Huntingdon Racecourse

Huntingdon Racecourse is located in Cambridgeshire, England and is one of fifteen courses around the United Kingdom that are owned and run by The Jockey Club.

It has two notable races per calendar year, the Sidney Banks Memorial novices’ Hurdle, and the Peterborough Chase.

We have carried out blogs for a number of different racecourses in the UK. If you are interested in visiting Haydock Park racecourse, you might want to visit our Haydock page.

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Huntingdon Betting

Huntingdon betting is one of the best parts of attending a race meet at the racecourse.

Selecting a horse and a jockey to bet on are one of the most important decisions you will have to make on the day; it could mean the difference between going home broke or going home with an extra wide smile on your face.

So, once you’ve got your transportation sorted, you’re dressed to kill and you know which horses you are going to bet on, make sure you place your bets.

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Huntingdon Races

If you are thinking about going to the Huntingdon races, many people find it fun to place a bet.

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Huntingdon Racecourse Fixtures 

They host 17 jump meetings throughout the year, so there’s plenty to keep up with. The fixtures and Huntingdon Racecourse events list can be found at the official website.

The following link will take you there and give you loads of information about advanced ticket payments, upcoming races and special events that take place throughout the year:

Huntingdon Races Results Today

Keep an eye on those Huntingdon races results and make sure that you don’t go home empty-handed.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day and lose track of the races that you may have placed a bet on. You can find horse racing results on some betting sites.

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Huntingdon Racecourse History

Just like our Hamilton Park Racecourse page, we want to let you know about the history behind this course too.

This racecourse is quite unique in that it is the location of a Site of Special Scientific Interest called Brampton Racecourse.

Huntingdon Race Course

Jump racing has taken place here since 1886 and it is governed by the Royal Charter, which means that any profits that are made go directly back into improving the racecourse.

For a more indepth look at Huntingdon Racecourse history, just click this link to be taken to its Wikipedia profile:

Huntingdon Racecourse Dress Code 

The dress code for these races is fairly relaxed but they do make some polite recommendations on their website as to what might be suitable for certain occasions.

The link below will let you view their dress code policy so you can enjoy your day to the full:

Huntingdon Racing Tickets

Huntingdon Racing tickets are available from the official website, which you can find using the link below.

After you buy your tickets, you might want to think about placing horse racing bets. Our team can help you choose which site to bet through for the very best odds.

The site has lots of useful information about booking for groups, concessions, private boxes and restaurant packages.

They also have details on how to become a club member and how to purchase Jockey Club gift cards for a special someone in your life.

The link you need is

Huntingdon Racecourse Promotions

Promotions are a great way of getting more out of your day out. Hunting Racecourse regularly run different promotions on each of their race meets so it’s really worth keeping an eye open for those.

Horse Racecourse

You may be able to receive more promotions through betting sites. Genting Sports Betting is a favourite amongst a number of horse racing lovers, so why not give it a try?

Huntingdon Races Runners and Riders

The runners and riders are potentially as changeable as the weather.

Any number of unforeseen circumstances can determine if a horse is classified as a runner or not.

It may an issue with the ground, it could be that a jockey is taken ill unexpectedly or the horse might injure itself warming up.

The best thing to do is to consult this link, as it gives the most up to date information on the day’s races.

Huntingdon Races Social Media

The races are now on most major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is the same for a number of racing courses. Leicester Race Course, as an example, has a number of social sites.

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