Intouch Games Affiliate Program

Wondering how you can join a gambling affiliate program and make extra money? The Intouch Games affiliates scheme covers an array of popular casinos and gaming software, which means it should be relatively easy for you to promote their games to people who visit your site regularly.

You can click here to see what’s on offer with this affiliate scheme.

Make sure to take a look at their terms and conditions, and if you are already writing about games and casino titles on a regular basis, you are already set up and ready to start partnering.  But what are some of the details you’re going to need to keep in mind?

How Does the Scheme Work?

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The scheme works much in the same vein of other casino affiliate programs.  By choosing to work with Intouch Games as a partner, you will agree to cross-promote and market their sites and software to your website or blog’s visitors and readers.  You can also promote the casinos they operate through social media, too, if you have channels set up ready to go.

The scheme will give you a cut of commission based on how many new depositing players you introduce each month.  The more people who click on your links to external sites, the more money you could potentially make.  This is normally based on a sliding scale, and it is a great little money-spinner if you post online about casino games regularly.

Providing you use the tools and follow the rules Intouch Partners provide you with, you have free rein to show the world their sites and games catalogues for the chance to claim some cash.

However, do be aware that all affiliate schemes carry a level of risk.  There is never any guarantee that you will make a lot of money, which means it is important that you put plenty of time and effort into regularly promoting the brands and games you are tasked with.

Intouch Games Sites

It is well worth looking into the site supported by affiliate schemes before you sign up for real.  In Touch Games’ partner scheme lets you promote titles on behalf of some of the best online gaming brands on the scene right now.  For example, you can choose to promote any of the following:

These sites are all relatively new at the time of writing, however, they have already picked up a firm following.  Take a look at the casinos and games lists for yourself and pick a brand you feel will be appropriate for your followers.

Don’t forget that you need to make sure to promote these sites fairly.  This means you can’t just fill your content full of sales or marketing speech!  Read up on Intouch Games’ rules and be sure to craft engaging content to encourage people to join.

Commission Details

Let’s focus on how much money you could really make from the scheme.  As with other affiliate offers, you will make money on a sliding scale.  Here, the commission is very competitive.  You could claim up to 45% of all earnings in a month if you introduce more than 100 new depositors.

This scale starts at 20%, however, if you’re unable to introduce anyone new at a given moment.  Otherwise, expect to earn a base rate of 25% commission if you bring between one and ten new players to a site in any given month.

However, do also be aware that as with all affiliate schemes, there is no guarantee of any kind of income. You will need to keep an open mind before you get started. What’s more, you should always consult the terms and conditions before you fill in any details.

Getting Payment

Let’s look at getting payment through the InTouch Games affiliates scheme.  You will be able to claim money through the scheme on the 14thof each month after you have accrued funds. There is a minimum payout threshold of £100 accepted here, too, which is very reasonable.

The scheme isn’t especially clear on how you can receive funds through the program, though the main site does suggest that Skrill is at least a service they accept.

If you are interested in the Intouch Games affiliate scheme, make sure to proceed with caution.  It could be a great way for you to make some excellent passive money, but you should make sure to read the terms and conditions, as well as what other people have to say about the scheme.

Take your time and read up on all the available data!  In the meantime, have a look around the big sites and casino games the Intouch Games program supports so that you can get a feel of what clickers can expect.  It is always worth doing plenty of homework ahead of time!