Step-By-Step on How to Open a Bingo Hall

Over the past 5-10 years, bingo has experienced a boom of popularity in the UK. It’d be no surprise if you’re considering opening up your own bingo venue. It’s incredibly similar to opening any other kind of business. Developing a bingo hall to call your own will need you to study the law closely, get the right permits and licenses. Did you know, for example, that in some states a bingo hall is legally required to be run by a not-for-profit company? Or, if not, to be run in order to benefit a charitable organisation? Your first task should be to check your state’s requirements. Seek information from the office of the attorney general about these finite requirements before you even get going on anything else.

You’ll probably have to go through a criminal background check, as you’ll need to apply for the right permit and license (as required by your particular state). Following successful acceptance you’ll be in a legal position to continue, having been granted the right to do so. Having jumped through the necessary hoops. and still certain that opening a bingo hall is something you want to continue going ahead with, you’ll next be needing a business plan.

Again, as with any other business, it’s a smart idea to develop an in-depth business plan detailing all critical information about how you envisage operating your bingo hall. The fundamental information to think about including is financial forecasts and what you’ll need to get your business off the ground. You’ll have to consider your overheads, like buying or renting your venue and don’t forget things you’ll need to regularly payout for, such as bills, insurance, employees, advertising and marketing. This should all go into your financial planning.

With a detailed business plan, you’ll now need to find a financer. Find someone who has a speciality in business loans, or get in contact with a local Small Business Admin office and they’ll give you information on how to seek alternative funding if the more standard options aren’t open to you.

Once you have your finance in place, you’re able to start looking for the best venue for your bingo hall. They need to be quite spacious to allow for plenty of players as well as equipment. Ditto parking, toilers and amenities; do you intend to have a bar, for example? Food? You’ll benefit from employing a local commercial real estate agent and they can make these property visits easier.

Once you’ve nailed your location, you’ll need to purchase the appropriate things to put in it. Namely, furniture and electronics. Common things on this list should be long tables, chairs, bingo cards and daubers. If you intend to make any concessions for patrons, it’s very likely you will have to seek a permit from your local health authority before you open.

At this point, your bingo hall is going to be looking amazing and almost ready to go. One thing you need now is staff. Screen, recruit and train the best candidates that fit your values as a bingo hall. Important traits to look for in your candidates include a professional manner, well-spoken, confident and a passion for customer service. Staff are the first interaction your players will have with your bingo hall so they play a huge role in the success of your business. Interview with caution.

Finally, you’ll have pretty much everything in place. It’s time to set your operating hours. Pick what games you’ll be offering and set the price of playing and the prize amounts. Once you’ve done that, you’re in a position to advertise your new venue using online and offline media. Plan a big first opening night event and get the attention of your desired client base.

With careful management and accuracy, a bingo hall can be a fruitful venture. Your new bingo hall should reflect your commitment to high quality and satisfaction to make your business a continuing success.

Good luck!