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Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Where is Great Yarmouth Racecourse?

Great Yarmouth Racecourse can be located just a mile north of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

It is one of fifteen racecourses across the UK owned and operated by the Arena Racing Company.

It’s biggest race in terms of distinction is the John Musker Fillies’ Stakes which is held in September each year. This race has been run since 1993 and had a considerable prize purse of £40,000.

Great Yarmouth Racecourse Bets

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Today’s Horse Racing Tips for Great Yarmouth

Today’s horse racing tips for Great Yarmouth are the best yet. Our consistently accurate tips are all thanks to our team of professional tipsters who keep us in the know.

They are the ones who spend hours pouring over hundreds of pieces of data in order to give the most precise prediction they can give.

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Free Bets at Great Yarmouth Racecourse

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Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Race Card

Other than our expert tipsters advice, the best source of race day betting information is your Great Yarmouth race card. The race card is your key to unlocking the secrets of who will win the various races of the day.

So, not only does it contain logistical information such as the name, starting time and purse of each race, but it also gives you the opportunity to study the form of the horses.

From this you can get an idea of how the horse is going to fare on the day and use that to make your decision on who is going to be worthy of your bet.

Yarmouth Races Results

The Yarmouth Races results are what finally decide what the experts and punters have predicted will happen.

As soon as they are verified by the officials at Great Yarmouth Racecourse, the results will appear here.

Admission Prices

Yarmouth Races admission prices will vary according to a number of different things. Generally speaking, under 18’s do not pay to enter and discounts are available for booking in advance.

Group discounts are also available, and there are various different packages to add on should you wish.

The easiest thing to do is to visit the official Great Yarmouth Racecourse website and click on the race meeting that you want to attend for further details.

Voucher Codes

Great Yarmouth Races voucher codes are in high demand because they offer such great value for money.

With deals ranging from 50% off to free drinks in the racecourse restaurant, there’s some fantastic savings to be made if you can find them. Have a look across the web and see what you can find!

Dress Code Policy

The Great Yarmouth horse races dress code policy is very simple. Much like other racecourses they advise that smart casual wear is appropriate but they encourage you to dress up for the occasion and enjoy wearing your best!

Further details on the dress code policy for Great Yarmouth Racecourse can be found by contacting the venue themselves.


You’re all excited for your day at the races, but because you’ve not been before you’re not 100% sure how to get there. No need to worry about falling at the first hurdle, a Yarmouth Race Course Map is available to download from the venue’s website.

From there you just need to fill in a few details to download the Great Yarmouth Racecourse brochure.

This brochure contains the race course map as well as the address, traffic advice and loads of other stuff to help your day go as smoothly as possible.


Yarmouth’s great history can be dated back to the eighteenth century but could have begun even earlier.

The track as we know it today was introduced in 1921 and significant improvements have been made. The most recent addition was the Lord Nelson Grandstand in 2004.

For a more detailed look at the history of Great Yarmouth Racecourse use this link to read it’s Wikipedia entry.

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