an autoplay feature on whatever website you are on. The game will run in expert mode. You can select 500 automatic spins, which you can stop according to your desire.

This is one simple casino slot game, with no scatter symbol or wild symbol. It comes with a simple yet attractive graphics and illustrations. They paint the background of the game with dark blue shade. The reels and paytable take up the rest of the space while the command bar sits at the bottom of the game screen, so it looks very much like an actual slot machine that one would see in a casino.

If you are a fan of old-world gaming, this game will definitely be one to entertain you for hours on end.

Slot Info

Grand 7s SlotsAttributes

Casino Game:

Grand 7s Slot Game


1 line win


3 reel games


Microgaming Slot Game

Minimum Bet:


Max Bet:



Medium Variance Slots



Slot Theme: 


Bonus Features:

Cherry Symbols, Bar Symbols, Red 7 Symbols, Blue 7 Symbols

Max Win:


Free Spins:


How to Play Grand 7s Slot Online

Grand 7 provides the standard set for a classic slot to the players. This game features three reels. You can bet up to 3 coins per line in this slot. The coin denominations extend from $0.25 up to $5 a pop. This gives the game a floor bet of $0.25 and a ceiling stake of $15 per spin.

The paytable in the game is divided into three sections. Each column illustrates a single, double or triple coin wager. You can wager just three coins per spin. You may win double or triple the amount of a one-coin bet, with 2 or 3 coins stacked. There is only a single pay line that conceives all your dreams and desires to win a big jackpot.

There is no bonus or special features in this slot. You have to rely on the icons. And if you are lucky enough, you may get a $12,500 jackpot!

Interactive Features

This game, in every bit, is indeed a classic slot. The different icons in this slot are cherries, various bars different coloured seven. Just like a classic slot, the game does not include many icons.

Another very intriguing feature of this game is that it portrays only old school symbols. The symbols on the reel can be divided into two parts according to their values, high paying, and low paying.

All the top paying elements depict lucky seven, coloured differently. Low paying symbols show up any bars, double bars, triple bars, any two cherries, and cherry.

As you load the game, you will find the paytable of the slot on the right side of the screen. Which is very convenient for gamers.

What Symbol Triggers Grand 7s Slot Bonus Free Spins?

As there are no scatter symbols or any wild symbol to be had in this classic game of slots, players can look forward to the payouts from the different classic symbols here. Though, that also means that there are no free spins to trigger. However, this is not a horrible situation as the symbols do provide some pretty fair pays throughout the game.

Paylines and Stakes

This game has a single pay line. In this classic slot, it imparts the top payout to those players who can line up three red sevens.

If you achieve this with a single coin staked you be rewarded with a jackpot of 500 coins.

The best payout in the slot game is 2,500 coins. For this great reward, line up three red 7s with a 3-coin stake.

Grand 7s Slot Game Software

The 7s Slot game is developed by Microgaming online slots software.

Microgaming was established in 1994. This software company has provided over 3,000 online casino games for our entertainment. Microgaming is still a top rated company that brings out something new for its patrons every month.

What is Grand 7s Slots RTP?

The RTP rating of the 7s Slot game is 95.93%

Sometimes actual performance may slightly differ from the mentioned return to player percentage. But, this slots game enables players to receive a good return to player rate of £95 for every £100 wagered.

Slot Volatility

This is one slots game that has a medium variance that pays well as the game goes along.  With this kind of variance, it may take a little longer to land the bigger wins, but the game will make everything worth the wait since it is pretty generous.


If you’re in the mood to go back to the classics, then this game is one to try out. It’s simple, straightforward gaming strategy enables players to focus on the game and winning the game’s prizes over the other factors that help make the game catchy. The slots variance also allows for a fair game as it pays players in a semi-frequent manner so no one is left penniless by the end of the game.

Now, although players with more experience may find this more enjoyable due to the challenge level, players who are fairly new to the game can still find this enjoyable as it is pretty straight to the point and less confusing. So, spin on to see how many grand prizes you can gain in one sitting!

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