Why Illegal Online Poker Sites Are Still Attracting Players

There have been numerous worries raised over the past few years that online poker has significantly slowed in regulated markets like Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.

A few American states have legalised online poker. Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey faced a similar challenge and as licensed online poker operators they’ve faced challenges to their success.

Funnily enough, the illegal online poker market has done better compared to the performance of the regulated industry. Unlicensed sites haven’t had to deal with red tape and the high taxes. Whilst gaming regulators try to crack down and straighten out illegal poker as a whole, they’ve seen very little success.

Reasons Why Poker Players Choose Illegal Sites

This article looks into some of the major reasons why illegal online poker sites are still popular with players.

Access To Untouched Markets

In most countries, online poker is banned thanks to strict gaming laws. Whilst online poker is illegal there, there’s still a massive untouched market that’s keen to play poker, providing they have access to it. Unlicensed poker sites are happy to take the risk as they understand they don’t have to really do a lot of marketing to promote their services as there’s so little competition.

No Restrictions Over Jurisdictions

Where legal, in states like Nevada and New Jersey, there’s been some suffering in the past due to the market being restricted to players within the borders of those states. The restrictions really hurt the online poker market and forced the gaming regulators to go ahead with shared liquidity.

Those unlicensed poker sites didn’t need to adhere to any of those restrictions or jurisdictions. The player pools on these sites are larger and the online tournament guarantees are far more attractive. Players don’t worry about the highly detailed verification or identification process.

Multiple Payment Options

The unlicensed sites typically offer players a few different payment options, which include cryptocurrencies. This is wonderful for most online players who wish to remain anonymous about their online poker behaviour. Regulated sites have fewer payment methods which can often be a downside to players and puts them off.

Illegal poker sites continue to grow in popularity and effectively cannibalise the legal online poker industry. It’s worth pointing out that there are very real risks associated with playing on an illegal poker site. Mainly due to the unscrupulous poker rooms online that put both players and their cash at risk. Always remember that rewards can be high in illegal sites, but equally so are the risks.