Greyhound Racing UK

Greyhound racing is a sport where dogs are made to compete. The dogs are trained to race in a track which is made up of sand. Sand is used so that the dogs will not incur injuries as they race on the tracks. Just like any sport, there are many people who follow it and others bet on the games.

The game has a considerable following from different parts of the world. There are several features used in the
tracks. You can have fine sand and a bit of clay which makes the surface very soft
so that the dogs will not incur injury. For your dog to compete favourably, you
need to train it and have the right diet administered to the dog so that it can
have the necessary energy to run fast and win the race.

The Mechanical Hare

The Mechanical Hare consists of a system which is not the real hare. It is an artificial rail which lures the dogs to run. The hare is attached to a mechanism which runs on a computerized rail. Rails run fast as to allow the dogs to follow. The hare is attached to a rotating mechanism which is located up on the stadium. It runs fast as the dogs follow. The system is made to run in relation to the fastest dog. There are several mechanisms which must be built to allow the system to run fast and let the dogs run. Specific stadiums are built in different parts of the world to allow the
dogs to follow.

Image of Racing Dog
Photo of Greyhound

Hare driver

It selects the distance between the fastest dog and the hare lure. The distance is maintained which allows the dogs to run fast but they will not catch the lure till they finish the race. It is an interesting game which will allow you see your dog run as it competes with the rest.

The Traps

Traps work with the assistance of the pneumatic rams. The lids open as soon as the lure passes the switch. The traps are automated which allows the dogs to run and finish the race.

What you need to know about greyhound racing

Greyhound racing speed

Greyhound racing dogs are the second-fastest in the world. They can run up to 38 miles per hour. It is a high speed which cannot be allowed in most cities. The dogs
are trained to run fast so that they can catch the lure but the lure keeps on
moving which makes the dogs accelerate to high speeds.

These dogs have a long history. The dogs were first mentioned in the bible making them among the longest known dog breeds. There are several greyhound events which have been held around the world. The race is very attractive due to the way it is organized. Many people love the game and most of them prefer betting to make it even more interesting.

Greyhound as a Pet

Additionally, its important to know that these animals aren’t just used for racing. Having a greyhound as a pet has become more and more popular across the world, due to their gentle and affectionate nature.

Many people worry that greyhounds will have lots of energy because of their uncanny sprint speed, however that is not necessarily the case. Having a greyhound as a pet will actually surprise you, as this breed tends to be quite lazy in nature.

Dog Racing Tips

There are several betting sites which allow the Greyhound betting. If you would like to bet in the games, it is necessary to carry out research and locate a betting
company which is fully licensed and has the sports for you to bet. You can read
reviews of other people about the services offered by a given betting company
before you proceed to bet. It is also necessary to carry out research about a
given betting company from past customers before you proceed to place a bet on your favorite sport.

Greyhound Dogs

Check on the banking options of the company before you proceed. You can check on the time taken for the funds to be transferred if you win among other factors such as the bonuses offered by a given betting company. There are also several things you need to know about the game before you proceed to bet. For instance, you should check on the bonuses offered by the betting company. A great place to place a bet on the dogs is here on our Paddy Power Greyhounds where there are hundreds of great bets on all the latest races for you to choose from!

Virtual Greyhound Racing

There’s also the potential to bet on virtual greyhound racing, which many people choose to do across the country. This sport is identical to the real races, apart from the entire race is digital.

Many people prefer this to betting on the actual sport as people see it as a more ethical approach, yet others are skeptical regarding the legitimacy of the results in virtual sports. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Popular bets to place on dogs

  • Win

It is a situation where you place a bet on a greyhound which you consider will finish first. If the greyhound finishes first, then you will win a given amount indicated on the betting site. In most cases, it will be a multiple of the odds indicated on the betting sites. You should study a given greyhound and types of greyhound bets before you decide to place a winning bet on it. For instance, it should be in good health and has a history of winning in the races.

  • Place

It is a bet where you bet on a dog which can finish second or first. The bet is a bit spread because you have two possible options. It can finish the first or the second hence making it easy for you to win. There are times when you can consider a given greyhound will win but due to different reasons, it comes second. In such a case you will win if you had gone for a place.

How do Greyhound Races work?

In greyhound racing, there are several parts involved. The common part is the hare which acts as the lure for the dogs to run fast and the traps which stop the dogs at the end of the race.


This is a bet where you place your money which can finish third, second or first. It is another way of spreading risk in your gambling adventure.


It is a case where you will be required to select two greyhounds which can finish second or first in a given order. If you have two favourite greyhounds, you can place such a bet. Many betting sites will allow you to pick such options. They come with different odds which makes it easy for you to win the big money placed on each
greyhound. A great place for you to have a go at winning big on the races is through our William Hill Greyhounds special offers that we have available right now, check them out!

Reverse forecast

It is a scenario where you bet on two greyhounds which can finish second and first
irrespective of their orders.


It involves betting on three dogs which can finish third, second and first
irrespective of their order.

The sport can be a great way for you to enjoy seeing dogs competes. You can bet on the game after checking on the condition of the dogs among other factors. Just like any other game, you should first study the participants who are the dogs before placing an order.

Mobile Apps

Finally, a good option to go for when finding a sports betting provider is to check out those that offer good quality, easy to use greyhound mobile apps that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device.

Its worth taking a look at which mobile app works best for you, and a good way to do so is to check out what offers the provider has beforehand. Once that’s done, take a look at some reviews as to which mobile app is the best for you!

Greyhound Racing Tracks

There are 22 active Board of Great Britain (GBGB) registered stadiums in the UK. 21 are in England and one is in Scotland. There are no tracks in Wales and Northern Irish tracks do not come under the control of the GBGB. Information provided by:

  • Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester
  • Brighton and Hove Stadium, Brighton and Hove
  • Crayford Stadium, Bexley, London
  • Doncaster Greyhound Stadium, Doncaster
  • Harlow Stadium, Harlow, Essex
  • Henlow Stadium, Central Bedfordshire
  • Kinsley Stadium, Wakefield
  • Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton
  • Newcastle Stadium, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Nottingham Stadium, Nottingham
  • Pelaw Grange, County Durham
  • Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham
  • Peterborough Greyhounds, Peterborough
  • Poole Stadium, Poole, Dorset
  • Romford Stadium, Havering, London
  • Shawfield Stadium, South Lanarkshire
  • Sheffield Stadium, Sheffield
  • Sittingbourne Stadium, Swale, Kent
  • Sunderland Stadium, Sunderland
  • Swindon Stadium, Swindon
  • Towcester Stadium, Towcester
  • Yarmouth Stadium, Great Yarmouth

Ethics of Greyhound Racing

Over the years, there has been much speculation as to whether this particular sport should be legal in the United Kingdom. Much of this speculation comes from the fact that that are currently no animal welfare laws existing to protect the animals from potential suffering.

Despite this, many owners of these animals argue that in the sport, the greyhounds are treated to a healthy and happy life for the duration of their sporting years. We’d love to hear what you guys think on this matter, as too many it causes plenty of debate.

We hope you enjoyed our article and learned something new about the history of the sport!