Hexham Racecourse

Hexham Racecourse is the most northerly National Hunt course in England and is one of sixty racecourse up and down the country currently in use.  It is one of the highest racecourses in the country as it sits 800 feet above sea level.

There are a number of racecourses across the UK and we would be happy to talk you through the history of various other courses too, including the history of Huntingdon Racecourse.


Hexham Racecourse Tips


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Hexham Betting


There’s a lot to remember when you attend a race meeting; travel arrangements, entry tickets, bringing enough money with you, wearing the right clothing, and having enough money at the end of the day to get the bus home. Fortunately, when it comes to betting that’s one thing you don’t need to concern yourself about. Just click on this link and we will take care of all of that so you can concentrate on getting to the venue and having a great time.

Hexham – Final Race Results


You’ve dressed in your Sunday best, you’ve placed your bet and you’ve cheered your horse and jockey on. You’ve done your part and now comes the moment of truth; the Hexham race results. Did you bet wisely or should you have researched your choices a little better? However you’ve fared, if you need to know the Final race results you can find them right here.


Hexham Racecourse Fixtures and Events


For the most up-to-date information about upcoming Hexham Racecourse fixtures and events, then it’s best to visit their official website. From here you can find out the dates, the times of the first and last races of the day and helpful travel information too. Just click on the following link for all this information and more: http://www.hexham-racecourse.co.uk/race-meetings.htm


Horse Racing Fixtures


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Kelso Racecourse

A Brief Hexham Racecourse History


The Racecourse is located in Hexham, Northumberland, England and is a thoroughbred horse racing track. There is evidence to show that there has been racing at Hexham since 1793, but it was from 1880 onwards when it was invested in heavily by Charles Henderson that Hexham really took off as a popular racecourse destination.

The racecourse has been significantly improved and upgraded over the years and welcomes thousands and thousands of visitors each year. For more than just a brief Hexham Racecourse history, just click the following link:


Hexham Races What is the Dress Code?


As with all racecourses, Hexham Races dress codes must be adhered to if you want to gain entry. If you are asking friends ‘what is the dress code?‘, then we can help there. The course operates a smart casual dress code and jeans are allowed but they must not be faded, distressed or ripped in any way. If you are in any way unsure if what you may be allowed to wear on a race day, just follow this link to their Official Website for clarification: http://www.hexham-racecourse.co.uk/faqs.htm#1

HorseRacing Betting

Hexham Raceday Tickets


The races can be a great way of bringing people together for a fantastic time. It could be a stag or hen do, a yearly tradition with friends, even a team building exercise at work. Whatever your reason for attending it’s a good idea to purchase your tickets before the day of the races. The best place to get them from is the horse’s mouth (so to speak), the official website. Follow this link for information on availability, prices and concessions on Hexham Raceday tickets: http://www.hexham-racecourse.co.uk/tickets.htm


Hexham Races Promotional Voucher


Everybody loves a discount don’t they, so why should a day at the races be any different? Hexham Races promotional voucher can bring down the cost of your day substantially, even if it’s just a voucher for a free drink at the bar. Search online for more details and make sure to check with the racecourse themselves for any upcoming offers.

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List of Hexham Racing Runners and Riders


It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of the day and not keep an eye on the build up to a race, but it’s important that you try to do this as any number of outside influences can determine the outcome of a race. Check out our best betting sites for horse racing for details on how you should place your bets and what the best odds are.


For a complete list of runners and riders all you have to do is click the following link, but be aware that it may change on the day: https://www.sportinglife.com/racing/racecards